Monday, March 31, 2008

Beloved month of the year

Its going to be April in a few hours time...

My favourite month of the year..:)

Not only because its a special month for me,
but also because its the month where its name is beautiful and useful

Get what I mean?

tell me,
which month of the year is it, that people use for their names?

its April!
not January, not February, not March, not May......
Erk...ok maybe for May and June...

but the rest, NOT..

and between April, May and June,
April sounds nice and beautiful for a name..

you have to agree with me on this...
Ceh! paksa lagiii...ahakz...;)

I like MY month very much...
I feel so attached to this month..

I've given myself something nice,
I usually do whenever its April...

I loike it!


Cant wait to spend that meaningful day with Darl...:)
Is it going to be Carousel?
or is it sakura?
is it beach road?

is it, is it?



im out.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

No sword, how to kill??

How time passes very SLOW...

I looked at the time it was 3pm,
the next time I look,
secretly hoping it was already 5.30pm,


it was ONLY 3.20pm..


I want to close my eyes now,
and the moment I open it,
I wish it will be 6pm.....

hoping for miracles now.....

i'm shutting my eyes now....





how come still 4.15pm??



This entry is pointless...

Just to kill the time....

eh? no sword, how to kill?

Cant wait for Friday!

wish me luck people....:)

p/s: miss miss miss missing someone.....*sob sob* :(

Monday, March 24, 2008

Alkisah Mee Siam II

Me: So, how dear? 1-10..
Dear: da agak dah mesti nk tanya macam tu..
Me: Yelah, 1-10, how?
Dear: A-

I passed with an A- on my FIRST Mee Siam attempt!



I still couldnt believe I cooked Mee Siam,
I mean, me?
Im soo not a mee siam person...

I've not eaten mee siam before, let alone COOK it..

After almost half a day of
sweating and pacing up and down the kitchen,

Here it is:

looks decent eh? :)

aaah~~~ my very own mee siam...

Thanx honey for chillin' out at my place
and thanx for the A-...;)

Next time I'll lessen the Tauchu just for you k...;)

Next to try: Mee Soto...

But before that,
Maaaaaakk.......time to get a NEW blender, please~~~

P/S: Each simple gesture, made me fall for you again and again...
How I really treasure you...:)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I need a....

What the??!!

I need a pillow, NOW...

not to sleep,


to CRY on...


Boo Hoo....!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

alKisah Mee Siam

I've been pretty busy lately..
There's work overload here in the office..
everything needs to be done by the end of this month..

I was working OverTime last week,
and there was this one particular day where
I worked from 8.00AM up to 10.30PM!

and I even had to come back
to the office last Saturday
and finish up my work..

Im still pretty much busy this week..
Im looking forward to this weekend,
which, I've set aside specially to
devote myself to learning how to cook Mee Siam..


Dear and me have been going out and
eating out most of the time
and we were not sure where to go to this weekend...

I suggested, why not we eat in?

save money for some other important stuff..
right dear..;)

And since we'll be hanging out indoor,
I decided to cook his favourite food..
Mee Siam

No no no...
thats not my mee siam....
tu sample gambar je..;)

I'll snap some pix of the mee siam I will be making
ok lah dear...jangan tak jadi sudah...
im out!


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

cleared everything and now, wait......

Hey Ho!

Im back from KL,
and back again at work...

wish i could get more holidays..
but thats always the case...
mana pernah cukup..


uh? what? KL?

yes yes yes....

went to KL
just for a quick visit..

due to work commitments
i had to make it a 'chop chop' holiday..

not exactly holiday...

i went there to do my clearance...

It was super fast..

cleared everything by 10.30(approx.)a.m.
and since there an extra RM from my registration fee,
the bro at finance dept. brought it forward
so that i dont have to pay when
i take my convocation robe later on..


i bunked in Suli's room..
chat and chat til its 6.30 am..

slept for only 1 hr..

i remembered we talked abt jobs,
money, people and stuff....

the most important and embarassing part
was me wanting to say "coffee with whipped cream"
ended up saying "coffee with whipped POTATO"



im sure Suli had a good time laughing..;p

btw, thanx for your hospitality babe! :)
and to Za, thanx for the PJs....teddy bear lagik....

im now waiting for convocation...
which is in August...

siapa-siapa nak bagi hadiah ke bunga
can start planning for it now...
hokay? ;)

im out.


p/s: it was a wonderful getaway...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

issit worth being depressed over

I cant help but to feel helpless....

A shitty day indeed....

Kekadang dalam menegakkan kebenaran tentang sesuatu
kita merasa seakan-akan mahu mengungkit tentang hal yg lalu..

but im not that kind of person....


Its hard to please people...

Im willing to do sacrifices....

but it hurts when people dont trust me
even before they give me a chance to proof to them
that im worthy of their trust....

On the other note,
i cant wait to get out of this place...

its making me sick...


Everything is making me sick...:(

I dont know for how long am i going to
bear with these pain in me...:(

This is depressing...