Monday, December 18, 2006

missing you dear

Its not that i like to complain all the time..
there's always things that causes the heart to 'bleed' or almost bleeding lah..;)

so, early this morning, we're all supposed to alight IN campus, (like we usually did)
this 'kind' pakcik drebar stopped at Pudu,
and told us that the bus couldnt go on..(coz the airbox or whatever crap is spoilt)
he said just that...

what made me think twice was the fact that the night before, at Larkin, pkck Amir already told the driver abt us to be sent to UIA...
plus, the Driver get paid EXTRA for sending us to UIA, hokay?
However, before he actually said that the bus couldnt go on, he asked us, why arent we alighting there at Puduraya....(it was 5 am ++ in the morning)
only when we told him, he's supposed to send us to IIU, he said the bus could go...

i just dont believe him....:(

Upon alighting at Puduraya, so early in the morning,
we had to walk beramai2 'berjuang' to look for taxi..
(most of us are girls..)

this particular taxi i took
had the meter ON...
and it stated RM15.80 when we reach campus...
the driver ask us to pay RM24..
that is 'dawn robbery'!!!

giller kape!

why are these people so uncivilised!

forget abt that...

and so, i couldnt sleep at all as i had class at 8am

But today's a fine day..
despite the minor gastric attack,
classes was all fun..
i've got topic for my EAP, cant wait to start on it...:)

Im missing someone badly...

Hi there!
im missing you..
cant wait for the time when we can meet again...

i guess that's all..
laundry's done!


p/s: Only Allah understands this feeling im having.....:)

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