Wednesday, December 27, 2006

a mad guy and a 'friendly' mosquito visit

weekend is drawing nearer and nearer..
i simply cant wait anymore...
nak baliiik!!

lotsa things up my sleeves....
*cheeky smile*

guess what,

just a few days ago,
the fan in my room went all wrong...
i dont know, maybe its the fuse or whatever...

the important thing here is the fact that i had to endure 6 DAYS of sleepLESS nights...
all thanks to the 'visitors' coming to my room without me inviting them...

its Mr & Mrs mosquito and their family and friends!
(how nice of them to come and visit time bring some gifts along eh...blek!)

thanks to them,
i now have very nice bumpy and red spots on both my arms and legs....:(

the heat and sweats i had to bear with every night.....

after i reported 3 TIMES,
the technician finally came and fixed the fan...
i've got a brand new fan...

ever since that incident,
i have learnt how significant the fan is to me,
and to appreciate it...

i've decided to switch the fan to the maximum speed 24/7..

*evil laughs*

ok ok...

i mean, i'll save electricity....;)

and then,
there's another story,

a mad indonesian guy (i dont know probably a contractor or foreign worker, i just guess from his voice),
has been bugging me...
he sms-ed, miss-called and called...

it so happen the other day,
me, shasha and farah was at pudu buying our tix for eid...
and we had to call Za...

shasha's phone went beserk,
so i had to call Za..

i didnt know she's changed her number (or maybe she told me but i forgot)

when i called, a male indonesian (very the wak-wak-like) voice answered..
i thought it was Za's bf and asked for Za..

but this guy didnt quite get what i mean..
i suspected a wrong number....
so i said sorry and put the phone down...

u might think it's all settled..



after a few minutes,
he called me!

using an anonymous number and asked for my name, who am i and some other crap...

so i said,
"huh? wrong number lah!"
and put down the phone straight away...

after another minute,
he sms-ed me laaah!

"hi..leh kenal2...."

mrepek kaaan! siow ting tong!

i didnt reply of coz...
waste credit jer...

kalau taufik batisah ke hady mirza ke yg nak kenal2,
takperlah jgk!

haha...k k... drag...:p

i asked someone to answer this guy's phone call...
he was startled and didnt call again...




he sms-ed me just a few hours ago lah.....!!??!!

i've decided to change my number..

i am sooooooooooo sure a psycho like this guy here,
wont stop playing around....

tis reminds me of kak.eka's experience....

Giller punyer mamat!

im really frustrated eh?

im out.

p/s: missing you terribly..............................................

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Loooong weekend

My first weekend stay here in IIU
since sch re-opened..


this weekend,
i'll be in IIU..

someone wont be in Singapore anyway, :(
i guess,
i'd better stay here in campus starting up on my assignments and research..

this is making me feel sick..
sudden nauseousness, headache, stomachache plus whatever ache lah...

its only a week + another week, which totals to 2 WEEKS,
of not seeing each other,
and im already developing these aches...hihi..

takpa takpa....
Im strong..



k k drag...

u have discussions over the weekend hokay?

stay F.O.C.U.S

but its no that bad,
you'll be calling me right?

and oh yah!
the other week will be another loooong weekend!

Its eid...! :)

cant wait..!

nature's call..yikes!

p/s: wonder how's my 'anak2' doing....better call home later...i miss them too!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

May Allah unite us

Its a magical feeling..
Its a beautiful feeling..

Never felt this way before..
Im on cloud nine..

I kept looking at our pictures..
i couldnt bear turn around and do other things,
for even a minute...
i dont want to blink my eyes...
i just want to keep looking at that face..

That sweet thought of yours,
i understand perfectly...
its what we both wanted...
together we work towards it,
with prayers to Allah...
May He protect us from evil and unite us, Insya Allah...:)

Dont worry as i will always pray for you...
we'll stick together in Happiness and in sorrow...

miss you lots..:)

p/s: two classes cancelled for going to sleeeeep! yay!

