Sunday, December 14, 2008


Emosi terusik.
Perasaan terguris.

Sedih sangat...:'(

It is my fault..
Im such a dumbass...

Im Sorry :'(

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Crazy Ending And Beginning

I forsee a CRAZY end to 2008 and beginning to 2009!

The whole house will be up for renovation..
And the whole process will last for almost TWO freakin month!

I cannot imagine my life staying in a house with DUSTs (lots of ém!)..

And there will be days where the family will be staying at a
country club (I think) for 3 days
just because the contractors are going to lay out some stuff on the
flooring and nobody should be around..

Im thinking maybe I should take leave from work during those few days..
so I can feeling-feeling tai-tai, you know...;)

But whatever it is,
I just want the days to past by FAST..
so we can all enjoy the 'new' house..

and sleep peacefully..


Im out.