Friday, February 29, 2008

My Personality

Thursday, February 28, 2008

inefficiency bugs me, alright...


Lady: Morning! B*** L** S********y
Me: Lim please..
Lady: Im sorry she's on the line..
Me: She's been on the line since a few days ago!
Lady: *nervous chuckle*
Me: I've been calling so many times already!
Lady: u call many times ah, sorry..i get her to call u back..
Me: so when is she going to call me?? next week issit??
Lady: erk..i'll get her to call you as soon as she's done with her are miss?
Me: Nurul
Lady: ok, i'll get her to call you back..



im going to wait for 1 hour..

if she does not call me back,
Im going to call the manager...


Monday, February 25, 2008

Orange and Black Wedding

Date : Thursday,21 February 2008
Time: 8.30 p.m.
Venue: Tampines St 34
Theme: Go Go Green

The Grand Wedding Ceremony
Date : Saturday, 23 February 2008
Time: 3 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Venue: The Bayview Hotel Singapore
Theme: Orange and Black

Event went smoothly,
Food was great,
People was fun,
The Dias was beautiful and grand,
especially the one at the Hotel..

My family runs a wedding deco business
and also caters for wedding...

if anybody is interested can contact me

(for more Pix, click on 'my lenses' link on your right)

Rummanah (mak Nah) & Ramlan (cik Ramlan)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

missing my prince

I miss my prince terribly...

boo hoo!

Just when i miss him,

i remembered he once emailed me

something very sweet and meaningful for me...

Whenever i miss him,

i will look at this...........
(click on it to see the animation)

and it makes me smile...


thank you dear...


Tuesday, February 19, 2008


The problem with eating lunch is that
it makes you sleeeepyyy~~~

i am sleepyyyy~~~

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Looking forward to it.....


This is good news.

butterflies in my stomach
when you broke the news to me..

Im happy..

i see a LIGHT at the end of this tunnel...


I'Allah dear...

congratulations to you..:)

all i can say with all these wonderful news,


Looking forward to it.

Looking forward to it.

for now,

tata! :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Colour confused

Color Confused-Jay May

what if i lay here and sang every song i know
would you stay would you go away
im not much for conversation i sing songs all day
guitar strummin words on the strings where i play
whisper me something any sound will do
i want some secrets just between me and you
the sky is gray my clouds are blue very blue
the sun is the strangest hue
im choosin' a lover who's color-confusin my point of view
what if i lay here and sang every song i know
would you stay would you go away

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Temporarily mentally deranged.....

Decisions! decisions!

How i hate making decisions at times...

Boo to decisions!

Im torn between going to an interview later today at Manulife
or forget about it
and go for a graduate diploma in Marketing Communications,
which, my heart goes all out for....

Whats the problem?

The problem is...
Gee i dont know!

What the!?

If i get to work at Manulife,
I have to go for trainings and courses
which i wont be paid for...
(dont know how long will the trainings be)

meaning i wont be able to take up the
grad diploma until i finally get to work full time at Manulife...

On the other hand,
the grad diploma under the Marketing Institute of Singapore
might get me the job in a field i really wanted...
(i.e, events planning, PR, Advertising, marketing comm)

the problem is,
whether it will REALLY guarantee me
those kind of job...

How do i know?

Is it really this complicated
is it just ME?

somebody pleasssse tell me.....

I think i am temporarily mentally deranged!



ok cool....


im soooo outta here....

no tata for today....


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Thai flavours in good 'ol Singapore...

I CANNOT go into a book store
and not grab a book, to buy...

Thats what happened just now..
I went out for dinner with my family
at causeway point..

Just for fun i stepped into
Popular bookshop...


I stashed this:

Hard cover tau...
thats bcoz they dont have the paperback ones..

I dont mind...:)

and anyway,
I've got some good reviews about this book
and its author..

Plus dah gian nk membaca...

Btw, (sidetrack a bit)
Im soooo happy because i bumped into Dila!!
Dila was the MRC President (i was the VP)
and we lost contact the semester she graduated...
I heard she's taking her Masters at NUS....
So i knew she's in Singapore...

i couldnt believe my eyes when i saw her..
i squealed and giggled like a little girl...
best part is: she stayed in Woodlands!

maybe we can chill out together one day...:)

now we're back on track..
my family and i went to Siam kitchen for dinner...

The food was Alhamdulillah nice....
The service?


I do not know if its tiptop because we were
the last two customers
and that they have so much free time at hand
because they really really have superb service...


I had the green curry prawn fried rice..

This was my mom's Clear noodle phad Thai..

This was my dad's black olive fried rice...

And fitri's beef noodles...

i personally think that my mom's drink was

this tall glass of mango juice was to die for..

with that i leave you to salivate...
while im off to bed..;)


Saturday, February 09, 2008

An Exciting Adventure it is.....

I said adventure awaits me...

Guess where was i yesterday??




apparently Singapore has ran out of places to chill..

A group of friends suggested we go to KL for kopi session..
A crazy idea..
but we did it! ;)


So it started off at 6.30am (supposedly)
where we met at Gelang Patah Esso..

Started our journey at 8am,
and reached KL in 2 and a half hours time!

that was the fastest
i've ever reached KL..

headed straight for the food junction
to give way to our hunger pangs...
had a hearty meal where
each of us ordered two meals..

Dasyat! ;)

Then we went to coffee Bean for our chilling session...
Memang 'chill' lah sgt..:p

With two of us falling asleep,

The rest discussed
the art of playing mahjong...

dah takde benda lain nk bebual...;p

We ended up watching spoof movie..
"meet the Spartans"
Which was really for 'laugh sake'..

Nonsense movie i would say..
Not really worth the money..
Its really funny though...
But hey,
Like i said,
Its just for 'laugh sake'..


Moved off from Midvalley
at 7 pm reached GP two and a half hours later..
Had supper and headed home...

I was dead beaten as soon as i got home..
washed up and

off i went to lala land....


I told you it was an adventure....


Manz suggested another trip..
'penang kopi session'

although i wouldnt mind,
Are you crazy??


Will be CNYing later today...
Now where shall i get some oranges..:)


p/s: Most importantly, Thanx a million to BiBu for making this exciting journey possible..
I LOVE my Chubby Busa...:)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Adventure awaits.....

Adventure Awaits me tomorrow...

Im Excited and nervous at the same time...

Looking forward to 'the' day....

Because of that i have to give
my cousin's birthday pit
a miss...

Sorry i cant make it there...
I'll pass your pressies to mak Bee...
Hope u like it...

Im out.


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

blessing in disguise


I guess the flu and fever that i am down with
is a blessing in disguise....


I changed my blog layout already...
its back to basic....

I do not want to rush
to design my own template...

I want it to be meaningful..:)

This layout works well
for the time being.....


and yeah,
if you notice the tagboard...

I decided to have one, again!


Im not worried about crazy people
leaving cynical and destructive remarks,
because, with this particular tagboard,
I can just ban certain IPs from posting anything..

cool huh?


A day off from work
well spent, i guess..

Im off for now...


p/s: Good luck for your interview darling...:)