Monday, December 18, 2006

missing you dear

Its not that i like to complain all the time..
there's always things that causes the heart to 'bleed' or almost bleeding lah..;)

so, early this morning, we're all supposed to alight IN campus, (like we usually did)
this 'kind' pakcik drebar stopped at Pudu,
and told us that the bus couldnt go on..(coz the airbox or whatever crap is spoilt)
he said just that...

what made me think twice was the fact that the night before, at Larkin, pkck Amir already told the driver abt us to be sent to UIA...
plus, the Driver get paid EXTRA for sending us to UIA, hokay?
However, before he actually said that the bus couldnt go on, he asked us, why arent we alighting there at Puduraya....(it was 5 am ++ in the morning)
only when we told him, he's supposed to send us to IIU, he said the bus could go...

i just dont believe him....:(

Upon alighting at Puduraya, so early in the morning,
we had to walk beramai2 'berjuang' to look for taxi..
(most of us are girls..)

this particular taxi i took
had the meter ON...
and it stated RM15.80 when we reach campus...
the driver ask us to pay RM24..
that is 'dawn robbery'!!!

giller kape!

why are these people so uncivilised!

forget abt that...

and so, i couldnt sleep at all as i had class at 8am

But today's a fine day..
despite the minor gastric attack,
classes was all fun..
i've got topic for my EAP, cant wait to start on it...:)

Im missing someone badly...

Hi there!
im missing you..
cant wait for the time when we can meet again...

i guess that's all..
laundry's done!


p/s: Only Allah understands this feeling im having.....:)

Saturday, December 16, 2006

great to be loved

After the rough patch i went through the past few days,
im finally home,
and i've met 'my remedy'...:)
Thanx..! :)

Life's becoming more meaningful now with you around..
I pray to Allah and am grateful to Him for this beautiful soul..

im not gonna care abt what others will say anymore...
I decide my own journey in life...
Whatever that i have to go through is mine and MINE alone..
others wont understand...
they will only demoralise and demotivate me...

Thank you my dear,
for being there for me..
Thank you for giving me 'life'
after what i thought would be my 'death'..
ahakz..ape ke bendernye lah...

k k...
Im out...
cant wait to see ya tomorrow....:)

P/s: i've found the 'real' pelangi...Now i know how it feels to be loved....:)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

love mum!

Im waiting for the time to go home..

i used to think this semester i'll be going home often...
starting last night,
i think, i'll be going home almost every weekend...
its better, i guess...
Im kinda offended by the way things are now...

well, nevermind..
i'm going home later...
:) :)

eppi advance b'dae..
cant to be home..!
love ya!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

mohon maaf


Astaghfirullahal 'azim..

I seek Allah's forgiveness for letting the Satan take over my emotions...


Tuhan saja yang tahu betapa sedih dan pedihnya hati,
bila diri ini dirasakan seolah talam dua muka...

diri ini tidak pernah ingin menyakiti hati sesiapa...:'(

kalau sekiranya,
awak tetap merasa saya bersalah,
saya dengan rendah dirinya memohon maaf....:'(

Mudah-mudahan kita jauh dari sebarang permusuhan....



i am venging my anger and dissatisfaction in this entry..

I dont understand why people would label others as bad
when they dont even know the 'real' thing...

To you and you,

I couldnt care any less...!
i cant be bothered!
i dont even want to know or even hear abt you(s)!

so dont drag me in this shit!

this, has cost me my good name...

labeling me as BAD when you dont even know what is it that actually happened?
how low is that?

i am not that DESPERATE hokay!

im sooo pissed off with these kind of people!
they are either idiots or senile or simply said : STUPID!

and if there are those,
who only hear from others and straight away label and judge people,
all i can tell you is,
otak letak kat lutut pe!

When things happen,
people tend to forget what the victims are facing, how they are feeling..
people are always tricked into believing the WRONG victim...


Fitnah itu lebih buruk dari membunuh!


P/S : abang, ayang difitnah.......!!!! :'(

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

missing you

i was greeted by the PMS monster
the day i reached IIU..
the night was spent sobbing and crying..

i guess this semester will be a fine one for me..(hopefully)
except with the mounting workload i'll have to bear with..

I've started the library regime...hihi..
heavy with 6 books,
plus some other photocopied readings...
giler lah!
ni baru first week..

u MUST score GOOD..
try to get the dean's list..(seramnyeeee)

this semester i tried to avoid meeting certain people,
but i ended up bumping into them again and again...
get a life!
i mean i'll meet you when i feel like it...

p/s: i miss YOU...:'( i cant wait to go home...:'(

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Slurrrpilicious and bloatedness

Had a grreeat time today..went to JB wif the family...
what initially supposed to be a trip to 'nyonya baju' (my family's favourite tailor)
to measure ME, for my NEW kebaya,
ended up with us going home BLOATED...ahakz..

thats what the kebaya will somehow look like when its ready..
with a bit of changes here and there (according to my taste)..
cant wait to wear it...hihihi...

the material next to it is the material my mom's friend bought for me from INDIA! :)
i loike!

the next destination was my fav..!
the family decided to have dinner..
i told daddy i wanted bbq stingray...
and then, i suggested steamboat...

me and my big mouth, plus my dad's generosity,
we did ended up at this place called 'gazebo place' (near XTRA supermarket)

the place looked nice..
the ambience was fine..
the service, a thumbs up..

i ordered what else, 'ikan pari bakar' hihihi...

then we ordered steamboat,

mind you, steamboat came with all the other xtras like the veges, fishballs, prawns, octopus, eggs yada yada yada....
there's even noodles..!

the kangkong belacan was sooo enticing i think i can dream about it tonite...!

this here, is the bandung soda...

ya Allah!
tak taulah nak xplain....haaaaiz...
nak lagi! ;)

see this lil bro of mine..

