Sunday, December 14, 2008


Emosi terusik.
Perasaan terguris.

Sedih sangat...:'(

It is my fault..
Im such a dumbass...

Im Sorry :'(

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Crazy Ending And Beginning

I forsee a CRAZY end to 2008 and beginning to 2009!

The whole house will be up for renovation..
And the whole process will last for almost TWO freakin month!

I cannot imagine my life staying in a house with DUSTs (lots of ém!)..

And there will be days where the family will be staying at a
country club (I think) for 3 days
just because the contractors are going to lay out some stuff on the
flooring and nobody should be around..

Im thinking maybe I should take leave from work during those few days..
so I can feeling-feeling tai-tai, you know...;)

But whatever it is,
I just want the days to past by FAST..
so we can all enjoy the 'new' house..

and sleep peacefully..


Im out.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Towards the SEVENs

Oh Gosh!

I've abandoned my blog for quite sometime..
The problem is,
I am having the writer's block syndrome..

For now, Im just working towards the SEVENs..
It is something significant for me..
Everything is 'scrimp and save' at the moment..
Just to make sure that the SEVENs will come true..=)

May Allah bestow His assistance upon me..


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Show Me The Path

Its like in sitting in a black box,
Four dark walls around me,
Nowhere else to go to..

Im still searching,
Im still thinking,
Im still confused..

I used to know,
But now I dont...

I dont think I can breathe,
Im stuck..

I want to get out,
I want to break free,

But where do I go?

Im scared I would make a wrong turn,
and never be able to get back to my comfort zone..

What if I fall?
I'd be alone..
Nobody would know the pain I'll feel..

Im scared....

Oh Lord,
Show me the light,
Show me the path I must walk on
to rediscover myself...

Oh no,
Oh no,
Where has my courage gone to?

Sunday, November 09, 2008

NotTheBestOf Me

Not in the best of mood..
Is it really this pressurising?
Is it really this crappy?
Is it really hot these days?
And why am I so thirsty since this morning?
Is facebook photo uploading giving me a headache?
Do I really have to go to work tomorrow?
Is my family really going to Kota Kinabalu WITHOUT me?
Am I really going to be all alone come next weekend?
Is there really going to be a measly bonus end of this year?
How come everybody irked me?
And why am I feeling angry, anxious, annoyed, sad and restless
all of a sudden??

I am anything but joyful...:(

2008 has been a hell of a year...

There's still a month and a half more to go...
I dont wish for anymore nonsense..


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I Paling-mesra-pelanggan But I still get Shit!

Tiba-tiba hari ini perasaan hati saya rasa
macam nak sebut perkataan favorit ramai...


Boleh tak?

Saya tak suka minta duit..
Memang dari dulu saya tak suka meminta duit..
Sebab tu tak boleh jadi treasurer...
Kena tagih duit dari ahli kelab and so on..
Eeee..tak pandailah...

Tapi apakan daya,
Tugas saya memerlukan saya menagih duit dari

Tagih bagai nak rak pun, belum tentu they will give us the cheque
in due time..

Sampai hilang sabar rasanya....
Si Pengurus dah sibuk tanya-tanya
"Have you called them?"

Dah. Dah.
Saya dah kol banyak kali,
saya rasa Im now the 'Most favourite person' bagi
klien-klien semua..

Hari ini,
Saya cuba kol lagi..
Walaupun rasa tension sebab nak kena minta duit..
(read: I dont like to ask for money)

Suara saya paling-mesra-pelanggan-dalam-dunia
masa kol mereka tadi...

Saya: Hi, Good Morning! This is Nurul, calling from C*ar B*uyer..
Pelanggan: Oh, hi... (tak mesra sungguh!)
Saya: Im calling regarding the overdue payments. How's the cheque?
has it been approved yet?
Pelanggan: (as always) No not yet.
Saya: I see..My record says the payment is over 90 days due..
Pelanggan: (sounded pissed!) I check, I call you later.. (TAK akan pernah kol balik)
Saya: Ok, Thank you.. Hope we would be able to get it by this week..
Pelanggan: yah busy..bye!
Saya: (-_-) Whatda!!!


This has been going on and on...
setiap kali saya kol,
KONFEM ada yang rude!

And almost all the klien memperlakukan saya sebegitu...
Sakitnya hati.........

kenapa mereka yang pissed?
Sepatutnya saya yang marah sebab klien tak bayar,
saya yang kena soal dengan boss...

