Saturday, December 02, 2006

Slurrrpilicious and bloatedness

Had a grreeat time today..went to JB wif the family...
what initially supposed to be a trip to 'nyonya baju' (my family's favourite tailor)
to measure ME, for my NEW kebaya,
ended up with us going home BLOATED...ahakz..

thats what the kebaya will somehow look like when its ready..
with a bit of changes here and there (according to my taste)..
cant wait to wear it...hihihi...

the material next to it is the material my mom's friend bought for me from INDIA! :)
i loike!

the next destination was my fav..!
the family decided to have dinner..
i told daddy i wanted bbq stingray...
and then, i suggested steamboat...

me and my big mouth, plus my dad's generosity,
we did ended up at this place called 'gazebo place' (near XTRA supermarket)

the place looked nice..
the ambience was fine..
the service, a thumbs up..

i ordered what else, 'ikan pari bakar' hihihi...

then we ordered steamboat,

mind you, steamboat came with all the other xtras like the veges, fishballs, prawns, octopus, eggs yada yada yada....
there's even noodles..!

the kangkong belacan was sooo enticing i think i can dream about it tonite...!

this here, is the bandung soda...

ya Allah!
tak taulah nak xplain....haaaaiz...
nak lagi! ;)

see this lil bro of mine..

Puas hati lah! ;)

erk...i just cant help but to take pix of the tablecloth...(k, tau tak penting...:p)
mcm lawa ah....hihihi...;)

mom and dad,

the aftermath?

the bill

we ended up feeling bloated like we've never felt before...
giller lah! i think that was one heck of an experience eating like a pig
(read: superwoman)
must diet lah after this...;p

there's nothing like good food and great company
to satisfy the hungry singaporeans' stomachs...:)


p/s : dah mlm, cant see the pelangi...:(

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