Puas hati lah! ;)

erk...i just cant help but to take pix of the tablecloth...(k, tau tak penting...:p)
mcm lawa ah....hihihi...;)

mom and dad,

the aftermath?

the bill

we ended up feeling bloated like we've never felt before...
giller lah! i think that was one heck of an experience eating like a pig
(read: superwoman)
must diet lah after this...;p

there's nothing like good food and great company
to satisfy the hungry singaporeans' stomachs...:)


p/s : dah mlm, cant see the pelangi...:(

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

i dont it to go away

i dont understand..
i had a superb time today..

out of the blue,
i felt sad...

i think im gonna cry...:'(

why does time has to fly really quickly when we're having the time of our life?
its not like i always had these kind of chances...

p/s: rainbow pleeeeaaassee dont go away~~~:(

Final year..on more year to go..

i thought i couldnt make it..
but i did..
with the help of Allah the Almighty...

i passed my exams..
an increase in my gpa and cgpa..

and im officially a FOURTH year student...
oh! better say,
FINAL year student..
ahakz! ;)

it feels gooood to say that..~~~;)

and i did my add drop,
and guess what?

for the first time,
i'll be taking eight subjects (including skills)..
its 21.5 credit hrs..

i cant believe it myself...
May Allah guide me to the right path,

p/s: with rainbows, everything ahead seems bright and wonderful..:)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


what's with the IT division in IIU...
i've been trying to load the result page since just now..

im giving UP!


what will the results be?

im terrified!
results will be out by FOUR pm today...
scary lah..
cannot tahan...

will the result be worth all my diligence?
will it be such a dissapointment?

the previous semester was a terrible roller coaster ride for me..
many things (mostly unexpected) happened..
they come and go and leave me in distress..

i wont hope for much..
a pass would be fine..

Sunday, November 26, 2006

wedding weekend

how's my weekend?
spent at my aunt's wedding..

what did i do there?
sit around with nyais and yais,
and aunts and uncles..

listened to them talking abt marriage,
life, and yada yada yada...

its kinda boring though..
but at times they're quite funny..
boleh tahan lawak gak datok2 nenek2 sdare aku nih..

apart from that,
wedding ceremonies like this are the only time
i would get to meet all my relatives..
i really mean ALL...
dah besar2 drg semer...

let the pix do the talking..
im terribly tired...

the cam whores..ahakz

cik Dada..

the Nikah...

the arrival of the Groom..

my family with the bride and groom..

me and cik yati...gals in green...

the cake cutting ceremony...

selamat pengantin Baru Rashidah bte wosaini (cik Dada) & Muhd Farhan..

Saturday, November 25, 2006

i passed through it..yes!!

Last night,
As i was lying around waiting to sleep,
i realised that it was 'the' date..

November, Twenty-Fourth.

The date which i thought i couldnt bear go through..
i thought i was going to die, if i had to go through it..
i thought i was going to spent the day cooped up in my room..
i thought i was going to shed unstoppable tears the whole day..




i've got my babies,
and im very very happy...
i've got some meaningful calls and smses,
and im overwhelmingly happy..

i did get through 'the date'

im happy for my self...

speaking of my babies,
i've got names for them..

the ones with the most stripes on its shell is 'Torty'
and the other is 'Canny'

ok ok,
u ask...

Both names were inspired by the all-time favourite hunky, macho Italian soccer players..
as in,
torty = totti
canny = cannavaro (miss him..! ahakz! ;) )

i loike!! ;)

p/s: existence of rainbows made me forget 'the date' :)

Friday, November 24, 2006

i've got babies

im now a proud mother of two...;)

Im sooo happy..
i've been wanting to care for these babies for such a looong time..
and i finally got it...

well, you curious peeps out there,
these are the babies...


yes its two turtles!

sorry lah for the anti climax..;p

arent they adorable??

i haven't name them yet..still looking for cute n unique names..
they're both males..

any suggestions anyone..?

love my country

No wonder i love my country.. :)
there's a lot of beautiful places with picturesque views
waiting to be torn out of its virginity..

take a look at these...

those are
only in pix..
but the bestest view is ONLY through the eyes..

the visit to nyai's house was great..
plus the prawn sambal was superb!!
pedas giller beb!
saaaayang nyai...

till then,

bubbye.. :)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

all the fun things and results, yikes!