Bukan kena bayar pun untuk berbudi bahasa...

So how?
Boleh tak saya kata "F***!"??


Saturday, November 01, 2008

Isnt She Precious


Say hello to.....

My little princess!!

Some of you thought I was going to adopt a real baby girl...
But sorry to dissappoint you...*wink*


Still thinking of a cute lil' name for it..

Wait for more news...........~~


Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Congratulations to FH for his license! :)
I knew you can do it..:)

I've been looking around to adopt a baby girl..
I've prepared little by little the play area and stuff..
Oh Boy oh boy!
Im excited!



Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ice-Skating and a Famous Person

Its a lazy Sunday..
I wish I could laze around till night time,
But I have to go to a wedding dinner tonight..

But anyway,
I had a wonderful Saturday!

First of all sorry to the babes,
I cant join them for their raya-ing...
I already made reservation and plans for yesterday
since a few weeks ago...

FH is going to be a year older this Monday,
Since its a working day,
I decided to celebrate earlier...

Made a lunch reservation at Grand Hyatt Hotel..
Reached there early...
Chill and cam-whore for a bit...=)

Haiz bilalah nak makan...

And then we had our lunch which was fine
(Read: fine-dining ;))

I didnt take photos of the food..
was starving, so I totally forgot...

Tummy filled,
we headed to Kallang Leisure Park
for Ice-Skating!!

That was my FIRST time...
Seriously I was nervous but excited to try..
It was cold,
but I was sweating like crazy....

I think it was my nerves..

It was a good start...
and then, Bedebab!!
I fell....


But its was funny...
And that was the beginning of a series of falls...*shakes head*
Even after I got the hang of it,
I still fell a lot! *shakes head again*

It was super fun..

My skate figures..

Yay! I can skate now...=)

with Flow....

Me trying to catch up....erk...

Dear even joked:
"Sports ni lah baru tak kisah muhrim ke tak.."
"apsal pulak?"
"sebab pakai gloves"

In the end I didnt break any bones,
Good! ;)
It is now in our list of favourite pastime together..=)
And that was the end of our fun-filled day...=)

And then at night,
My brother called me
saying his friends-his band mates will be coming to our house for raya..

I waited and waited and waited,
and gave up...

I went to bed
only to be awakened by a knock on my door..

My bro and his friends were here already...
I said I cant be bothered....

But my mom came into my room and took my fan away..
so I couldnt sleep...
I had to wake up no matter what..

When I stepped into the living room,
I saw his friends,
one of them the famous AA...

Can you spot him?

Try again...Spot him...

Hopefully you guess right,
its A*liff A*ziz...

Because he came I have to wake up...

Nasib baik awak kelakar and tinggi dik.. kalau tak, akak tuang sirap merah kat baju putih awak tu... haha....

My mom was happy to entertain him and the other friends, though...
In my heart: "suka betul mak aku"

They came, eat and sing...
yup...penting eh..?? ahakz....

And then off they went...
Naik lori tau....ahakz....


And me,
happily got my fan back and off to lala land~~

End Note: Happy Birthday Dear...!! Hope you had a wonderful time too!
Kita Sayang Awak (^_^)


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Surreal Yesterday

Yesterday felt surreal..
We've been waiting, for the day with much anticipation
that when it actually came,
we didn't know what we should do...

We looked around for a bit...
Browse and commented a lot...
Its hard to have two different opinions
and want the best choice for both
at the same time.....

We had to scrutinise every single detail....

And then,

There was the perfect place
that met our expectation...

To satisfy our curiosity,
we went to check out the place...

Oh yes! It was love at first sight....
The size,
The community centre,
The market place,
The bustop,
The MRT,
The Mall,
The neighbour,
The Place itself is so welcoming....

It felt right.....

We were both at peace with the place,
we started to imagine what we could do to it...
Sprucing it up with this and that,
How we are going to go about going to work
and even
which room is for what....

That's how surreal it is,

And than we applied....

The number of many others like us
who applied was way too many....

5th November,
We are keeping our hopes up..
So that it will become ours,
One Day....

Marks our journey to embark on the future....


Thursday, October 09, 2008

All P*INC and Shiny

Its been a week of Raya..
My only jalan-jalan was on the first day of 'eid
and the fourth day (that was only one house)..

Thats all..

