Thursday, March 29, 2007

everything i thought i cud do

4 down,
3 more papers to go..

its on the 1st, 2nd and 4th April..
and then,

for three months ++..


the boring part is, i still have not found a job, yet...

been emailing resumes here and there..
no reply...

i mean,
im only looking for a temporary job..

is it really this hard..?

i wonder how much harder it will be if im looking for a permanent job....

im looking out for administrative, HR, receptionist, customer service, photography studios and last resort teaching....

science of hadith was a-okay...:)


i was quite happy with my answers...

i hope and really hope i'll get good grade for this particular paper....

now, i've got to overcome my worst fear of all..

ceh, takdeeelah sgt...;)


and oh!
mummy and daddy will be coming here this weekend...

i might be staying at the hotel with them..

dapatlah mandi air panas..

p/s: counting the days when i'll be home; reaching Singapore at exactly midnight 5th April 2007...sigh...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


im looking for a part time job
from April to sometime in the first week of July..

reason being,
i'm not taking third sem...

anyone know of any openings?

forget everything


forget what i said in my previous entry..

i dont want to think anymore...

p/s: mata asek nk mengalir airmata je..cocok kang baru tau...hish!

Monday, March 26, 2007

unstoppable tears

My heart is crying

cant go on living like this

hey all!

im down at the lowest point in my life, i think..
i dont feel good..
i dont feel cheery anymore...
i always worry...

even when the day that i always look forward to (5 April) is drawing near,
i dont feel like it...
i dont see any point in being happy...

right now,
i just need to be assured...
im scared...:'(

my head cant stop spinning....:(

i cant sleep for days already...
i find it hard to imagine what will happen in future....

i need a shoulder to cry on....
i dont know how to express what im feeling right now...
no one will understand....

i've cried till i think i have very little to shed....:'(

oh God!
i NEED to be assured....

what will happen of me??



i cant think anymore....

sobs. :'(

im out. :'(

Sunday, March 18, 2007

dream that's haunting

I had a bad dream...:(
due the finals around the corner,
i've been having sleepless nights..

and then, last night,
i dreamt that i cant answer for my statistic paper...:(
and i cried and cried right there and then in the exam hall...
and the people and my lecturer around me looked cynical...
and since i cant answer, i failed...:'(


i pray that it wont happen on the real paper....:(


i went to my couz's chalet yesterday @ aloha loyang, Pasir Ris..
i forgot, it was my niece and nephew's bdae party....
Happy b'dae pretty girl, Nur Aliya and Muhd Nur Hakim....!!

and as usual,
if me and dina (my couz) meet up,
kita chill lah...
while the others were busy preparing this and that in the kitchen,
we went upstairs to the bedroom, lepakz~~

take picture is a must lah kan....;)

and then, we got bored, and went to the kids zone...



and later in the evening,
i met dear...

after a few hours,
went straight home, was tired, and slept(with e bad dream)...

will be meeting him again today..yay! :))

Sunday, March 11, 2007

great around them

Its great to back home again! :)
happy to be with him again..:)

its been so long since i last updated with pictures..
pardon me...
my N70 was 'hospitalised'
but its better now...

so now can put up pix...:)

last Thurs was an unexpected outing with Kaed..
that girl eh,
really influenced me tau..;p

but it was all worth while...
my hands and fingers were all 'itchy' to caress my baby(read: my SLR)
so we went out to take pictures at Bukit Bintang and KLCC..

That's kaed and me..

some of my actions...
i didnt realise she took that picture of me,
trying really hard to capture KLCC at its nicest possible angle..

we were starving by the time we reached KLCC,
so we went to the signatures to fill our grumpy belly..

thats my phad Thai...
whatever it is, it does not satisfy my picky taste buds..

we had Ice creams!! :)
it was heavenly, i tell you...;)

Hepi giller dapat ice cream..ahakz!

before we went back to campus,
i sidetracked to famous amos to buy him something..
hope u liked it sayang...:)

Thanx kaed for the great time..:)
i own you one...

yesterday, i was out the whole day taking pictures, again...
well, its for my assignment...
and also visited my aunt and granny...

i was all over the place trying to control this kiddo here,
she's my cousin, Shahira Begum...
she super hyper and one happy baby tau! :)

When the sun was at its perfect horizon,
i went to Pasir Ris park to capture more beautiful moments..

and guess what,
i decided to cycle,
yes, alone and around the whole park!

Refreshing i tell ya...:)
but sorilah, no pictures...
sorang2 and tga feeling,
so tak terlintas nak take my pictures...;p

eh, thats all lah...
byk keje rumah la pullak....


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

4 flat kapper!

I can pretty much say "phew!!"
coz i've FINALLY finish my eap research paper..
well, not totally..
but 95%....:)

i thought i was never going to be able to finish it...
i felt a GREAT sense of freedom!
its like im walking on air! :)

im down with two more presentations and 1 assignment...
oh yah,
not forgetting my final assesment for my photography skill,
which im going to do this weekend in Singapore...

nak ikut tk? ;)
but ur working kan? kan? kan? ;p

its wednesday,
i simply anticipate the weekend...
i cant wait to smell the 'Singapore air'..
as if there's a difference btw m'sia and spore's air...:p

i found out that there's merit for those who are active in campus' activities...
as in, there's a transcript for it!

ini mcm i can get 4 flat lah for my CCA....;)

p/s: i wonder if u're reading this, if u are, i miss u terribly....:(

Monday, March 05, 2007

please end it all soon..

Terrible week.
cried myself to sleep last night.

despite the retail therapy and a good movie that i watched with Mary yesterday,
i was still having this nagging feeling in me..
it's like something in me, is saying,
"weekday starts will have to face with all those scary things again.."

it makes me dread weekdays all the more..

i just want to go home.
Home is the best remedy of all.

i mentioned movie, right?

yah, watched Music&lyrics at KLCC..
all i can say is, the movie is WORTH my money..:)

its damn cute (read: good) i tell ya....
go watch it..

got to finish eap research paper...(drag!)

i've got dip comm's second midterm tomorrow...

P/S: met Dr. Mahzan just now, and he told i passed my 1st midterm! Alhamdulillah...:)

Friday, March 02, 2007

letting it all out

Give way everybody......!
I just HAVE to let it out....
Pardon me.

longest weekend of my life

Everything is NOT going well for me...
first, my thumdrv gave me a headache..
and now, the aftermath is much more terrible...
I had to start all over again looking for materials for my assignments and presentations, which i had it all done and saved in the PREVIOUS thubdrive...:'(

third, the stupid PCs here just wont cooperate with me..
they cant detect USB lah, hang lah, whatever crap lah dey!!

this is one of the longest weekend in my life!
please end soon,
i cant stand all these trouble...
some people are beginning to irritate me to the max....

Lawak biar berpada-pada lah kawan...GrrRRrR...


im sooo depressed...
probably its one of the PMS situation...
where everything seems to be wrong...

on the other hand,
my photography class will be going for a trip to Institut Baitulmal KL tomorrow...
hope this passion of mine will cheer me up...

P/S: i hate busy weekends.....i wanna go home...:'(