A few of my friends said this is the most boring holidays ever..
I personally didnt think so...
First cause i have so many things up my sleeves to be done..
Especially with me being the 'maid' thingy...hihi..
And plus, i had quite a few wonderful outings...:) :)
i'll be going to my Granny's house today...
just for a visit..

school holidays is drawing nearer and nearer to the end..

All good things have to end...
and it always ends soooo fast, isnt it so?
and sometimes without us even realising it, u agree with me?

when school holiday's ending,
means, results will be out soon..
when result's will be out soon,
I will be scared to my wits!

argh! help!

haiyyah..this sem 1 ah..very scary you know....:(

Better try harder to get at least an A, so i can get a treat...hahahaha...;)

p/s: Pelangi di petang hari.....

Monday, November 20, 2006

serene and calm

feeling a bit jet-lagged todae...:(

i went to an uncle's wedding ceremony yesterday..
i was pretty excited..
its been a loooong time since i last saw all these uncles and aunties of mine...

yesterday was the first..
next week is another aunt's wedding,
and the week after is another...

three weddings in one go...

and i have an engagement invite from Dila at Skudai...
how am i supposed to go there huh?
how i wish i could drive...(all bcoz of that nasty old driving instructor lah..grrr..)

nvrmind that,
look at this pix..

serene isnt it?? :)
i just love this place..and its in Spore u noe...! :)

before i end,
just a little note for a friend...

i love you and i care for you..
i would want to do nothing to hurt you..
please have faith in me,
and we'll be friends til the end of life..
insya Allah...

p/s: rindu pelangi yang berwarna warni..... ;)

Friday, November 17, 2006

singapore maid-lah

Howdy people!

Life's been great here back home in Singapore..
i've begun my daily routine of being a part time maid ;)
been running up and down the house with brooms and mops...
tango-ing in the kitchen with pots and pans..


i wanna load a pix of one of my fav spot (just added it to my lists of fav hang out)
but mr. blogger here got probs with it..
so later lah k..?

p/s: Semakin hari semakin indah warna pelangi..

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

embrace the bed

im home!


i see my bed and my pillows waving at me...
calling me to embrace the softness and warmness of the bed...


i'll blog later yah...;)

Monday, November 13, 2006

Feeling Rainbowyyyy

I love the rain...
I LOVE the rainbow even more...;)

Rain rain go away...
Ms. khasanah wants to play..
Rain rain go away...
Let the rainbow come and......urmm...brighten up my day...!


cepatlah abes exam...
dont feel like reading anymore...
wanna rest and play aaaaall day looong~~

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Happiness pays

Im such a happy bunny...
i guess it really pays to be happy...
No stresses, No Headache, No PMS (the bestest :)) and u really feel light, healthy and happy inside out...;)

im not kidding..

This gotta be the happiest month for me this year..
Its great to feel free and loved by so many people..
i even forgot how xams actually scare me...ahakz...


im waiting for my last paper...
it on the 14th,
and if i can settle the proposal by tuesday, i would go back right after my xam..
if not,
i'd have to wait till 15th to go home...

geez..i dont even mind...:)

Im high on cloud nine...ahaha...

P/s: happiness brought by rainbows ;)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

xam's coming to an end...

5 down 1 more to go...
anticipation is very high..
cant wait to go home..
miss my bed and my fluffy pillows..:(

I have 6 days gap before the next paper (usul fiqh)
gosh! i've so much time under my sleeves..
i've a date with specky on the 11th..
hihihi...feeling very cheeky...
cant wait to sing my heart out..;)

"ais, cepatlah abes xam anti..ana xcited giller nih.."

Life's getting on fine..
Im very happy and contented..
Never had a day gone by without an overwhelming sense of gratitude to Him, the most Loving and Most Merciful..

:) :)

im out..
nak g ronggeng..

p/s: miss my babe..suhaila......

Saturday, November 04, 2006


dear friends..
for your info, i've lost the phone numbers in my HP..
so it might do us good if you guys could msg me ur number again..

To my dearest Suhaila..
if ur reading this,
i miss u..
i need to talk to u..
msg me k..
need ur number..

k chow!

