Tuesday, July 31, 2007

double..no triple trouble...

Im having trouble getting to sleep at night,
two of my roomie's friends have been squatting in her compartment ever since day one..
even though it is an offence to have people squatting in your compartment,
I do not mind...
these three girls just cant seem to stop talking and laughing,
even when its past 10 PM...
They talked as if they want to let the whole room know what they're talking about...
its not that i am complaining unneccessarily...
i understand if it is once in a while,
you know, we're excited about things and we want to tell the whole world about it...
but if its EVERY night,
(no no no, its EVERYTIME they're in the room)
BANGING the door each time they went in and out of the room,
i CANNOT tolerate that......
So now what exactly is my problem, you ask me....??
the problem is,
that I dont know if i should be complaining at the office for the squatting offence
or should i just confront them and ask them nicely to keep it down....
the problem is,
that i dont have the GUTS to face them.....
(i cant even bring myself to say a simple "SSHhhhhhhh")
and that i dont have the heart to complain at the office...
they're final semester students,
if i complain at the office,
i know they would have to pay the fine, which might amount to approximately RM100....
and if i were to face them, i know it would feel awkward after that
knowing that i will be bumping into them every now and then....
it might not seem BIG to you,
but it IS to me....
and i call myself a communication student,
when i cant even handle a simple problem.....
Boo hoo hoo!

Monday, July 30, 2007

here i am,
in HS, waiting 4 maghrib..(now its 5.45pm)
to break my fast...
Hehe...saje nk blog...kn my hp ada wireless..;) k, gonna c'nue my
readings... dear! Miss u! :(

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Slept not quiet like a princess

I must say, this is the slowest week since school re-opened..
With still no class on Monday,
a plain tuesday,
(with the exception of the KLCC trip ;))
and again i decided not to go out to class today..for fear of no class..

and tomorrow,
i only look forward to go home...
all i had to do this week, apart from my WNN assignments,
was to sleep!

but of course,
not quite like a princess..
unfortunately, because of the noisy roomie...
bluek! :p

Oh yes,
I've got a presentation for WNN tomorrow..
and i simply cant wait..
even though i've not finished working the report just yet...

The best part was the KLCC trip i mentioned..
Initial plan was to break our fast at Chillis..
when i saw its vague halal status, i decided not to...

Kaed and me walked around the whole KLCC,
just "jalan-jalan cari makan"
(walk-walk looking for food..hihi..)
before we finally settled on Kelantan's Delight..
i give them a 3 and a half out of 5....

by the end of the day,
i've bought two new books from Kinokuniya....

at least those can keep me company...
i'm almost finishing the first book..

how eh?


gtg finish up on my assignments..

Monday, July 23, 2007

i love you bibu...

Hey all!
Im back here, again in campus..
and again there was no class today...
lucky i decided not to go to class in the first place..

Hows weekend?
partly ok, partly terrible..
the row at home made me all moody the whole Sunday..
Im sorry dear, for being such a nuisance..
I knew you tried to make my day,
I thank you for that..
makes me love you even more..:)

apart from that,
it's BIBU!!!

she's just soo chubby and sooo cute and pretty...
takle angkatz..
i just enjoyed being with her...

thanks dear for getting Bibu....:)
partly because i like her..:)

Dear, quickly get her new baju..
nnt luka2 lak badan dia...;)

ok..now that weekend is over..
its time to get back to reality people...

cant wait for Prof Fazal's class tomorrow..:))

k k,
i've got to go read news..

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Justice mana??

Damn it!
I've just read the news..
A guy raped a 5 year-old girl,
and he's only been sentenced to 3 years imprisonment and 6 times caning??

Is this justice..??

The girl is so young...
she's got a future.....
this incident will cause her to be traumatised...
cilaka punya orang!!

Mrepek ah...
what's to happen to people in this world.....:(

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bi-Bu..i loike...

How's the first two weeks of sch?

Nothing interesting just yet...
except for the fact that i cant seem to have peaceful sleep almost every night...:(

1- roomies having nightmares almost every night..
2- roomies having squatters and they chat aaaallll night long with their lights ON...

They're having nightmares and IM suffering from sleep deprivation...GOSH!
They chit chat like nobody's business and for God's sake!
pls laaa.. i CANT sleep with even the tiniest dimmest light tau!!


i found heaven in my OWN room back home last weekend...
i slept like there's no tomorrow...

gee..i wonder if i can survive the whole semester like this..

apart from that,
everything else is alright...

i always look forward to Prof. Fazal's classes...
i LOVE the way he delivers his lectures...
he's very animated...:)

LE4500 and WNN is also fun...
i've become the 'Miss becok' all of the sudden this semester..(Note: in class ONLY :p)

apparently my arabic lecturer still have not gotten back from his 'kampung'..
so, im still on holiday mood every monday and wednesday...

The highlight of this week will be this weekend...
Dear, Im excited!!

my BIBU's arrival...
OUR Bibu's arrival....:)

i've never been this excited about something like this.....

rasa cam nak balik skrg jgk!! :)
hopefully, Bibu doesnt arrive before i come home..
wait for me k dear..
nurul nk ikot g fetch Bibu..k?k?k? :)

there's assignments to be done...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Beary beary muaaach!!

I found my most favourite shop's webbie...:))

i've long dreamt of making my own teddy bear..
i know there are several outlets in Singapore..
they used to have one at causeway point...
now i think they have it at vivo and suntec...:)

i was told that i was spouting nonsense and was ignored
when i asked someone to get it for me.......:(
i guess the request was too much..:(

the teddies are a bit costly, plus the clothes and accessories..
but i really want them....:(

i'll start saving up my school pocket money from today onwards..
i must get one personalised teddy just to make myself happy...:)

eee....best nyer!! :))


Boo hoo hoo..

I've attempted..

I failed, again......

Boo to Nurulkhasanah...:'(


Saturday, July 07, 2007

school and everything else

The time has come,
I'll be going back to sch tomorrow morning...
I've been away for quite sometime
i think i've forgotten how it feels like to go to class..

But before that,
i've to attend Kelvin's wedding celebration tonight..
i've never been to a chinese wedding celebration..
I do not know what to wear..hihi..penting eeeh...

I have absolutely no idea whether its going to be formal or informal....
Im a teeny weeny bit nervous..
tak paham kan apa yg nervous sgt..ahakz...
but dear n me decided to wear white..
we'll see lah eh...

back to sch,
i'll be taking the morning bus from Sg to KL...
Ish! lama tuu tak g KL.....

my class for tomorrow is at 2.30 to four PM only..
pahaammm tak...
mmg relax lah nmpk nyer..
i'll have plenty of time to go to the HS academic affairs office to settle somethings..

and oh yes,
i've to go out to do some errands..
tp bila ek...

oh gosh!
i dont even remember where i put my DG prepaid card..

gtg iron my baju first...

Friday, July 06, 2007

hols ended

its already friday morning...
At this wee hour im waiting for him to text me..
So i thought i'd moblog..;)

gosh! Sch's reopening..its my FINAL semester..! its kinda exciting
plus scary..but im eager to start e sem n looking forward to all As
for this sem..amin...e sem will end sometime in november...tk
sabarnyee...:) gtg, ngntukz! Tata! Nite!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

i loike!

This is cool....
Im blogging thru my phone....
how cool is that??
Hokay, gtg, i'll update later....

trying out

test test.....ehem... Just trying out moblogging..;)