When you're a working adult,
You dont really get the chance to go raya-ing
as much as you used to during school years...


No wonder I got an instinct to not shop for raya this year..

After a hectic month in Ramadhan
helping out my mom with the cleaning and stuff-
tangan and kaki da macam orang keje kontrak-

So I finally get to do some manicure and pedicure!!

We went to P*INC at causeway point

Although Mary did hers a few days before,
I begged her to do it again...;)
maceh ye....

It was fun!
and I LOVE my shiny nails....

Premium pedicure..cost a bomb..
But it was really really good....
My feet were as soft as a baby's..

My nails all oiled...

Would love to do it again next month...=)

I heard about a book titled
"The Last Lecture"

I Googled it
and found it to be interesting....

So I ordered it from K*inokuniya...

Have not read it yet..
Still reading J*odi P*icoult's "Nineteen Minute"

Cant wait to finish it and move on to The Last Lecture...!

I had this weekend all planned...
But looks like there might be some changes...
Hoping that my plan remains as it is...


Sunday, October 05, 2008

My Mantra.

Before I go to bed
allow me to spill a few things thats been 'playing' around
in my mind...

When I was a little girl,
I thought life was easy...
Everything was a breeze....
Whenever I saw adults having to face with some sort of issues and problems,
I thought " hey! Its tough being an adult huh..Im lucky Im a kid"

I almost wished I dont have to grow up..

Now that Im all grown up,
I have no choice but to BE an adult...
Do those things adults do...

Albeit all the fun parts
i.e. falling in love, work and get money, etc,

I have to admit its really really tough...
So many challenges to face
So many issues to brave through..
So many matters to think of...

Im actually in a midst of thinking and planning
for the future...

Sometimes when I imagined of all the good things coming,
I get all excited
but I shuddered too much at the thought of the more serious stuff
that all the good things doesnt seem to be appealing anymore....



Might be all beds of roses in the first few years...
Im not too worried about that..

I badly want to be sure that I will be able to juggle it well
after the beds of roses period........

Get what I mean?

I guess,
Its a team effort...

"seseorang itu harus mempunyai sikap 'kuasa' untuk melakukan sesuatu walaupun perkara itu kecil" - Masturah Ahmad

Its my mantra for now..


nuff said.

Im going to bed.


Friday, October 03, 2008

My super low key raya...

As known,
my éid was low key...

But prior to the news that my Gradma was admitted to hospital,
My family was still at home...

My bro and his family came...

Had a little fun with lil'Dini..
She and her Barney bagai tak dapat dipisahkan lagi...

I gave her my camera and...
voila! shes a pro for kids her age..;)

She just couldnt stop shooting...
Boy, was I entertained...

These are some of the peek-chas she took...

Complete family portrait...

My bro and his family...

And there she is..
Miss Dini aka "I-am-Barney's-number-1-fan"

Raya treats....

My zakat for the kiddos...
(I've got a gazillion little cousins, nieces and nephews..kwang3)

And thats all
Coz I cant possibly take pictures in the hospital
can I...

PS: There goes my surprise...Surprise!! ;)

My Prayer...

Its the third of Syawal..

I'd like to apologize to each and every one of my friends,
acquaintances and fellow blogger/blog readers for any blunders and mistakes
I did, intended or not..

Hope all of you had a wonderful 'eid..:)

Mine was low key
as my grandmother was admitted to hospital
the very 1st day of eid..

She fell,
broke her hip bone and fractured her wrist..:(
What worries me is the fact that she fell and fractured the same
hip bone some time earlier this year..:(

I pray to Allah Almighty,
May my beloved Grandma stay strong and
she will get well soon..

I extend my prayer to my sister in law's mother
who was also admitted to hospital for a minor stroke..

PS: Dilemma and Worried of what the future holds..

Monday, September 29, 2008


Dedication to FH:

Do you hear me,
Talking to you
Across the water across the deep blue ocean
Under the open sky, oh my, baby I'm trying

Boy I hear you in my dreams
I feel your whisper across the sea
I keep you with me in my heart
You make it easier when life gets hard

Lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been

Lucky to be coming home again
Ooohh ooooh oooh oooh ooh ooh ooh ooh

They don't know how long it takes
Waiting for a love like this
Every time we say goodbye
I wish we had one more kiss
I'll wait for you I promise you, I will

Lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been

Lucky to be coming home again
Lucky we're in love every way
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday

And so I'm sailing through the sea
To an island where we'll meet
You'll hear the music fill the air
I'll put a flower in your hair

though the breezes through trees
Move so pretty you're all I see
As the world keeps spinning round
You hold me right here right now

Lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
Lucky we're in love every way
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday



Saturday, September 27, 2008

F1 + Lewis Hamilton Craze

Hello people..=)

Guess what??

