Sunday, August 31, 2008

Saying Goodbye

A few more days,
and I'll be saying goodbye to BiBu..*Sobs*

BiBu will always remain in my memory..
I'll always remember BiBu;
the good times we had with her..
Like what FH said,
I'Allah we will get something even better
in future...:)

Will send BiBu away with an open heart,
to make it an easy transition
for FH and me....

Caaaaaaayang BiBu banyak banyak!!!!!

BiBu will give way to her new sister....
Her name begins with the letter D! ;)

Shall reveal it later after her arrival..

Ramadhan is here!!

I hope for the best Ramadhan...
For myself at least...
I'Allah, I will be able to achieve my target this year...

May Allah bless all the muslimin and muslimat
with good health so we will all be able to perform
our ibadah at its best for this Ramadhan....

Ahlan Ahlan Ya Ramadhan~~



Mary said...

muka nak cute jeeeeee!!!!! hahaha..oh i've solved the date problem already. i think when i powered up the laptop for the first time i forgot to change the date. Then when i tried to register the warranty online they did not recognise the date of purchase (cos the computer was at 16 april 2005) hahah terpinga2 i carik nak tukar bende date tu hheehehe

mFiFo said...

hahaha...2005 eh...zaman bila sey sejak bila pulak u leave comments eh? tagboard i tak muat eh nk letak comments sepanjang essay..;)