Tuesday, January 30, 2007

hikmah Nya

back to school..

sunday night was always dreaded..
to make it worst,
last Sunday,
since nobody bought the tix and booked the seat for me,
i had to board the second bus with ONLY 4 other IIU mates...

i was worried the bus wont go to IIU..
and the others did not know the direction for the driver to follow...

when the bus came,
i boarded it reluctantly..
and to my surprise,
its a five star bus!
and i only paid RM28 for it!!

there's TV at each seat with a game controller.....:)
how cool is that...

the seat?
mmg baring abess lah....
there were so many buttons on the seat...
and its super comfortable...

even when we had to go to pudu first,
we reached IIU exactly the same time as the other bus..

the driver was very friendly....;)

hikmah disebalik segalanya...hmm..

p/s: assignment to be submitted by 12 today, but cant access the net...how??

Friday, January 26, 2007

PHD modern

Im hurt by some people...
hurt with a capital 'H'..

im going to thank that person for this,
because from this, i learnt what friendship really means..

it means you can pretend to be nice in front of your friend
backstab her behind her back..

it means you can suddenly show you care
when actually
you've done something to 'kill' her..

it means you can act excited to be meeting her
when actually
you're having guilty-conscience!

whatever i write on my blog is mine...
which i share with people...
but STILL it's mine....

when i dont wish to tell every single little detail of my life,
i DONT want to tell...

why force me?
and in the end provoke me?
and come up with tell tales as if i am the most naive person in the whole wide web (read:world)

this incident makes me realise,
sometimes its better not to have friends...
its better not to have close friends...

dont blame me for feeling like this....
blame those who caused this...

the norm is,
when we become closer to a person,
we tend to take advantage of him/her...
we never consider their feelings...
we forgot how to appreciate them...
we forgot how to respect them...

Jasa yang lalu tak pernah dikenang,
malah sanggup pula 'membunuh' sahabat sendiri...
terima kasih 'sahabat'...:(

p/s: PHD yg ditayang-tayang kini adalah Penyakit Hasad Dengki...

Thursday, January 25, 2007

e'thing on 2th jan

The b'dae boy was one satisfied guy...:)
after maghrib, dad recited the du'a and fitri cut the cake..

as for me, i bought him the book and lanyard he wanted and treated him to ice cream...
suker giller dia...hehe..

his prezzies

eat ice cream like never before...;)

as for the upcoming wedding ceremony,
i feel like im the bride..ahakz...

how come?

yelah, org lain kawen, i lak yg sibuk nk kai inai...
very the mak nenek...;)

the 'berinai' session...;)

i've been busy with preparing the berkat for the kiddos...


and more candies!

gosh! i feel like charlie and the chocolate factory already...:)

oh yah!
i've got a new baby!

nope not turtles...:p

an olympus tripod!

im one happy bunny....:)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

yet another b'dae entry

Entry dedicated to my irritating but lovable lil' bro ;)

Muhammad Fitri Bin Agost

Happy 11th Birthday!

ish, da besar dah adik aku...hihi...

today i go buy the Harry Potter book and lanyard that you wanted k?

happy for him


This moment, this point of time,
im really happy! :)

Im happy for him...:) :)

congratulations dear....:)

this blog welcomes only those who know how to appreciate others..
and for those who only know how to criticise and provoke others,
you're welcome to make your way outta here...

Monday, January 22, 2007

Identity changed

i've did a little bit of editing...

added a new song and changed my email add..

be informed yah! :)

p/s: daddy's in the newpaper today...ceh..banggalah bapak ku sorang tu...;)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

US..together forever..

nothing much to say...
pretty much in a good mood...

thanx dear...


i've gotta start on the mms assignment..
also, start reading on hadith and mms for the midterms..

my room is going to be the bride and groom's room for the day, this Saturday..
so i had to do a major clean up in my room earlier today..

the most loved part of my room,
my book corner!! :)

i rearranged all the books...
still there's one more BIG box full of books..
dont know where to put..

how i wish i can have a library of my own....

Saturday, January 20, 2007

new year

Ahlan wa sahlan Muharram..

To all Muslims out there..

Happy new year...
Kullu 'am wa antum bi khair..:)

To my pelangi:

Upon reaching beloved homeland,
you were there to welcome me...
i really really appreciate it dear..maceh...:)

cant wait to meet you today...:)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

ASSIIUM phototaking session

hey all!
i just came from the ASSIIUM phototaking sessions in front of the library..

IIU is having this company from outside (i think)
taking photographs of students of different batches from different kulliyah..

the EXCO called us all Singaporeans to take group photos for memories...

i was a bit hesitant in the beginning...
(dont ask y)
but alas,
i relented and joined them...

after much persuasion by my fwenz..
how could i not, rite? :)

all went well,
i cant wait to have a look at the pix...


it's back to midterms and craziness (read:assignments)

p/s: looking forward to 9th feb-Communication dept phototaking session..yippie!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

retail therapy

i need retail therapy!~~~~~~~~

Dear...we go later when i come back k?

les miserable

three midterms for this week...
one down two more to go...

