Sunday, October 05, 2008

My Mantra.

Before I go to bed
allow me to spill a few things thats been 'playing' around
in my mind...

When I was a little girl,
I thought life was easy...
Everything was a breeze....
Whenever I saw adults having to face with some sort of issues and problems,
I thought " hey! Its tough being an adult huh..Im lucky Im a kid"

I almost wished I dont have to grow up..

Now that Im all grown up,
I have no choice but to BE an adult...
Do those things adults do...

Albeit all the fun parts
i.e. falling in love, work and get money, etc,

I have to admit its really really tough...
So many challenges to face
So many issues to brave through..
So many matters to think of...

Im actually in a midst of thinking and planning
for the future...

Sometimes when I imagined of all the good things coming,
I get all excited
but I shuddered too much at the thought of the more serious stuff
that all the good things doesnt seem to be appealing anymore....



Might be all beds of roses in the first few years...
Im not too worried about that..

I badly want to be sure that I will be able to juggle it well
after the beds of roses period........

Get what I mean?

I guess,
Its a team effort...

"seseorang itu harus mempunyai sikap 'kuasa' untuk melakukan sesuatu walaupun perkara itu kecil" - Masturah Ahmad

Its my mantra for now..


nuff said.

Im going to bed.


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