Friday, January 04, 2008

wishes and resolutions..hmm..

Without us all realising it,
The first week of the new year
is coming to an end..

That was fast,
aint it?

Speaking of the new year,
I ushered the new year watching
the fireworks somewhere
near the esplanade..
It was superb!

My first time watching
new year's firework..

Have some plans laid out for 2008..

Lets see..
this year i will be convo-ing together with my
kakak2 legend...:)

I will be having several trips to KL
for clearance and stuff..

I'm also secretly hoping
i'll be able to gather enough money
for a Holiday somewhere in Indonesia or Thailand..
something like backpacking trip..
Coz my hands are itchy to snap snap snap away
with my SLR baby..

I miss going out and taking pictures..
eventhough some of the pix will turn out horrible..
Maklumlah its SLR not DSLR..

but its the few pix that turns out beautiful
that makes me happy...:)

I've got plans to lead a healthier and wealthier
life too..
whealthy as in be more thrifty
and plan my finances better...

Oh well,
talk is cheap...

we'll see if i can really achieve these

im Out.


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