Sunday, August 31, 2008

Saying Goodbye

A few more days,
and I'll be saying goodbye to BiBu..*Sobs*

BiBu will always remain in my memory..
I'll always remember BiBu;
the good times we had with her..
Like what FH said,
I'Allah we will get something even better
in future...:)

Will send BiBu away with an open heart,
to make it an easy transition
for FH and me....

Caaaaaaayang BiBu banyak banyak!!!!!

BiBu will give way to her new sister....
Her name begins with the letter D! ;)

Shall reveal it later after her arrival..

Ramadhan is here!!

I hope for the best Ramadhan...
For myself at least...
I'Allah, I will be able to achieve my target this year...

May Allah bless all the muslimin and muslimat
with good health so we will all be able to perform
our ibadah at its best for this Ramadhan....

Ahlan Ahlan Ya Ramadhan~~


Friday, August 29, 2008

The Official Graduation Photo

Just gotten the official graduation photos from kak Far..
Thanks to whoever is involved in getting the photos for me....


Syukran Kathiran..

Cant wait for my Studio shoot...!! :))

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

CONVO-ED part II: The Big Day

25 August 2008:


Again woke up at 4 a.m.
Checked-out from Sucasa
at 5.45 a.m.

Excitement was building up
super fast!!

Felt butterflies in my tummy...
Orang kawin pun kalah...:p

My FIRST picture with the robe..

Time checked: 6.45 a.m!
already in IIUM!
Sooo early....hihi...

Went to my very much missed
Department of Communication...

COSA's notice board now very pretty..

IIUM going green..

7.30 a.m: met Aisyah Spec and family.
Struggled a bit with the robe..
We needed assistance to wear the robe properly..

Look at us with our assistants...;)

Ais with her assistants..

Me with my beloved assistant...;)
Dialogue-(lebih kurang lah)
Me: Dont you dare spoil my tudung's 'masjid'..
Him: Taklah..kalau depan sikit baru lawa...


Ok Im ready!
(take note: The Tassel on the Mortaboard is on the Right,
before graduation)

At this point,
My heart was beating so fast
I swear I couldnt concentrate on anything else...
Lucky Dear was there to help bring my parents to
the Great Hall....

The Stage!!

Thats the Main Procession..

IIUM Rector,
Prof. Syed Arabi 'Idid
Giving his speech..

From where I was seating...

I was in cold sweats
when my row was finally called to get ready
to go up on stage...

I couldnt even talk to anybody..
I was reciting Basmalah every second
hoping I wont embarrassed myself by tripping
or the mortaboard falling of my head..

I managed to get up on stage feeling confident
and beaming proud...
I did not fall flat on my face,
that's a good thing...

Once outside the hall,
As usual there was the
"mana parents/anak aku?" session..

Once the jejak kasih is settled,
Its picture time!!!!!

Me and my parents..
(Note the Tassel again, Its on the left now..
To Mom and Dad:
Thanks for all your sacrifices...
Rest assured I wont forget them Insya Allah...:)

Me and Kaed..
Course partner cum partner in crime..;)

Me and Ais..
Partner since Alsagoff- Matriculation and
now together an IIUM Graduate..:)

Me and Mr Rainbow...
Partner in everything....
To FH:
What more can I say...:) Thank you for EVERYTHING!!
Your love, your motivation and your sacrifices..
I treasure it all...:)

Went to HS-
The famous Singaporean Students' lepak-ing place...

Met the rest of my Singaporean buddies
Both seniors and Juniors...
Thank you all for you well-wishes...

There was so much to say
in so little time...
you all made my day...:)
Made it a more memorable day for me...

And to the rest of my kakak-kakak Legend:

To Za:
Thanks for helping out with the robe..
If not for you, I wont be wearing it that day...:)

To Kak Far:
Thanks for the great time together walking
back to our Mahallah..
and the excitement over the new walkway
to the mahallah..hihi..
Say thanks to kak Sar for the pretty pink wand..;)

To Shasha:
Thanks for making my stay in IIUM
a FUN one...:)

To Suli:
Thanks for being my coolest Comm junior! :)
You rock babe..;)

Last but not least,
To me:
With that Convocation Ceremony,
I pray to Allah Almighty that
my learning journey wont end there...
May Allah bless me with the wealth and health to
further my studies...
For the road to knowledge is NEVER-ENDING...:)

I am now an official IIUM Graduate,
Bachelor in Human Sciences (Communication) (Honours)

With all that Said,

I sign out with
Alhamdulillah, haza min Fadhli Rabbi
and Assalamualaikum.....:)

CONVO-ED part I: Pre-Convocation

I am officially an IIUM Graduate!!

It was a wonderful experience...
Something that I've dreamt of
since primary school!!

That explains my excitement for the past few days..

I shall make my Convocation entry into two parts,
So that it will be easy for you people to follow...:)

Sunday 24th August 2008:

I woke up at 4 a.m!!
woke everybody up,
waited until after Subuh
and we were on our way......yippie!

6.15 a.m: On our way

Us at the back..