My current status

Tuhan turunkan matahari buat ku...
Namun aku masih menangis mencari kemanakah perginya matahari yang ku sanjungi itu...
Rupa-rupanya Tuhan amat menyayangiku..
Dia datangkan Pelangi buat ku..
Pelangi yang sangat menyenangkan hati...

Sesungguhnya Tuhan tahu apa yang terbaik buatku..
Matahari yang dahulu disanjung tinggi itu,
telah membakar hati dan perasaan ku...

Hujan diturunkan
ibarat penyembuh
kepada luka kebarakan itu...
Sebelum akhirnya
Dia menghadiahkan pelangi

adakah aku masih mahu menangisi pemergian matahari?
Tidak lagi!
Tidak akan sama sekali!

Aku mahu terus
menghargai pemberian Tuhan yang Satu itu..

Aku mahu terus bersyukur
dengan anugerahNya itu..

Aku ingin bergembira
dengan cahaya kegembiraan yang baru itu...


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Me? strong and happy?

I can now truly understand what it feels like to be alone..
its not like being all by yourself somewhere with no one to keep you company..
this is a different loneliness..

despite the fact that you are surrounded by many wonderful friends and families that loved you dearly,
you still feel alone..
you feel lost somewhere and not knowing how to come back makes it even more scarier...

having had someone or something for so many years,
holding on to it like you'll never gonna see it again if you lost it,
pinned hopes for happiness,
can just disappear within mere minutes or even seconds..
dreams were shattered,
hopes destroyed...

or maybe,
there's still hope..
only Allah knows...

For God is truly Loving...
He made me go through this test to make me realize that maybe im worth for something better..
He wants to protect me and make me a true and good Muslimah...

I know its not going to be an easy road for me to walk on..
I know i shall shed unstoppable tears for sometime...
But time heals...
I know somewhere within me, i am a strong girl..
God wills...


Monday, October 30, 2006

i aint gonna take it anymore

Its Over..
Its finally over..

i dont know what to say...
i feel like im in a dream...
still in daze..

im terrified..
im scared..
im hurt..


Its totally over....:'(

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Barney and friends

Rayer pix time..!
well this year's theme is purple..
here's some of 'em..malas lah nak upload byk2...
k, follow the arrow...

^My bro and family

^Dini, contented wif da big ball..hihi..

^another cute nephew of mine, mohd Hazeem

^cewah...playing Fur Elise with Zaki's piano..nmpk gaya pro tak?

^anak dara saper tu....kikikiki..

^Dad and Nyai..

^Me and Fitri..

^Family and atok..(Incomplete)

aha...very the puple, very the Barney and friends..
there's more..but next time lah ek..if im free..


Monday, October 23, 2006

peace lah kawan..

Eid Mubarak to all Muslims all over the world..
To err is human,
I seek your forgiveness if in any way i've hurt you through my words and action..

Ramadhan has left us..
I'm sad though, for not taking full advantage of this blissful month..
May i live to see the next Ramadhan..Amin..

My last note before busying myself with raya and text books..
why are u not replying my msg?
am i at fault not agreeing with those people?
Im sorry..
i just cant accept...

anyway, it eid's eve,
I apologise for all my misdeeds to u..
peace baby...


Sunday, October 22, 2006

eid and xam do NOT go together

Its two more days to 'eid..
Im soo not anticipating it..
y, u ask?
im scared of xam..
kacau lah..
i dont even feel like stepping out of my house..

i think this'll get better only after the final's over..
i definitely cant wait..

since i was tired of reading my texts,
i cleaned the whole house..
all by myself..
now cantik oredi! :)
im a happy bunny..
with abit of help from fitri and bibik lah..(kes tak kuat nak angkat2 kerusi meja)
plus, i cooked for iftar!
i cooked spicy spaghetti Bolognese..fusion of Malay and Italy herbs and spices..
(ehem..mentang2 nak jadik Mrs KHAnnavaro ;))
cant wait to eat...its two minutes more to Azan..

i leave u with the new sandal my bro bought for Dini..comel giller..

Thursday, October 19, 2006

pretty interesting life

Im home...
kinda jet lagged.
funny coz i think the bus yesterday is so comfy..
i slept like a baby...
i didnt even realised when we were at Yong Peng and slept through till we reached the Custom..

mom and dad is out running errands..
maman is at camp..
aim is working..
abg is at JB..
fitri is playing..
bibik is sitting in the kitchen..
him i dont know..

studying for Finals..

how exciting is that?!

cant wait for maghrib..
wonder what's for buka today...

hoping for something interesting to happen..
maybe tomorrow i will go to Tangs with TF to buy shoes!
mintak2 jadilah..

gtg continue study..

