Friday, October 13, 2006

the day i felt like burying myself underneath the ground

just as i expected,
Things turned out a total disaster..
the pre-presentation was a chaos..

the guy in my group seriously made me hate him..
sorry to say, but he did not make enough effort to show he's worth the 40 marks..
i've decided to tell Dr. Saodah on Monday about what happened..
and how this guy was not of any help at all..

wait a minute!
he did do something instead of nothing,
yep, he irritates me to the max...
he makes me detest group work all the more..
that's what he contributed..

The presentation was an embarrasment..
I wish to withdraw the course than flunk...
This semester,
i learned something valuable..
i learned that matters of the heart is fragile...
how you could love and hate somebody within seconds..
how you could love someone you thought you wouldnt love at all..
how you feel when someone told you they love you..
how you feel when someone told you they've been thinking of you...
despite knowing that it is impossible to happen...

I learn to react to things calmly,
you know, without having to blow my top everytime people irritate me..
I learn to think time and again for the consequences of each of my every movements..
I learn that it is ok to widen my horizon..
I learn to accept what is fated for me..

luckily i have this secretdoor...
if not,
i might suffer from problems clotted in my heart and brain,
having to keep things to myself...

Its a few more days to Eid..
I wonder what its gonna be like this year...
i dont really look forward to eid that much this year...
arent i funny...
maybe it because of the exam thingy..
takots beb!

argh! im out..

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