Saturday, February 24, 2007

third month together

I am amazed at how time really flies..
The semester is coming to an end in around a month plus time...
which means,
research papers, assgmnts and whatnot have to be submitted soon...

Final exam's drawing near..
starting this coming week,
i'll be much more busy, schedule will be more packed than ever..
i might not be able to come back home as often for the weekends to come...
(more missing to do..sobs..)

i cant wait for this semester to end..

the past week have been a lot of fun..
you never fail to make me smile dear..
May Allah bless us..
May Allah bless our plans..

Coming to our third month together now...
Thank you dear...
love ya lots!

p/s: what the eyes see, the ears hear, the mind true is that....geez...

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