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

khalas...kullu khalas..

all assignments and memorizations and tests - Khalas! finish!

Tuhan saja yg tahu...
what im feeling right now..
the verdict for this semester, now at this point of time : i really really have to buck up for the finals...
im not satisfied with my carry marks...
its crazy...
i really thought this semester was going to be the one that im going to score...
but thats not gonna happen unless i put my heart and soul into the coming final examination...
so, no hari raya for me...

the exam fever is coming...
i can feel it...urgh!


p/s: going back to spore tonite...and why is it im not that excited...? hmm..

Sunday, October 15, 2006

these peeps will be 'gone'

Im saddened by the fact that next semester,
my brother's no longer around,
three of my buddies will be graduating too...
and latest news,
a close friend of mine is going to be a very busy person in her society...

Im happy for her,
but somehow sad...
i've always had her to talk to when im down and when neither my bro nor my buddies are there for me...
and the thought that all these important peeps will be 'gone' is making me go mad...

who am i going to talk to,
who am i going to confide into,
who am i going to go to for a shoulder to cry on,
who am i going to laugh with,

i dont know...

i mean, yes i do have lots of other friends..
but the few that i mentioned has been there throughout my tough and rocky journey here in IIU...

it wont be the same without them here next semester...

and to my dear friend (the one who'll be an important person in her society),
Im proud of you...
I know you can shoulder the challenges and responsibilities yet to come..
May you achieve success throughout your reign as the president...cewah!...:)

Friday, October 13, 2006

the day i felt like burying myself underneath the ground

just as i expected,
Things turned out a total disaster..
the pre-presentation was a chaos..

the guy in my group seriously made me hate him..
sorry to say, but he did not make enough effort to show he's worth the 40 marks..
i've decided to tell Dr. Saodah on Monday about what happened..
and how this guy was not of any help at all..

wait a minute!
he did do something instead of nothing,
yep, he irritates me to the max...
he makes me detest group work all the more..
that's what he contributed..

The presentation was an embarrasment..
I wish to withdraw the course than flunk...
This semester,
i learned something valuable..
i learned that matters of the heart is fragile...
how you could love and hate somebody within seconds..
how you could love someone you thought you wouldnt love at all..
how you feel when someone told you they love you..
how you feel when someone told you they've been thinking of you...
despite knowing that it is impossible to happen...

I learn to react to things calmly,
you know, without having to blow my top everytime people irritate me..
I learn to think time and again for the consequences of each of my every movements..
I learn that it is ok to widen my horizon..
I learn to accept what is fated for me..

luckily i have this secretdoor...
if not,
i might suffer from problems clotted in my heart and brain,
having to keep things to myself...

Its a few more days to Eid..
I wonder what its gonna be like this year...
i dont really look forward to eid that much this year...
arent i funny...
maybe it because of the exam thingy..
takots beb!

argh! im out..

Thursday, October 12, 2006

presentation and the hell effect of it

i've never in my entire life become scared as i am now, for a PRESENTATION...
(comm theory - with the nonsense group i blogged abt recently)

i dont want to go ahead with the presentation and die of shame..
i'd rather die jumping from KLCC's height..
This whole assignment is like living hell for me...

ok ok obviously i'm exaggerating..
BUT thats what im feeling right now..

ok, i'd better stop now,
before i really, literally go jump off a building....yikes!

erk, is it possible if skip the clock at 11.30 am??

ok, im out!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

home to lontong goreng

Its been quite sometime since i've not been home...
I've not had iftar with my family...
I did not even want to go back home until 22nd of this month...
this decision of mine caused worry to some peeps...

My brother, esp,
has been bugging me to go home...

It wasnt only until yesterday i decided to relent..
i'd actually decided to go home since early this week..
but thanx to my dad's remarks,
i cancelled..(merajuk lah konon)
i sooo did not want to go home at all...

it spoilt my mood for the WHOLE week..
thanx alot dad...

after much pacifying by my bro,
i relented again...
my mom said ok when i asked her to cook lontong goreng for me...
yep, cant wait to dig into the lontong goreng...

