Wednesday, December 27, 2006

a mad guy and a 'friendly' mosquito visit

weekend is drawing nearer and nearer..
i simply cant wait anymore...
nak baliiik!!

lotsa things up my sleeves....
*cheeky smile*

guess what,

just a few days ago,
the fan in my room went all wrong...
i dont know, maybe its the fuse or whatever...

the important thing here is the fact that i had to endure 6 DAYS of sleepLESS nights...
all thanks to the 'visitors' coming to my room without me inviting them...

its Mr & Mrs mosquito and their family and friends!
(how nice of them to come and visit time bring some gifts along eh...blek!)

thanks to them,
i now have very nice bumpy and red spots on both my arms and legs....:(

the heat and sweats i had to bear with every night.....

after i reported 3 TIMES,
the technician finally came and fixed the fan...
i've got a brand new fan...

ever since that incident,
i have learnt how significant the fan is to me,
and to appreciate it...

i've decided to switch the fan to the maximum speed 24/7..

*evil laughs*

ok ok...

i mean, i'll save electricity....;)

and then,
there's another story,

a mad indonesian guy (i dont know probably a contractor or foreign worker, i just guess from his voice),
has been bugging me...
he sms-ed, miss-called and called...

it so happen the other day,
me, shasha and farah was at pudu buying our tix for eid...
and we had to call Za...

shasha's phone went beserk,
so i had to call Za..

i didnt know she's changed her number (or maybe she told me but i forgot)

when i called, a male indonesian (very the wak-wak-like) voice answered..
i thought it was Za's bf and asked for Za..

but this guy didnt quite get what i mean..
i suspected a wrong number....
so i said sorry and put the phone down...

u might think it's all settled..



after a few minutes,
he called me!

using an anonymous number and asked for my name, who am i and some other crap...

so i said,
"huh? wrong number lah!"
and put down the phone straight away...

after another minute,
he sms-ed me laaah!

"hi..leh kenal2...."

mrepek kaaan! siow ting tong!

i didnt reply of coz...
waste credit jer...

kalau taufik batisah ke hady mirza ke yg nak kenal2,
takperlah jgk!

haha...k k... drag...:p

i asked someone to answer this guy's phone call...
he was startled and didnt call again...




he sms-ed me just a few hours ago lah.....!!??!!

i've decided to change my number..

i am sooooooooooo sure a psycho like this guy here,
wont stop playing around....

tis reminds me of kak.eka's experience....

Giller punyer mamat!

im really frustrated eh?

im out.

p/s: missing you terribly..............................................

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Loooong weekend

My first weekend stay here in IIU
since sch re-opened..


this weekend,
i'll be in IIU..

someone wont be in Singapore anyway, :(
i guess,
i'd better stay here in campus starting up on my assignments and research..

this is making me feel sick..
sudden nauseousness, headache, stomachache plus whatever ache lah...

its only a week + another week, which totals to 2 WEEKS,
of not seeing each other,
and im already developing these aches...hihi..

takpa takpa....
Im strong..



k k drag...

u have discussions over the weekend hokay?

stay F.O.C.U.S

but its no that bad,
you'll be calling me right?

and oh yah!
the other week will be another loooong weekend!

Its eid...! :)

cant wait..!

nature's call..yikes!

p/s: wonder how's my 'anak2' doing....better call home later...i miss them too!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

May Allah unite us

Its a magical feeling..
Its a beautiful feeling..

Never felt this way before..
Im on cloud nine..

I kept looking at our pictures..
i couldnt bear turn around and do other things,
for even a minute...
i dont want to blink my eyes...
i just want to keep looking at that face..

That sweet thought of yours,
i understand perfectly...
its what we both wanted...
together we work towards it,
with prayers to Allah...
May He protect us from evil and unite us, Insya Allah...:)

Dont worry as i will always pray for you...
we'll stick together in Happiness and in sorrow...

miss you lots..:)

p/s: two classes cancelled for going to sleeeeep! yay!

Monday, December 18, 2006

missing you dear

Its not that i like to complain all the time..
there's always things that causes the heart to 'bleed' or almost bleeding lah..;)

so, early this morning, we're all supposed to alight IN campus, (like we usually did)
this 'kind' pakcik drebar stopped at Pudu,
and told us that the bus couldnt go on..(coz the airbox or whatever crap is spoilt)
he said just that...

what made me think twice was the fact that the night before, at Larkin, pkck Amir already told the driver abt us to be sent to UIA...
plus, the Driver get paid EXTRA for sending us to UIA, hokay?
However, before he actually said that the bus couldnt go on, he asked us, why arent we alighting there at Puduraya....(it was 5 am ++ in the morning)
only when we told him, he's supposed to send us to IIU, he said the bus could go...

i just dont believe him....:(

Upon alighting at Puduraya, so early in the morning,
we had to walk beramai2 'berjuang' to look for taxi..
(most of us are girls..)

this particular taxi i took
had the meter ON...
and it stated RM15.80 when we reach campus...
the driver ask us to pay RM24..
that is 'dawn robbery'!!!

giller kape!

why are these people so uncivilised!

forget abt that...

and so, i couldnt sleep at all as i had class at 8am

But today's a fine day..
despite the minor gastric attack,
classes was all fun..
i've got topic for my EAP, cant wait to start on it...:)

Im missing someone badly...

