Sunday, March 18, 2007

dream that's haunting

I had a bad dream...:(
due the finals around the corner,
i've been having sleepless nights..

and then, last night,
i dreamt that i cant answer for my statistic paper...:(
and i cried and cried right there and then in the exam hall...
and the people and my lecturer around me looked cynical...
and since i cant answer, i failed...:'(


i pray that it wont happen on the real paper....:(


i went to my couz's chalet yesterday @ aloha loyang, Pasir Ris..
i forgot, it was my niece and nephew's bdae party....
Happy b'dae pretty girl, Nur Aliya and Muhd Nur Hakim....!!

and as usual,
if me and dina (my couz) meet up,
kita chill lah...
while the others were busy preparing this and that in the kitchen,
we went upstairs to the bedroom, lepakz~~

take picture is a must lah kan....;)

and then, we got bored, and went to the kids zone...



and later in the evening,
i met dear...

after a few hours,
went straight home, was tired, and slept(with e bad dream)...

will be meeting him again today..yay! :))

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