This week is assignments and presentations week...
despite having tons to be settled - still at hand,
i was dumbfounded when my lecturer gave us another presentation....
another presentation, now?
when its almost the end of the semester?
erk, hello...we still have tons to finish tau!

u guys still remember the research grp i blogged abt recently,
they irritate me soo that i couldnt even looked at them in the eye..
esp with the bro..

i've had my qualms about working with male counterparts,
had a few bad experiences,
but i always try to think positive,
and when they started to work nonsensically,
the bad impressions i had earlier prevails! -meaning, no more sorry sorry okey....

i guessed they realised that im already angry,
so just now they really took charge of the research paper...

tau takpe...
im a nice person,
but dont ever mess with my patience...
once i get angry,
erk, yikes!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

success comes with hard work

Hi ho!
finally i now know how to get journals..
plus some tips from on how to find books and infos in the library....
maceh! saaayang! :)

so now,
i have three journals waiting to be read...
i already make it compulsory for the groupmates to work with me for three days straight,
since the due date for the research is sometime soon...
aargh, takotnyee...

last night i went to my photography class,
and looked at the pix taken at bukit tinggi where we went for our assignment trip..
and i was quite pleased with a few pix i took....:)
cant wait to look at the 8R outcome...
speaking of which, i havent paid kucai the money for the developing of those pix...
i'd better sms him now..

and so,
sem 1 is coming to an end,
which means,
no more big bro to nag at me..hihi...
also, no more big bro to protect me here if im being bullied by any big bad wolf...;p

plus,, k.y and hasanah is also graduating..
i'll be on my own most of the times...since its them that i've been spending part of my time with....

i guess i have to start standing on my own feet, totally!
considering that i only have 1 more yr to go...

im still thinking whether or not to go for practical training in sem 3...
and which company to go to if im going for it..
anybody interested...?
i've yet to prepare my resume...
i hope to do my practical in Singapore..(if im doing my practical)
so i can save quite a lot..
since my dad can send me to and from work most of the times...:)

i've got class!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

la taghdob

i wonder what is it with the library's online database...
its been weeks plus months since i've logged in and tried to look for journal articles for my research paper...

everytime i tried to open one, it said i have to subscribe, to buy, to do this to do that...
is it the library, or am i just plain stupid??
Im getting sick of this...
i need someone to come with me and show me how to actually get the articles...Pleaaaasssee....!

This research thingy is making me lagged with the other assignments...
this is the first time Im doing a research paper...
i have to use the statistics i learnt before..
i thought i could depend on my groupmates for this...
but NO!
they're of no help...
i flunked my stats for goodness sake!
and i havent even taken CRM...

i have ZERO idea on how to go about doing this research paper...
i desperately want to score in this paper.....:(

about my grpmates,
this semester, again im reminded of how i actually hated group assignments..
there are four of us..
one has NO class on Mon and Wed
the other is the best friend who is married-making it hard to find suitable time for meetings
and then there's this bro who doesnt have HP!!
hence making it EVEN harder to contact him...
we told him of our meetings in class...
he didnt come..
we gave him not one but TWO phone numbers for him to call, but he didnt!

what ticks me more is that, IM the group leader, but people are just not that interested to listen to me....
am i such a bad leader? am i too soft? too lenient? too kind-hearted?

sometimes it is good to lead tyrannically...
so ppl have no choice, i guess...

they expect good grades but dont work hard enough..
if its individual work, its fine..
but its MY marks too okey!!

i MUST get good grade this semester...
i must must must!

back to the journal articles..
i must get 15 journal articles on spiral of silence!
any kind soul care to help?

P/s: La taghdob, qala La taghdob..

reg reg reg

Its registration day again..
all the labs around IIUM is jam packed with students since 1 PM..
i guess it's because it is ramadhan, and there is no lunch, so they rushed for the labs instead..
PC is like GOLD in times of registration...
its quite frustrating, tests my patience...

i finally got a PC..
just waiting for the clock to strike 5 and register...
hopefully i'll get the subjects i wanted...Amin..

berdebar lah pulak nak regis...
haha...ntah pape lah...

oh yah,
May Allah bless my brother...
he's not feeling well...high fever...
Syafakallah abg!

k k, nak cek schedule subjek..bubbye!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

toddlers parade

Ramadhan kareem!

Alhamdulillah...the long awaited month...
the Month of Blessings...
May Allah give me a peace of heart and mind in this month...

The first night of Tarawih was a pretty interesting sight, or perhaps i should say 'noises'...
Everytime i went for Tarawih, the sea of people at the mosque never failed to amuse me...
What amuses me more is the 'noises' from the toddlers....

i wonder why is it that fathers never bring their toddlers with them when they're praying...
why is it always mothers that have to bring them along...
and in the end, the women praying area became a kindergarten cum Playground...

these kids cried, laugh, run around and shouted like nobody is there...
i know i shoudnt say this,
its kinda distracting when im trying to listen to the Imam's recitation of the Quran...

you're facing the down trying to focus on the Imam's recitation,
and suddenly,
a kid appears in front of you, looking earnestly at you..
and oh yah! pulling ur telekong..haha....klaka kan....