I just got back from the F1 practice sessions at the singapore street circuit!
Verdict: I loike!

I was contemplating of getting out of the office early today,
and while I was at it,
my boss came to me and gave me TWO free tickets to watch the F1 practice sessions!

Boy was I excited!
I stopped contemplating and made my way down town to meet up with FH..
Bought some munchies for break fast and off we headed to the circuit..

I was in awe..
It was my first time ever watching an F1 race...
And the only thing that comes to my mind when you mention F1 is: Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari...
Ask me anything else, I dont know..hihi...

The reason I was particularly intrigued by this year's F1 is the fact that it is in Singapore....
The first ever night race in history of F1 racing...
I was even more curious as to how the circuit would look like...
Hey, its the Singapore roads that we're all familiar with,
and all of the sudden its an F1 race track...

To be honest,
I was quite impressed with the circuit!
Who would have thought that Raffles Ave, St. Andrew road, Esplanade drive and Nicoll Highway can become a race track huh....

The whole area was brightly lit up as if it was daylight...
The Sound of the F1 cars was deafening but it kinda bring the excitement up...:)

I was secretly-no openly-happy the fact that Lewis Hamilton was in the first place among all other racers during the first practice session...
He came in third during the second session, but who cares when he is so gorgeous...;)


Enough of the ramblings now,
Lets the peek-chas do the talking...
( I really wished I had a DSLR with me just now..But we just make do with what we had..hihi)

Our tickets! Came with a nice lanyard..

Im a very happy girl!

The big screen right in front of where we were seating...strategic seats we got eh...;)

Lewis hamilton's car!! ;)

Ferrari...I loike!

The Grandstand next to ours..

That Him! Lewis Hamilton! I loike!

Last But not least,
Tried to take pictures with one of the cars,
jadi lah ek...daripada takde...;)

After the practice sessions,
My ears felt numb...
Hope I wont go deaf tomorrow...
Need my ears to teach...ahakz..

Will you please excuse me,
I need to go get my beauty sleep....;)

Im out!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pandangan 2 Sen Saya

Raya bakal menjelang tak lama lagi..
Suasana di Geylang masa saya cuba-cuba berjalan kelmarin,
amat sesak dengan pelbagai ragam manusia yang tak kurang
''warni-warni'' nya..

Kenapa saya kata warna-warni?

Haa..manakan tidaknya, ada yang rambutnya bagaikan pelangi,
mana yang baju nya macam tak cukup kain, yang dah macam sarung nangka,
yang badan dah macam lukisan bergerak pun ada and also yang membuat mata saya berasa silau semacam dek aksesori emas dan perak yang di cucuk tang sana cucuk tang sini..

Astaghfirullah...detik hati kecil saya...

Sempat juga saya menjeling kearah segelintir mereka ini yang begitu happening bershopping sakan..
Baju raya, kasut raya, perhiasan rumah dan yang sewaktu dengannya...

Dengan tak semena-mena perasaan segan datang melihatkan senario begitu..
Apa pula pandangan orang-orang bukan Islam terhadap mereka ini..?
Imej yang begitukan yang ingin kita berikan pada orang bukan Islam tentang
agama Islam dan penganutnya?

Apakah ini sememangnya trend yang membanggakan?
Apa agaknya makna Ramadhan dalam hati setiap mereka-mereka yang saya lihat itu?
Bersemangatkah mereka untuk menyambut raya?

Adakah perasaan kemenangan itu sedangkan puasa kita tidak sesempurna mana?
Sedih rasanya bila mengenangkan bulan suci ini dipandang enteng sahaja oleh sesetengah pihak..

Im not exactly the picture-perfect Muslim,
Saya sendiri masih banyak lagi ruang-ruang kosong yang perlu diisi dengan ilmu
supaya dapat menjadi Muslim yang lebih baik..

Tetapi saya bimbang dengan trend yang semakin berleluasa ini
bila terfikirkan,
apakah didalam keadaan masyarakat sebegini yang akan saya besarkan anak-anak saya?
Nampaknya memang beratlah tanggungjawab saya dimasa akan datang
dalam hal mendidik keluarga...

