Friday, May 23, 2008


Yes I had my crappy feelings
a few days back..

I still am having them baddd.....

But this,
made me smile.......:)

There's a ME in You.
There's a You in Me.
We're Literally and Practically inseparable..

I'Allah, Amiin..

Thank You Dear...:)

I Love You.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Unbelievably Crappy

I wanted to blog about my
holiday to Fraser's Hill last weekend.

I am feeling crappy.

I dont know why,
but all of the sudden
I felt like crying...:(

I hate this kind of feeling
and not knowing
what is the problem...


I'd better go now...


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Model for me and me model too...

Oh Boy!

I just have this crazy idea
for an indoor and outdoor photoshoot..

I wonder if my babes would be interested
to take cool photos..
just like what models do..

its for fun...


My hands are itching to take good photos..

I miss my photography days
where me and my team would be snapping away
for assignments....

I miss those days where
me and my team took part in a photography exhibition
and we won second prize..

I miss using those big bulky cameras...

I miss my photography classes...

I miss them all.........

Oh when oh when will be the day.....

im out.


That absent-minded me

When I'm all excited and eager
to meet him after days of not seeing each other,

When I'm all dressed up nicely
to step out of the house,

THAT's when I realised I LEFT
my house key in my room
which I (habitually) LOCKED!


best thing was....

NOBODY was at home!

Locked outside my own room and
inside the house....


That absent-minded me.....


Sunday, May 11, 2008

What the Fish!!??!!

I woke up this morning trying hard to look at the positive side of life
and forget all the crappy aspects that's been bugging me
for a past few weeks...

I decided to go out and shop for something for mom..
Since i shouldnt go alone i asked my parents to go too,
But they were tired and my mom's not feeling well..

I tried asking my irritating brother to accompany me,
but he was adamant about not wanting to follow...

and so, i went by myself...
I decided to call mary and luckily she was free to come..

Thanks mary....

I went to the kodak shop to have my passport photos taken..
While all this was happening,
a guy- with the very definition of MAMAT from Suli's blog entry- walked into the shop and stood there aimlessly..

I ignored him and walked out of the shop
and didnt realise that he was following me..
and he actually stopped me!

Mamat: nak mintak number talipon leh?
Me: Excuse me??
Mamat: can i have your number, nak kawan..
Me: NO.
Mamat: why? ( muka blur)
Me: I am engaged.
Mamat: *tak respon* (muka blur)
Mamat: oh, sorry..(muka paisey)

What the Fish!?!!

Well, he spoilt my day, spoilt my appetite even...
kepala hotak berjambul lah mat!

Do I look like a typical minah??

coz, seriously i think,
the only suitable partner for a Mat is a Minah...
Sorry if anyone is offended by this,
but i am Pissed-with a capital P..


and whatever happened the rest of the day
is NOT at all La La La happy happy mood mood!

So much for wanting to look at the POSITIVE aspect of life..

The only thing i can at least smile about is the
aroma therapy set i bought for myself...

White petals fragrance from body shop...

This set could not come at a better time
coz i seriously need a break from all evil...

On a lighter note:

Happy mother's day to my mother
Syafakillah mak...

Im out.

Monday, May 05, 2008

The lost memories......

I had an online meeting with spec
on the class reunion we planned to have
sometime this year...

and while I was updating our multiply
I had a sudden urge to look for the
one and only farewell CD
that we made in 2003..

I knew I had it stashed somewhere
in my room...

I searched and searched,
and I found it!!

The feeling I had when i watched
the CD was the same as when
I watched it for the very first time...

I was moved by the sincerity
and memories I had with

I takleh angkatz the fact that
we named the groups in our class
with such peculiar names...

watch it,
and you'll know what i mean...;)

precious! :)

and so,
the lost memories.............................


yippie! :)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

I believe I can fly..


Im free~~~

and I modified my blog layout lah...

wah wah...