Tuesday, January 30, 2007

hikmah Nya

back to school..

sunday night was always dreaded..
to make it worst,
last Sunday,
since nobody bought the tix and booked the seat for me,
i had to board the second bus with ONLY 4 other IIU mates...

i was worried the bus wont go to IIU..
and the others did not know the direction for the driver to follow...

when the bus came,
i boarded it reluctantly..
and to my surprise,
its a five star bus!
and i only paid RM28 for it!!

there's TV at each seat with a game controller.....:)
how cool is that...

the seat?
mmg baring abess lah....
there were so many buttons on the seat...
and its super comfortable...

even when we had to go to pudu first,
we reached IIU exactly the same time as the other bus..

the driver was very friendly....;)

hikmah disebalik segalanya...hmm..

p/s: assignment to be submitted by 12 today, but cant access the net...how??

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