Thursday, January 31, 2008

lappie lap lap!


Like finally~~~~
After the sooooo long wait,
I could finally blog and surf like nobody's business
on my lappie!


*somersaults for joy*

yes! yes! yes!

My once frail lappie is back and alive....
I can finally change my blog layout...


will do it this weekend...
lemme come up with some crazy ideas first...

and to my hero who saved my lappie:

thanx so much sayang.....:)

thanx for saving my lappie...


ok enough of that for now.

will go to sleep with a wide wide smile...


Alhamdulillah....Thank you Allah...
I LOVE Allah....


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Komiunis makan sup, Tom suka Coke

You know how people go the extra mile just to be creative
and to make sure they attract customer?

I saw these peculiar menu at a restaurant in Perling, JB.

somebody tell me,

is it pepper or is it peper?


or how about
a Fizzy Fish..anyone willing to try?


A friend even jokingly said,
sup komiunis sure have bullets and guns and pistols in it..


Talk about being creative...;)

A grandmother's love

As usual,
I went for tuition yesterday....

As soon as i reached there,
I was greeted by Nyai.....

She poured me a glass of water
and shoved me a plate of pulut serunding...

I was touched by this simple gesture of love..

It might not be a big deal to some of you out there,
but there's a reason behind it that makes it such a big deal for me...

conversation btw Nyai and me,
last week, when i was giving tuition:

Nyai: sanah, tgk tgn kau....

she took out a string of raffiah (tali raffia)
and used it to measure around my wrist.

I continued the tuition without thinking much
abt what my Nyai did.

Nyai: sanah..kau mkn pulut serunding tak?

To tell the truth, I was a little bit pissed..
because i was being interrupted unneccesarily...

Me: Tak suka, sbb serunding dia nnt
mcm tersekat kat tekak lah nyai...

yesterday when i was about to start my lesson:
I saw her carrying a pink rectangular box..

Nyai: Sanah, meh sini tgn kau...

she opened the box, and................

there lay a beautiful watch...
(mind you my current watch is already going gaga,
so it's about the right time lah..)

I was stunned hokay!

I could feel my tears welling up,
but i managed to swallow it down...

(eee...khasanah...ego nah!)

i was just paisey....

I looked at my cousin, and she said:

Fatin: she wants to give you a watch lah...

Me: *sheepish* err...buat susah je..hihi....

Control paisey beb!

So, my Nyai buckled the watch for me....

Nyai: kan minggu lepas nyai ukur tangan kau,
sbb nyai nak belikan jam nilah..


The next few minutes,
I felt even more touched!

Nyai: sanah, nah..rasa ni....

It's a pulut....but i couldnt make out what pulut it was...

Me: Mmmm..sedap...apa ni nyai?

Nyai: pulut serunding lah...*smiling*
kan kau tak mkn serunding nyer...jadi nyai blender kan..
takdalah tersekat kat tekak....

Me: *stunned BIG time!*


So people,
tell me how can you not be touched with something like that...

i could sense that she is extremely happy that
i visited and will be visiting her every week,
even if its for Fatin's tuition....

I still remembered how my dad used to nag at me,
"keluar dengan kawan boleh,
suruh pergi ziarah nyai nyer punyalah liat"

"kau tu dah besar, pergilah ziarah nyai nyer..
takkan nk disuruh-suruh lagi"

"kalau takda nyai kau, takdalah bapak, takdalah engkau"

I felt terribly angry with myself...
The egoistical, hard-headed girl that i am...

I secretly made a vow to myself..
I will visit my Nyai even if i no longer teach Fatin...

I LOVE my Nyai...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

what i had for lunch today....

This is my second entry for today....

That explains how bored i am at work today...


For every working man/woman,

Its almost inevitable for us to have lunch outside..

or maybe bring our lunch from home to eat at the office..

As for me,

No question,

like it or not,

I have to buy lunch at beach road hawker centre..

my aunt said

im lucky coz,

the food there is nice...

I beg to differ....


i found this......

Nasi goreng kampung.....

Its yummy AND spicy...

sampai sekarang masih boleh bau belacannya..hihi...;)

i loike!!


I tried to make a mental note

of the stall's name...


i forgot.....


but the stall is situated next to the nasi ayam penyet stall..:)

nak sidetrack sikit.....


It's my bro's birthday today...!

Muhammad Fitri Bin Agost

12 years old sey.....

besar nah dekni....



happy birthday!!

makin besar no need to be so loyar buruk hokay....

study hard for your PSLE....plsssssss.....

Sidetrack lagi...

will be going for an in-house talk today...
entitled: ethical and faith based investment.