Mosques should have a playing area for little children or something of that sort....
or, the mothers should bring along their kid's fav toys....

i wonder how i'd deal with this kind of situation when i become a mom...

P/s: current Fav song "My Heart" :)

Saturday, September 16, 2006


bad news..
been VERY busy lately...
the stagnant state of this blog tells everything...

and i had a minor accident..
fell during Futsal...fell really hard..
twisted my ankle..
couldnt even walk...
thanx and k.y, who had to carry me from my room to the car..
and for the first time ever, i get to sit on a wheelchair! hehe....

injected and got two days MC..
which resulted in piled up works...uwaaa!
so, MC or not MC i ignored the pain and braved through my workS..

Alhamdulilah, most of it done..more to go..
plus the pain that is still persisting! sobs!

i am not able to put up pix now..left the USB at home..
wait till my bro comes back from home this monday, then only i can put up pix...
cant really promise though...

for now,
its assignment! assignments! assigments!
and oh yah!
COMM nite 2006 this Sundae....!

p/s: i feel like giving up on you...dont make me.....

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

back to sch

believe it or not,
holidae's over..
it's time to get my lazy a** to work again..
oh boy!

i'll be coming back again this fridae...(i'Allah)

ok ok...
i know i said, im not coming back so often..
but its my lil' princess's birthday..

Dini will be a year old this Saturday...
i wont miss it for the world...!

But before that, i have tons of work to do..

i've got to be on the bus by 8.15am tomorrow!
thats soooo early.....sobs..
lucky dad's sending me.....

im out...

p/s: missing him every second


Hey ho!
yes aisyah, i believe you...
"tu buuukaaan saaabooo..." :p

wanna share with u ppl..
just got some nice pix from za yesterday....
pix from last sunday..

The TF clans....mana nak dpt, pengantin pose gila2 camni..ahaha...
The TF clans and the boys...

below are the pix taken when I was sabo-ed..ahaha...paisey nyer!

The part I was interviewed.....aiyo!

oh yeah!
btw, i've got good results for my comm theory! :)
i thought i was going to flunk that paper...but i passed with flying colours! :)
remember the entry where i was terribly upset, cursing the atm and yada yada yada..?

Allah really is 'Adil....
i LOVE Him...
Subhanallah, Walhamdulillah, Wa la ilaha illallah, Wallahu Akbar...:)

Monday, September 04, 2006

weddings and a sabotage

4As i'd promised,
the pix for the two-days-in-a-row-weddings..

i didnt get to take pix of kak Ayu and her husband..they were not there when i came...
so me and su take our own pix instead...hihi...

The unique thing was the plate we ate on..
well, its not plate actually...dont know what to call it....

a lil' late in the e'ning,
went to Zainab's house...there's an open house+kenduri tahlil....
glad to be able to meet up with old friends...long time no see...

Zai, i pray for ur happiness...
i guess, no happiness comes easy...
it comes with lots of perseverance...
be strong my friend..

the next day,
the TF clan went to kak Faezah and kak Miza's wedding...
thats normal when the TF clans get together....
The TF clans...^
me and Aisyah Spec, the youngest of the TF bunch! ahaha..baru 20 syah? ;p ^

sweet arent they...

kak Faezah & Umair ^

Abg Lokman & kak Miza^

Selamat Pengantin Baru!

that was not all,
the unthinkable had happened at kak Miza's wedding...
i was sabo-ed!
by who else...the TF gang...:p

It was soo out of my mind that this was going to happen...

i was sabo-ed to SING!
pahaam taak...

i thought i could flee,
but i was grabbed and dragged to the mic...ahaha

they pleaded me to sing for the brides and groom..
and so, i sang 'bkn cinta biasa' for them...
embarassing to the max...
wished i could hide my face underneath the ground..ahakz!

as soon as i ended,
i wanted to go as far as cud frm the mic...
the DJ pulled me back and asked some Qs..
and they requested me to sing another!
i couldnt believe my ears...
i couldnt run...

and so, there you are...
TWO songs...

to the DJ,
sorry i couldnt give my number to you..
i couldnt possibly come back every weekend and sing at weddings...

i was sabo-ed..
but bak kata spec : "tuuu bkn saaaboooo.....tu kan utk kak Miza" ;p

the experience lifted my low-spirited self a bit at that moment...
thanx for being there for me my friends!