Monday, January 14, 2008

what to answer when my child ask.......

I've been looking for a part time job..
particularly teaching...

First reason is that life cost is getting
higher and higher by the day..

And with the kind of pay im getting,
(it's not about being ungrateful)
I do not think i can survive in the long run..

I simply do not want to forget
what i spent years and years learning..
that is Arabic...

So if my child (in future) asks,
"mama, what is eyes in arabic?"

instead of
"erk..urm...lemme see..
wait i'll go and ask ur dad.."

i can confidently say,
"eyes in arabic is 'ainun my dear son"


eventhough i do not want teaching as
a full time profession,
I do have the passion to teach..
and that is part-time..

i've been teaching since i was in
secondary 1...
it runs in my blood...

the feeling of sharing your knowledge
with others is simply a bliss...

so the point of the whole blog entry is that,
i've gotten a tuition appointment...:)

Every Monday after work...

I still have thursday and wednesday nite
to spare for tuition..

anybody interested..?


im out...


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