Thursday, November 27, 2008

Towards the SEVENs

Oh Gosh!

I've abandoned my blog for quite sometime..
The problem is,
I am having the writer's block syndrome..

For now, Im just working towards the SEVENs..
It is something significant for me..
Everything is 'scrimp and save' at the moment..
Just to make sure that the SEVENs will come true..=)

May Allah bestow His assistance upon me..


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Show Me The Path

Its like in sitting in a black box,
Four dark walls around me,
Nowhere else to go to..

Im still searching,
Im still thinking,
Im still confused..

I used to know,
But now I dont...

I dont think I can breathe,
Im stuck..

I want to get out,
I want to break free,

But where do I go?

Im scared I would make a wrong turn,
and never be able to get back to my comfort zone..

What if I fall?
I'd be alone..
Nobody would know the pain I'll feel..

Im scared....

Oh Lord,
Show me the light,
Show me the path I must walk on
to rediscover myself...

Oh no,
Oh no,
Where has my courage gone to?

Sunday, November 09, 2008

NotTheBestOf Me

Not in the best of mood..
Is it really this pressurising?
Is it really this crappy?
Is it really hot these days?
And why am I so thirsty since this morning?
Is facebook photo uploading giving me a headache?
Do I really have to go to work tomorrow?
Is my family really going to Kota Kinabalu WITHOUT me?
Am I really going to be all alone come next weekend?
Is there really going to be a measly bonus end of this year?
How come everybody irked me?
And why am I feeling angry, anxious, annoyed, sad and restless
all of a sudden??

I am anything but joyful...:(

2008 has been a hell of a year...

There's still a month and a half more to go...
I dont wish for anymore nonsense..


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I Paling-mesra-pelanggan But I still get Shit!

Tiba-tiba hari ini perasaan hati saya rasa
macam nak sebut perkataan favorit ramai...


Boleh tak?

Saya tak suka minta duit..
Memang dari dulu saya tak suka meminta duit..
Sebab tu tak boleh jadi treasurer...
Kena tagih duit dari ahli kelab and so on..
Eeee..tak pandailah...

Tapi apakan daya,
Tugas saya memerlukan saya menagih duit dari

Tagih bagai nak rak pun, belum tentu they will give us the cheque
in due time..

Sampai hilang sabar rasanya....
Si Pengurus dah sibuk tanya-tanya
"Have you called them?"

Dah. Dah.
Saya dah kol banyak kali,
saya rasa Im now the 'Most favourite person' bagi
klien-klien semua..

Hari ini,
Saya cuba kol lagi..
Walaupun rasa tension sebab nak kena minta duit..
(read: I dont like to ask for money)

Suara saya paling-mesra-pelanggan-dalam-dunia
masa kol mereka tadi...

Saya: Hi, Good Morning! This is Nurul, calling from C*ar B*uyer..
Pelanggan: Oh, hi... (tak mesra sungguh!)
Saya: Im calling regarding the overdue payments. How's the cheque?
has it been approved yet?
Pelanggan: (as always) No not yet.
Saya: I see..My record says the payment is over 90 days due..
Pelanggan: (sounded pissed!) I check, I call you later.. (TAK akan pernah kol balik)
Saya: Ok, Thank you.. Hope we would be able to get it by this week..
Pelanggan: yah busy..bye!
Saya: (-_-) Whatda!!!


This has been going on and on...
setiap kali saya kol,
KONFEM ada yang rude!

And almost all the klien memperlakukan saya sebegitu...
Sakitnya hati.........

kenapa mereka yang pissed?
Sepatutnya saya yang marah sebab klien tak bayar,
saya yang kena soal dengan boss...

Bukan kena bayar pun untuk berbudi bahasa...

So how?
Boleh tak saya kata "F***!"??


Saturday, November 01, 2008

Isnt She Precious


Say hello to.....

My little princess!!

Some of you thought I was going to adopt a real baby girl...
But sorry to dissappoint you...*wink*


Still thinking of a cute lil' name for it..

Wait for more news...........~~