Tuesday, December 05, 2006

missing you

i was greeted by the PMS monster
the day i reached IIU..
the night was spent sobbing and crying..

i guess this semester will be a fine one for me..(hopefully)
except with the mounting workload i'll have to bear with..

I've started the library regime...hihi..
heavy with 6 books,
plus some other photocopied readings...
giler lah!
ni baru first week..

u MUST score GOOD..
try to get the dean's list..(seramnyeeee)

this semester i tried to avoid meeting certain people,
but i ended up bumping into them again and again...
get a life!
i mean i'll meet you when i feel like it...

p/s: i miss YOU...:'( i cant wait to go home...:'(

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