Hi there!
im missing you..
cant wait for the time when we can meet again...

i guess that's all..
laundry's done!


p/s: Only Allah understands this feeling im having.....:)

Saturday, December 16, 2006

great to be loved

After the rough patch i went through the past few days,
im finally home,
and i've met 'my remedy'...:)
Thanx..! :)

Life's becoming more meaningful now with you around..
I pray to Allah and am grateful to Him for this beautiful soul..

im not gonna care abt what others will say anymore...
I decide my own journey in life...
Whatever that i have to go through is mine and MINE alone..
others wont understand...
they will only demoralise and demotivate me...

Thank you my dear,
for being there for me..
Thank you for giving me 'life'
after what i thought would be my 'death'..
ahakz..ape ke bendernye lah...

k k...
Im out...
cant wait to see ya tomorrow....:)

P/s: i've found the 'real' pelangi...Now i know how it feels to be loved....:)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

love mum!

Im waiting for the time to go home..

i used to think this semester i'll be going home often...
starting last night,
i think, i'll be going home almost every weekend...
its better, i guess...
Im kinda offended by the way things are now...

well, nevermind..
i'm going home later...
:) :)

eppi advance b'dae..
cant to be home..!
love ya!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

mohon maaf


Astaghfirullahal 'azim..

I seek Allah's forgiveness for letting the Satan take over my emotions...


Tuhan saja yang tahu betapa sedih dan pedihnya hati,
bila diri ini dirasakan seolah talam dua muka...

diri ini tidak pernah ingin menyakiti hati sesiapa...:'(

kalau sekiranya,
awak tetap merasa saya bersalah,
saya dengan rendah dirinya memohon maaf....:'(

Mudah-mudahan kita jauh dari sebarang permusuhan....



i am venging my anger and dissatisfaction in this entry..

I dont understand why people would label others as bad
when they dont even know the 'real' thing...

To you and you,

I couldnt care any less...!
i cant be bothered!
i dont even want to know or even hear abt you(s)!

so dont drag me in this shit!

this, has cost me my good name...

labeling me as BAD when you dont even know what is it that actually happened?
how low is that?

i am not that DESPERATE hokay!

im sooo pissed off with these kind of people!
they are either idiots or senile or simply said : STUPID!

and if there are those,
who only hear from others and straight away label and judge people,
all i can tell you is,
otak letak kat lutut pe!

When things happen,
people tend to forget what the victims are facing, how they are feeling..
people are always tricked into believing the WRONG victim...


Fitnah itu lebih buruk dari membunuh!


P/S : abang, ayang difitnah.......!!!! :'(

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

missing you

i was greeted by the PMS monster
the day i reached IIU..
the night was spent sobbing and crying..

i guess this semester will be a fine one for me..(hopefully)
except with the mounting workload i'll have to bear with..

I've started the library regime...hihi..
heavy with 6 books,
plus some other photocopied readings...
giler lah!
ni baru first week..

u MUST score GOOD..
try to get the dean's list..(seramnyeeee)

this semester i tried to avoid meeting certain people,
but i ended up bumping into them again and again...
get a life!
i mean i'll meet you when i feel like it...

p/s: i miss YOU...:'( i cant wait to go home...:'(

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Slurrrpilicious and bloatedness

Had a grreeat time today..went to JB wif the family...
what initially supposed to be a trip to 'nyonya baju' (my family's favourite tailor)
to measure ME, for my NEW kebaya,
ended up with us going home BLOATED...ahakz..

thats what the kebaya will somehow look like when its ready..
with a bit of changes here and there (according to my taste)..
cant wait to wear it...hihihi...

the material next to it is the material my mom's friend bought for me from INDIA! :)
i loike!

the next destination was my fav..!
the family decided to have dinner..
i told daddy i wanted bbq stingray...
and then, i suggested steamboat...

me and my big mouth, plus my dad's generosity,
we did ended up at this place called 'gazebo place' (near XTRA supermarket)

the place looked nice..
the ambience was fine..
the service, a thumbs up..

i ordered what else, 'ikan pari bakar' hihihi...

then we ordered steamboat,

mind you, steamboat came with all the other xtras like the veges, fishballs, prawns, octopus, eggs yada yada yada....
there's even noodles..!

the kangkong belacan was sooo enticing i think i can dream about it tonite...!

this here, is the bandung soda...

ya Allah!
tak taulah nak xplain....haaaaiz...
nak lagi! ;)

see this lil bro of mine..

Puas hati lah! ;)

erk...i just cant help but to take pix of the tablecloth...(k, tau tak penting...:p)
mcm lawa ah....hihihi...;)

mom and dad,

the aftermath?

the bill

we ended up feeling bloated like we've never felt before...
giller lah! i think that was one heck of an experience eating like a pig
(read: superwoman)
must diet lah after this...;p

there's nothing like good food and great company
to satisfy the hungry singaporeans' stomachs...:)


p/s : dah mlm, cant see the pelangi...:(