Monday, March 05, 2007

please end it all soon..

Terrible week.
cried myself to sleep last night.

despite the retail therapy and a good movie that i watched with Mary yesterday,
i was still having this nagging feeling in me..
it's like something in me, is saying,
"weekday starts will have to face with all those scary things again.."

it makes me dread weekdays all the more..

i just want to go home.
Home is the best remedy of all.

i mentioned movie, right?

yah, watched Music&lyrics at KLCC..
all i can say is, the movie is WORTH my money..:)

its damn cute (read: good) i tell ya....
go watch it..

got to finish eap research paper...(drag!)

i've got dip comm's second midterm tomorrow...

P/S: met Dr. Mahzan just now, and he told i passed my 1st midterm! Alhamdulillah...:)

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