Wednesday, December 13, 2006



i am venging my anger and dissatisfaction in this entry..

I dont understand why people would label others as bad
when they dont even know the 'real' thing...

To you and you,

I couldnt care any less...!
i cant be bothered!
i dont even want to know or even hear abt you(s)!

so dont drag me in this shit!

this, has cost me my good name...

labeling me as BAD when you dont even know what is it that actually happened?
how low is that?

i am not that DESPERATE hokay!

im sooo pissed off with these kind of people!
they are either idiots or senile or simply said : STUPID!

and if there are those,
who only hear from others and straight away label and judge people,
all i can tell you is,
otak letak kat lutut pe!

When things happen,
people tend to forget what the victims are facing, how they are feeling..
people are always tricked into believing the WRONG victim...


Fitnah itu lebih buruk dari membunuh!


P/S : abang, ayang difitnah.......!!!! :'(

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