Over the causeway, It was still dark...

Had Breakfast at Aliff restaurant in JB...

Kuala Lumpur here we come!!!!

Our stay for the night: The Nomad Sucasa Hotel@Ampang.

Room Number.

View from up above..

What we wore..Cute right..hihi...

Time to jalan-jalan..

Went to GM Plaza, shopped around
and I suggested we all go to IIUM Convest Hill..

But I pestered my dad to wash his car first..
Nak masuk IIUM,
Takkan kereta nk biar kotor..

So there, all snowed up..

Random Rooster..(orang bandar nampak ayam= Jakun-ness..hihi)

We were all hungry so we headed
to Kubor ( a well-known makan place among geng2 IIUM)
to eat!!

Walked around for a bit
and we saw this particular booth
with a fish spa...

Dad and Fitri gave it a try...

Fitri was tickled-stiff by those fishes..

Went back to the Hotel,
Gotta get my beauty sleep..
Big Day ahead!!!

Wait for part II of CONVO-ED...;)


Friday, August 22, 2008

3 More Days!!!!!!


I've been anxiously counting
down the days..

I couldnt stand being in the office anymore...
I am very very excited!

And now,
Its 3 more days to go....

THREE more days for my CONVOCATION!!!

I miss my IIUM friends ..
I miss my coursemates ..
I miss my lecturers..
I miss my department, Department of Communication!

Best department ever..
To me lah ok....:p

I know my kakak-kakak Legends pun
tengah excited giller right now...

Cant wait to see each one of you
in the Robe...


Im outta here..


Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I have failed as a communication graduate.

No matter what I say,
I just couldnt get the message across.

Often misunderstood.

Im sick and tired of having to defend myself.

I'd better conform to what others say
hence reducing the amount of misunderstanding.




Monday, August 18, 2008

Crazy White Dog and a Harry Potter??

Walking to work today was unusual...
Bumped into Amirah,
an old friend..

So we walked together
coz her office is just next to my office...

The number of dogs loitering around was unusually
more than usual..

I was scared but kept cool...

But when we almost reached our offices,
I saw a HUGE white dog walking towards us...
Tried to keep cool and walk as usual not looking at it...

Amirah started to panic; screamed and tried to run..
That attracted the dog's attention and it came running to us..

macam nk pengsan!!

Amirah took cover behind me
and I have to FIGHT for my life!!

I didnt know I was brave enough to
swing my BIG heavy bag into it's face...

But it didnt go away laaa...

I swear I even tried to "woof" it away...
A deep dog-like woof....
It didnt work.....
made a fool out of myself...

Luckily a guard and a chinese guy saw
us struggling with the dog..
They helped and I ran like never before to my office..


Ni yg bertekad nk naik taxi je hari2...

I wanted to blog about my trip to KL last weekend..
Collected my CONVOCATION ROBE!!!

Reached there 8++
Rushed to Za's room..
Thanks Za for all your help....:))

The moment I reached CAC
The queue was wah liao.............................long lah sey....
But thanks to Kaed,
She let me cut queue...hihi...

first thing was to collect
the convocation card...
When I saw my name,
I jumped for joy!

"yay! nama I ada...nama I ada...!"


and then,
the moment I got my robe,
the very moment I touched the robe
for the FIRST time,
I felt a surge of pride!!

"This is it! THE robe...THE robe!"

Was excited so I tried it on,
And I felt like harry potter
without the magic wand of course...;)

It was a short trip,
and I realised that I missed IIUM
more that I thought....

So I am now all hyped up
for my convocation....!


Cant wait to meet all my friends...!


Wanted to take a picture of the robe
and show it here...
But I thought, naaaah!

Will wait till I wear it for the actual


So watch this space for more
convocation updates!


P/S: Journey took around 2 and a half hours to reach IIUM Gombak! BiBu was FLYING~~ ;)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

and counting.....

Counting the days to my Convocation.


Thursday, August 07, 2008

Deep Sexy Red Hot

To FH:

Hope you like it..
Deep sexy red hot...

A waaaayyy advanced birthday present..

A gift from me..
for ALL the things you've done and given to me..

Lap you many many....




I am very happy and satisfied...
I finally got it!

and Im Lovin' it! :)


Nini~~~~( thats the name...hihi..)

My very own PINK-ish Nintendo DS Lite!!

Now I wont have to feel that
my journeys on public transport
is like forever..........

Lotsa girlish and kiddy games
I loike~~~

Ever since I graduated,
I've been wanting to get something "big"
for myself..
Something precious with my own HARD earn money...

I decided to get Nini...

Now I dont have to just
drool when my mom and my brothers
play their psp....
I can play with my Nini...

Anybody wants to get
PSP or Nintendo
with VERY good bargain,

I recommend Tingsin.
I must say I got quite a good deal..:)


p/s: Going to miss you over the weekend. Nevertheless, have fun riding and do ride safe.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I am excited!

After days annd weeks of thinking and choosing...
I finally decided to get one for myself...
Will be collecting it today after work...

Cepatlaaaahh abess werkkkk.....