Saya bersyukur melihat sesetengah pihak yang dapat memelihara diri
dari terpengaruh dengan anasir-anasir yang kurang sihat ini,
dan tetap menunjukkan imej yang positif di dalam bulan Ramadhan..

Kesedaran tentang peri pentingnya bulan Ramadhan dan erti kemenangan di bulan Syawal
belum cukup kental lagi dikalangan masyarakat kita...
Dan pada pendapat saya,
walau macam mana pun institusi-institusi atau jabatan agama dalam negara membuat inisiatif mempelbagai aktiviti bagi membagkit kesedaran tentang bulan Ramadhan,
ada satu institusi penting yang menjadi akar bagi segala tindak-tanduk setiap manusia
iaitu institusi keluarga....

And not forgetting, pokoknya diri setiap individu itu sendiri samada hendak berubah atau tidak..Nobody can change a man, if he does not want to change himself..

Oh well,
Itu cuma padangan 2 sen saya (just my two cents worth)..:)

Mudah-mudahan Allah Taala memberi mereka dan juga saya petunjuk...


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Whats Up Whats Down

Oh Gosh!
Eversince the last time I had an emotional breakdown,
everything's just been going so slow...

Life seemed so mundane..

Have not done any shopping for 'eid..
I just dont have the time...
Why do I have to go to the shops,
why cant the shops come to me instead?

Reached home 7+ pm after work,
By the time Im too tired to do anything,
I just want to lie down and sleep..

I've got a weekend job now..
Which I pretty much like...

For the rest of Ramadhan,
I might be busying myself
working from Mon-Sun...

So there,
That's what I've been and will be up to
for this month...

I've been day-dreaming a lot
about going for a holiday....
A road trip maybe.....
Just jalan-jalan, cam-whoring and eat eat eat!

Its nice if it could come true...
But for now,
it shall remain a dream...;)

Im out.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hello..I Present You DiDi..

Presenting our new baby..

Her name is DiDi...

She's a total contrast from her sister BiBu...
But She's also a beauty..
She's skinny but she's strong...;)


She's definitely lighter than BiBu,
so at least I can handle her ...:)

Welcome to our family DiDi..!

Never My Forte

Living in Monotony is never my Forte..
Give me back my life.........

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Mini Photography Project

Was feeling down for the past few days..:'(
that explains the silence behind my secretdoor..

This morning was the craziest!
I had a sudden emotional breakdown
IN the office...!
Luckily no one was in the office...
I dont even know why I was so overcome by emotions that I
cried buckets out of the blue.....

FH suggested focusing on
things I like...
And that got me thinking of photography...

Its been a while since I last snap with passion..
So I went to P*opular B*ookshop and bought a few essentials... :)

So just now I did a mini project..

Managed to find these for the subject matter...
Not my bestest shots,
but not bad for someone who's been hanging her camera
behind the door for so long...;)

Tomatoes! I dont like tomatoes...
But the moment I found out its good for the face,
I swallowed them like I love them to bits..hihi..:)

Tried to play around with the lighting to get
different effect and colours...:)

My favourite perfume...Cant live without them..;)
Incidences in life taught me valuable lessons about life...

Two other perfume I got from my mom..
Have not used them yet...

All my perfumes are PINK!
I loike!


I just wish this nagging feeling in me
will go away...:(

Just thinking about it
makes fell all teared up...:'(

I want ice-cream..............................
I NEED ice-cream....
*endorphines needed urgently*

Im out!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Who's Who

I am amazed at how
I can keep my composure well and balanced
over some quite hurtful things..

Its funny how people can decide for others
without waiting for a final say...

Thanks a lot..


Or is it,
My own fault, that things had to come to this state?


Now I know who's who...

In this world, you just cant rely too much on others...

You only have yourself....

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My Very Own

My very OWN brand NEW desktop set..!!

After selling my no-longer functioning N*E*C lappie
to uncle karung guni,
my parents bought me this new sleek looking HP desktop set..

It is a graduation gift from them..:)
Thank you mak!
Thank you bapak!


I am loving it!


Sunday, August 31, 2008

Saying Goodbye

A few more days,
and I'll be saying goodbye to BiBu..*Sobs*

BiBu will always remain in my memory..
I'll always remember BiBu;
the good times we had with her..
Like what FH said,
I'Allah we will get something even better
in future...:)

Will send BiBu away with an open heart,
to make it an easy transition
for FH and me....

