Monday, May 31, 2010


I woke up at 4am to cook lunch for my dear husband..

Is the day my husband is unwell..

Is the day my mind is TOTALLY absent from my body..

Is the day my husband called me at 11am+ realising I did not switch
off the fire from the stove!!!! :s (luckily, the fire is a small one,
and the food is still edible and warm)

I feel guilty as hell because of what happened..(from 5am all the way
til 11am+?? really? Khasanah??)

I almost cause a colleague to scream for my absent mindedness..

I had to stand outside the door and wait for somebody to open it for
me because i forgot to bring my staff pass..

I feel like going somewhere and scream, "WHAT THE HELL HAS GOTTEN INTO

So that's my Today for you..

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Friday, May 07, 2010

Sneaking Spicy Umian

I miss eating my fav Banquet Spicy Umian! (read: with lotsa cili padi!)

I use to eat it EVERYDAY after work.

Still remember how I used to go Banquet and tapau-ed my Umian. I would
sneak it into my room because i didnt want to share (yes, im selfish
like that when it comes to this fav food of mine :p), and then go to
the kitchen to take a big bowl, a spoon and fork and happily eat the
heavenly Spicy Umian while watching my fav chinese drama on channel 8.
So shiok! ;)

ALL these in my room. Aaah~~ the perks of having your own room!

The best thing is, nobody in my family knew I did all that everyday
after work..hehehe..

Maybe they were thinking that I must be very tired at work and badly
needed a rest..;)

Now, I cant do that anymore because I share a room with my hubby. It
would be a funny sight if I sneak Spicy Umian in our room, and if my
hubby walk in..kantoi lah beb! Later, he also want, how? Hahaha...:p

I am so craving for it now..I dont mind eating it everyday again...and
of course with lotsa cili padi! :)

Oh my Spicy Umian~~ :)

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