Big topic...

sounds interesting...

im anticipating....

dont dissapoint me.....

im out.


A Confession: My Love Affair


Please forgive me...

I tried to stay away from Mr.S...

But, i cant....i just cant....


I have a scandalous affair with Mr.S

Its been a while....

I just couldnt resist him..

He gave satisfaction....

Whenever im angry,

Whenever im sad,

Whenever im happy,

HE never failed to entertain me...



you must be wondering who the heck is Mr.S.......

he is

Mr. Shredder......

Tgk tu manjanya dia "Nggaap!" paper tuuu....
Geram i tau.....;)

I soooo love him...

I enjoyed every moment with him....

Dont worry dear...

he managed to win my heart,


You're the only one I'll marry.....:)

takkan nak kawen Mr.Shredder kaaann??



Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Work space and food...hmm..


Im excited..

coz i finally get to blog some pix..


here goes:

this is my

work space.......

This is the sitting area for clients to hang out...

Cheyy~~ ;)

These pixies were taken last month,

when we first moved in here...

Now, the office is of course much more nicer...:)


Calling out for my friends who just love Thai food....

Bonus: Its Halal!

u guys can try Koh Nang Kam Restaurant at Jalan Keledek..

I Went there and it was quite good..

managed to snap the menu....

Koh nangkam rice..Chef recommendation..

and, suli~~~ i know u like this one...:)

Som tum!


so, that's all for now k...


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

TEACH a man to fish, and he will survive.....

How was my first day of tuition?


as i was teaching i felt a wave of satisfaction..
a satisfaction that i've not felt for so long...

My aunt wanted me to teach Fatin,
Primary 5, arabic and jawi.
(she is taking weekend madrasah but needed the extra coaching in both subjects)
also, Fatin will be ngaji-ing with me...

i tot its the muqaddam,
but she already started with the quran, surah an-nisa'...

easier to teach..:)


and so...
Im looking forward to my next tuition session..


any of u been to T3?

will be going today...
curious to see what the most-talked about airport looks like...

will update later okay?




Monday, January 14, 2008

what to answer when my child ask.......

I've been looking for a part time job..
particularly teaching...

First reason is that life cost is getting
higher and higher by the day..

And with the kind of pay im getting,
(it's not about being ungrateful)
I do not think i can survive in the long run..

I simply do not want to forget
what i spent years and years learning..
that is Arabic...

So if my child (in future) asks,
"mama, what is eyes in arabic?"

instead of
"erk..urm...lemme see..
wait i'll go and ask ur dad.."

i can confidently say,
"eyes in arabic is 'ainun my dear son"


eventhough i do not want teaching as
a full time profession,
I do have the passion to teach..
and that is part-time..

i've been teaching since i was in
secondary 1...
it runs in my blood...

the feeling of sharing your knowledge
with others is simply a bliss...

so the point of the whole blog entry is that,
i've gotten a tuition appointment...:)

Every Monday after work...

I still have thursday and wednesday nite
to spare for tuition..

anybody interested..?


im out...


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What bugs me..

I am so bz with a capital B..
There's been so much work at the office lately..

I've been wanting to change my blog layout,
to upload pictures, to download music, video editing
and etc..


apart from from not having the time,
my Lappie is on MC....


It really bugs me that my favourite pastime
is put to a halt
just because my lappie is not able to function anymore..

Buying a new notebook will cost me thousands...
boo hoo!



wahai DUIT~~~~~
Turunlah dari langit....~~~


bluek! :p

k lah,
Im Out...


Friday, January 04, 2008

wishes and resolutions..hmm..

Without us all realising it,
The first week of the new year
is coming to an end..

That was fast,
aint it?

Speaking of the new year,
I ushered the new year watching
the fireworks somewhere
near the esplanade..
It was superb!

My first time watching
new year's firework..

Have some plans laid out for 2008..

Lets see..
this year i will be convo-ing together with my
kakak2 legend...:)

I will be having several trips to KL
for clearance and stuff..

I'm also secretly hoping
i'll be able to gather enough money
for a Holiday somewhere in Indonesia or Thailand..
something like backpacking trip..
Coz my hands are itchy to snap snap snap away
with my SLR baby..

I miss going out and taking pictures..
eventhough some of the pix will turn out horrible..
Maklumlah its SLR not DSLR..

but its the few pix that turns out beautiful
that makes me happy...:)

I've got plans to lead a healthier and wealthier
life too..
whealthy as in be more thrifty
and plan my finances better...

Oh well,
talk is cheap...

we'll see if i can really achieve these

im Out.