Caaaaaaayang BiBu banyak banyak!!!!!

BiBu will give way to her new sister....
Her name begins with the letter D! ;)

Shall reveal it later after her arrival..

Ramadhan is here!!

I hope for the best Ramadhan...
For myself at least...
I'Allah, I will be able to achieve my target this year...

May Allah bless all the muslimin and muslimat
with good health so we will all be able to perform
our ibadah at its best for this Ramadhan....

Ahlan Ahlan Ya Ramadhan~~


Friday, August 29, 2008

The Official Graduation Photo

Just gotten the official graduation photos from kak Far..
Thanks to whoever is involved in getting the photos for me....


Syukran Kathiran..

Cant wait for my Studio shoot...!! :))

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

CONVO-ED part II: The Big Day

25 August 2008:


Again woke up at 4 a.m.
Checked-out from Sucasa
at 5.45 a.m.

Excitement was building up
super fast!!

Felt butterflies in my tummy...
Orang kawin pun kalah...:p

My FIRST picture with the robe..

Time checked: 6.45 a.m!
already in IIUM!
Sooo early....hihi...

Went to my very much missed
Department of Communication...

COSA's notice board now very pretty..

IIUM going green..

7.30 a.m: met Aisyah Spec and family.
Struggled a bit with the robe..
We needed assistance to wear the robe properly..

Look at us with our assistants...;)

Ais with her assistants..

Me with my beloved assistant...;)
Dialogue-(lebih kurang lah)
Me: Dont you dare spoil my tudung's 'masjid'..
Him: Taklah..kalau depan sikit baru lawa...


Ok Im ready!
(take note: The Tassel on the Mortaboard is on the Right,
before graduation)

At this point,
My heart was beating so fast
I swear I couldnt concentrate on anything else...
Lucky Dear was there to help bring my parents to
the Great Hall....

The Stage!!

Thats the Main Procession..

IIUM Rector,
Prof. Syed Arabi 'Idid
Giving his speech..

From where I was seating...

I was in cold sweats
when my row was finally called to get ready
to go up on stage...

I couldnt even talk to anybody..
I was reciting Basmalah every second
hoping I wont embarrassed myself by tripping
or the mortaboard falling of my head..

I managed to get up on stage feeling confident
and beaming proud...
I did not fall flat on my face,
that's a good thing...

Once outside the hall,
As usual there was the
"mana parents/anak aku?" session..

Once the jejak kasih is settled,
Its picture time!!!!!

Me and my parents..
(Note the Tassel again, Its on the left now..
To Mom and Dad:
Thanks for all your sacrifices...
Rest assured I wont forget them Insya Allah...:)

Me and Kaed..
Course partner cum partner in crime..;)

Me and Ais..
Partner since Alsagoff- Matriculation and
now together an IIUM Graduate..:)

Me and Mr Rainbow...
Partner in everything....
To FH:
What more can I say...:) Thank you for EVERYTHING!!
Your love, your motivation and your sacrifices..
I treasure it all...:)

Went to HS-
The famous Singaporean Students' lepak-ing place...

Met the rest of my Singaporean buddies
Both seniors and Juniors...
Thank you all for you well-wishes...

There was so much to say
in so little time...
you all made my day...:)
Made it a more memorable day for me...

And to the rest of my kakak-kakak Legend:

To Za:
Thanks for helping out with the robe..
If not for you, I wont be wearing it that day...:)

To Kak Far:
Thanks for the great time together walking
back to our Mahallah..
and the excitement over the new walkway
to the mahallah..hihi..
Say thanks to kak Sar for the pretty pink wand..;)

To Shasha:
Thanks for making my stay in IIUM
a FUN one...:)

To Suli:
Thanks for being my coolest Comm junior! :)
You rock babe..;)

Last but not least,
To me:
With that Convocation Ceremony,
I pray to Allah Almighty that
my learning journey wont end there...
May Allah bless me with the wealth and health to
further my studies...
For the road to knowledge is NEVER-ENDING...:)

I am now an official IIUM Graduate,
Bachelor in Human Sciences (Communication) (Honours)

With all that Said,

I sign out with
Alhamdulillah, haza min Fadhli Rabbi
and Assalamualaikum.....:)