Wednesday, February 28, 2007

why must leave now??

At the time where i have TONS to finish,
with datelines to catch-up with,

my thumbdrive is my 'life'...

but the darn thumbdrive just have to go 'stoink'!


all my documents are in there....! :'(


i tried to get it formatted,
but the the technician said its totally a gone case...:(

and i had to fork out RM50 for a new thumbdrive, which i bought just now...

my dad would kill me if he knew this....

p/s: now i have to re-do my assgmnts...:'( and look for materials AGAIN...:'(

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

jam packed lah oi!

I've got it all predicted..
i knew i was gonna be busy this week..
including my weekend..
Had to sacrifice this weekend, so after that i can go home as usual every weekend before the final examination begins..

If not, Haram.....

here's a list of what i'll be up to for the rest of the week...

Wednesday: classes, tuition, research paper(first argument)..
Thursday: classes, stats third assgmnt, eap research paper(second argument), hadith discussion...
Friday: classes, out to OTK with kaed(have to develop my films), photography class, eap research paper(1st draft)
Saturday: business conference at JW Marriot hotel, sleepover at Farah's to finish diplomatic comm's assmnt..
Sunday: prepare materials for revelation-hadith-eap and marketing's presentation, read up for dip comm's 2nd midterm...

told ya its gonna be jam packed..

and the next week i'll be doing my most favourite part of schooling,

with all these work piling up and the finals around the corner,
I wish i could be treated to a nice SPA treatment....(i wish!)

just 3 weeks and everything will be over....

wish me luck yah! ;)

Saturday, February 24, 2007

third month together

I am amazed at how time really flies..
The semester is coming to an end in around a month plus time...
which means,
research papers, assgmnts and whatnot have to be submitted soon...

Final exam's drawing near..
starting this coming week,
i'll be much more busy, schedule will be more packed than ever..
i might not be able to come back home as often for the weekends to come...
(more missing to do..sobs..)

i cant wait for this semester to end..

the past week have been a lot of fun..
you never fail to make me smile dear..
May Allah bless us..
May Allah bless our plans..

Coming to our third month together now...
Thank you dear...
love ya lots!

p/s: what the eyes see, the ears hear, the mind true is that....geez...

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Tanpa keberanian mimpi tak bermakna

Home for the CNY hols..
till then, i'll be staying home,
sleeping, watching tv
spending time wif him..:)

I'd like to share something that crept into my mind in the middle of last night..

"Tanpa keberanian mimpi tak bermakna"

I dream of 'the' future almost everyday,
feeling blissed as if everything i desired in life will be in my hands,
life is not always a fairytale...
there are hindrances and craps that'll always try to make us give up..

should i give up?
i WONT...

'tanpa keberanian mimpi tak bermakna'

i'll be brave...
face all these with my utmost perseverance...
God help me..Insya Allah...

i kept having frequent headaches these few weeks..
is it stress?
too much worrying?
sometimes i feel like banging my head against the wall, HARD.

p/s: actifast anybody?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

feeling sickly

Down with fever AGAIN...

this time its quite bad...
i cant swallow anything...
not even my own saliva!
let alone any other solid foods..

what is wrong with me...
the bad throat is affecting my ears..
and my neck feels heavy...

how i wish its Friday already...
i wanna go home...

i want to go to the doc..(i bet i could get MC)
i cant tolerate walking all the way to the clinic..
not when im in this condition..
i have no energy...

p/s: couldnt concentrate in class earlier today....i think im gonna cry...:'(

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

all settled

i registered all 5 subjects for my FINAL semester..

Its been a roller coaster ride since 7.45 am this morning...
i've been on my feet from economics to the bank, back to economics and to the bank again, next to the finance dept, and then back to economics AGAIN..
and now im back at HS..

thank God!

my feet and back are aching already~~

but i've got a lot more walking to do..
i might be going to Puduraya later today..

but on second thoughts!

see how lah...

Cant wait for the CNY hols!
dear wait for me k? ;)

p/s: Thank Allah for everything..for every single wonderful thing that's happened to me...Its been a miracle! :)

Monday, February 12, 2007

financing mixed up

Darn the new finance system..

now i cant register for my final semester's subject...
so unfair..

igt duit turun dr langit ker...


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

feeling 'off'

My day was not all bright and sunny...
started with a bad tummy cramp...
ate some meddy and despite the terrible terrible pain,
i had to revise for my last midterm for this semester...

the paper was Alhamdulillah ok...
i dont wish to talk abt it...

It was a very quiet day,
my phone was on silent mode the whole day...
Coz i know it wont ring,
might as well silent it so i wont hope for it to ring...
get it?

i cant believe that im down in my mood today...
i feel sooo 'off' lah..
why ah?

i guess i'd better go and sleep to rid my my mind off things...


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

romantics and all

Weekend was grrrreeaatt!
despite the PMS monster bugging me..

after two months of NO pms,
the sensitivity level was back and a tad too high...

i didnt let it went overboard...
thanks dear,
you always know how to make my day...:)
love ya!

weekend was spent with quality...:)
we had a quiet-under-the-sinaran lampu minyak tanah-romantic dinner
which i thought was cute and lovely..:)

we ate these!
although its instant noodles and BIG gulp,
i was very happy and contented....:)

next time can do it again k dear? ;)

in the meantime,
im busy with school...
i just cant seem to get my mind off my workload...

its for a good cause and a good grade PLUS a good dinner if i pass with flying colours..
rite dear? ;)

gtg back home again this weekend,
an 'ol friend of mine is getting married...
but kinda feel 'segan' lah to go there...
cant wait to meet you shikin!
you're gonna look absolutely gorgeous lah...:)

to my sis-in-law,
gambar2 kawen you da siap...
boleh tahan lawa gaklah...sbb i yg amek kan....;p

p/s: the senggugut is TERRIBLE!!!! :'(

Saturday, February 03, 2007

thats all

at this particular point of time,

I feel like CRYING myself a river.

that's all.

bye for now.