Sunday, April 29, 2007


hey ho!

i've been promoted....
client representative trainee..
client representative team leader...

when i first started looking for a job,
i did not dream of anything big...

a simple admin job would be good enough for part time..

i bumped into this company..
and i got the job as client representative..

in my mind,
this is only a three-month-temporary-school-holiday-job...
nothing fancy...

after two weeks...
i made approximately 600-700dolars!

just last friday,
the team went out for dinner at eatz19..

i thought it was just a team night..
it turned out to be a team night CUM celebration for my promotion...

Its not that im not thankful...
in fact, i am full of gratitude...:)

But, (haiz, manusia...there's always a but)
Im suddenly skeptical of my capability...

will i be able to carry this responsibility well?
do i have the leadership qualitites?
will i be able to train my trainees to be like me?
will i be a good example for my trainees?


i dont know...

maybe its because this is something new to me...
novelty always bring uncertainties...

wish me luck ya!


Friday, April 20, 2007

make money

my blog is terribly stagnant....:(

i've been busy...
my work kept me away from blogging..

you hear me right..
im working...

working with a advertising marketing company...
with "have fun and make money" motto...

well, i really make money in this job..
but the bigger the money, the more hectic the job is..
i work from 9 am to 6.30pm from mon-sat..
and i do not leave the office until its almost seven...
reach home e'day around 9 ++ or even later if i have meetings and yada yada...

so that explains why i've not been diligently blogging...

im a client representative trainee...
and might be promoted to client rep trainer soon...

Everyday, ater the morning meeting,
i'll go out to offices to meet bosses or managers from other companies
to clinch deal for my clients...

thats why im a client representative...

the reason how i get to blog today is because i took a day off..
i've got blisters on both my feet..
my worse blister experience! :(


results came out yesterday...
thanx mary for checking it for me..

i've got better gpa this time around..
but still,
this is a motivation for me to score all As for my final sem...

i know i can...:)


Monday, April 09, 2007

Arians out

The Aries gals bdae updates!! :))
(okay, i noe this is soo heck care...nk share gak..:p)

as planned,
Mary and me met at Yishun..

headed to cineleisure to watch 'Namesake' (adapted from a novel by JhumpaLahiri)

great it...:)
(despite some parts yang.....erk...)
for those who intent to watch it,
its NC-16, k?

so thats bdae girl no.1

and this is bdae girl no.2

this is mine to her..

this hers to me! (my fav!)

this is US!

whatever it is, it is never too late to wish us Arians a happy bdae..
coz the whole of April is OUR month..;)

the visit

i've told that a penangite friend of mine came to Singapore for the weekend, ait?
well, Wani also came...
so we had two of 'em visiting...

i went out with 'em on Sat..
was soooo glad to meet Farah and seeing her finally IN Singapore....


i really hoped she had fun...

despite being a Singaporean myself,
i still felt like a tourist..
so when Farah n Wani went "ooooh-ing" and "aaah-ing" at everything they saw,
i joined them...


still a lot to see and explore, you know...

i managed to capture some beautiful moments...;)

lets see....

the one in white is Farah...we were waiting for the rest to come and eat with us...

at the popular all-kinds-of-you-name-it-photo-machine...

Farah and Wani, loving the phone booth...

the court..

Fullerton at night..

clark quay...

after a good walk almost all day long, i reached home and slept like a log..hehz...

Singapore may be small...but to walk around it,whoa, is really something...

now where's my Yokoyoko...;)



I just felt the need to sigh..

time and again...........why?

Justice No No

"there is no Justice in this world, this is the world we live in"

and i mean justice in EVERY possible way..


Friday, April 06, 2007

bdae dateS

wonderful date i shall say...:)
i didnt know swensen have laksa until yesterday..(ok, i know im so kuno rite? :p)

i think the laksa was superb..

plus the ice-creams!
yummyyy~~~~ :)


comel rite? dis one here is called "b'dae firehouse ice cream"

and as if dats not enough, we ordered one more desert..
choc malt frost..

mmg membesarkan perut lah kirakan...;)

thanx dear for the wonderful time..:)

luv ya! muachs! :)


bdae celeb with my 'lesb' partner, Mary..kehkehkeh..(seram kaaan...;p) on the 9th...
updates comin up...:)

mary! cant wait to watch namesake!
plus, THE cake..yum yum..;)

meanwhile, my penangite fren, farah is comin to Singapore..

welcome my fren..
enjoy ur visit here...:)

Thursday, April 05, 2007

happy 23rd bdae


im home!!!

at last..yes,
i reached homeland at abut 11.30 pm, on the fourth of April 2007..
he fetched me to fulfill my wish, that is to be with him exactly when the clock strikes midnight..


made me feel terribly happy and touched...:)
thanx're the best...:)

exams over, and my holiday for three months ++ has begun..
gosh! :)

well, a few days before my exam ended,
dearest friend of mine,
Miss aeda fitreah managed to dig into my naiveness...(with her "kaed" thinking)

for two days in a row,
she and two other friends surprised me with a mini bdae celebration..
and im touched...

there's a lot of interesting pics..
i dont think i possess enough diligence at this point of time to post all..

nevertheless, here's some of it..
the rest can be viewed at my fotopages:

meanwhile, enjoy:
and earlier today, had lunch with spec..windu sey...
and then, went for the last paper and voila!


for those who wished me a happy bdae, thank you dear friends..! :)
happy holidays to you ppl...

p/s: cant wait for the dinner date tonight...hihihi...;)

Sunday, April 01, 2007

April fool


i've overcome my 'worst' fear...



(i almost thought the exam would be cancelled..hehe..April fool lah katakan *wink*)

the exam was this morning...
i know i understood the questions and were able to answer....

the last question pissed me off totally...GrRrRrrRR!

i calculated for the umpteenth times and still could not get the correct answer...!!?!

geramz btollah!

but anyway,
i did the other steps accordingly...
i know i have a B+ in my hands...but still, im crossing my fingers for an A- minus....


that means i have only 2 more papers to go...
tomorrow = marketing
and on the 4th = revelation

i still have 3 chapters to read for marketing,
and i cant believe im sitting here in the Cyber Cafe surfing away....~~~

a teeny weeny bit of play wont harm anyone ait? ;)

p/s: its April already!! gosh! its MY beloved month...:)