Dip comm really scared me..
i felt really confused with what was it that the lecturer wants..:(
whatever it was,
i did the best i could,
i'll just tawakkal 'alallah..

tomorrow is statistic!!
seram kaan...
but i already studied and did my revisions almost everyday...

i dont mind the calculations..
i've even memorized the formulas
im only a bit scared about the spss output..
i just have to go familiarise myself with it tomorrow before the exam...

Oh Allah,
Help me.....

Im feeling down..
i cant read the newspapers anymore...
i cant watch news on tv without feeling miserable each time...

i sympathise those in JB...
the flood has taken away their valuables, their land, their home...

Oh Allah...
only You know what is best for the people...
only You have the power to change things according to your will..
only You listens to our prayers...

p/s: im missing home....ceh, miss home ke........miss.......erk...ehem....:p


Saturday, January 13, 2007

The NEED for 'it'

I sense some curious nose sniffing about my current status...;)
i dont mean to keep people in the dark,
i just want or better still NEED, privacy..
i mean, for now..

even if its forever,
i feel it is a need to keep certain things to myself...
it's crucial to ward 'evil' off....

i've been through rough patches,
that almost 'destroy' my self-esteem...

we need to understand why people keep secrets...
put ourself in other people's shoes...

there must be a significant reason for it...

so there people,
simply said:

the time's not ripe, yet.

pardon me...

p/s: isnt it right dear? ;)

Friday, January 12, 2007

Get well soon nana

Just when i thought i was getting better,
the fever hit me again yesterday..
the runny nose which has been bugging me for two weeks now...

my throat feels like there's an elephant in there..
I ate some meddy yesterday,
and slept from 5+pm til this morning!

i just couldnt wake up..

another bummer was the fact that the midterm for Diplomatic comm was cancelled...
i've studied tau...
and with that, i've got THREE midterms next week...
and one assignment to be submitted...

but on a more positive note,
at least i've studied for Dip comm...

I cant wait to move my 'babies' to their new home...
yay-ness! :) :)
i bet they're gonna be happy...

gtg continue sleeping...
Im kinda 'stoink' right now..ahakz!

p/s: how to get rid of this runny nose.....i just cant seem to be able to focus on things for long...help! :(

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

missing him, tests and cardio...erk...me? cardio?

i miss my bloggie...
(ceh! padahal baru brp hari je tk blog)

i've got midterms coming up...
gila lah...
rasa mcm bermimpi je...

i thought the semester just begun yesterday...ahakz!
i've got one midterm tomorrow..
and two other next week..

i've started to feel the tense building up..
chill lah nana~~

u can do it...
if Yan can cook,
you can too!


Im missing you dear rainbow..
how i wish i could be there to lend a listening ear...

dont worry,
i'Allah e'thing will be fine...
i have faith in you..

you can do it too! :)

i'll be back this weekend and we can talk about it..k?

miss ya lots!

oh yah!
i've registered for the fitness training (aerobics class) in my mahallah...
the trainer is a qualified nutritionist and fitness expert..

last night was the first class..
oh boy!
i had such fun that i did not want it to end...

and the best thing is,
i do not experience any muscle aches today...

and for your info,
in that class,
we'll be taught kickboxing, cardio and latin rhythm moves...

gerek kaaan!

ee...excited nyer...
:) :)

p/s: love you dear...:)

Sunday, January 07, 2007

love is in the air..

In the mood for love anyone..?
cewah...mentang lahz blog da kaler pink....;)

im getting better from the fever..
i got an MC from the clinic...
so, home i went...

k, i'll blog later..
gtg do some stuff...


Thursday, January 04, 2007

ill lah pullak..

Im down with fever..
i dont know whether its cold fever or hot fever...
what i do know is that im feeling ill...

been sneezing and wheezing and croaking since morning..

and the funny thing is i dont know how i got ill in the first place...


i've swallowed 2 actifast...
hopefully, i'll get better soon...(coz im starting to feel like an old lady oredi)

niwei, thank God i'll be going home tomorrow...

need to do some library research...

p/s: pssst...heard some rumours (ceh, takdeeelah rumours sgt ;p) that daddy's buying me a new (read: second hand) zoom lens...yippie..

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

love and treasure

i've been a bit lazy to update...
Holiday but still with a lot of sch work...

i managed to have fun with the people i love and treasure most..:)

cant wait to go back to sch and finish my pending work,
and then back home again by Friday or saturday..

you peeps wont understand..
i just HAVE to come home..

to unwind...:)

oh ya!
hope its not too late to wish all of you a happy and marry 'eid adha..