Monday, October 30, 2006

i aint gonna take it anymore

Its Over..
Its finally over..

i dont know what to say...
i feel like im in a dream...
still in daze..

im terrified..
im scared..
im hurt..


Its totally over....:'(

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Barney and friends

Rayer pix time..!
well this year's theme is purple..
here's some of 'em..malas lah nak upload byk2...
k, follow the arrow...

^My bro and family

^Dini, contented wif da big ball..hihi..

^another cute nephew of mine, mohd Hazeem

^cewah...playing Fur Elise with Zaki's piano..nmpk gaya pro tak?

^anak dara saper tu....kikikiki..

^Dad and Nyai..

^Me and Fitri..

^Family and atok..(Incomplete)

aha...very the puple, very the Barney and friends..
there's more..but next time lah ek..if im free..


Monday, October 23, 2006

peace lah kawan..

Eid Mubarak to all Muslims all over the world..
To err is human,
I seek your forgiveness if in any way i've hurt you through my words and action..

Ramadhan has left us..
I'm sad though, for not taking full advantage of this blissful month..
May i live to see the next Ramadhan..Amin..

My last note before busying myself with raya and text books..
why are u not replying my msg?
am i at fault not agreeing with those people?
Im sorry..
i just cant accept...

anyway, it eid's eve,
I apologise for all my misdeeds to u..
peace baby...


Sunday, October 22, 2006

eid and xam do NOT go together

Its two more days to 'eid..
Im soo not anticipating it..
y, u ask?
im scared of xam..
kacau lah..
i dont even feel like stepping out of my house..

i think this'll get better only after the final's over..
i definitely cant wait..

since i was tired of reading my texts,
i cleaned the whole house..
all by myself..
now cantik oredi! :)
im a happy bunny..
with abit of help from fitri and bibik lah..(kes tak kuat nak angkat2 kerusi meja)
plus, i cooked for iftar!
i cooked spicy spaghetti Bolognese..fusion of Malay and Italy herbs and spices..
(ehem..mentang2 nak jadik Mrs KHAnnavaro ;))
cant wait to eat...its two minutes more to Azan..

i leave u with the new sandal my bro bought for Dini..comel giller..

Thursday, October 19, 2006

pretty interesting life

Im home...
kinda jet lagged.
funny coz i think the bus yesterday is so comfy..
i slept like a baby...
i didnt even realised when we were at Yong Peng and slept through till we reached the Custom..

mom and dad is out running errands..
maman is at camp..
aim is working..
abg is at JB..
fitri is playing..
bibik is sitting in the kitchen..
him i dont know..

studying for Finals..

how exciting is that?!

cant wait for maghrib..
wonder what's for buka today...

hoping for something interesting to happen..
maybe tomorrow i will go to Tangs with TF to buy shoes!
mintak2 jadilah..

gtg continue study..

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

khalas...kullu khalas..

all assignments and memorizations and tests - Khalas! finish!

Tuhan saja yg tahu...
what im feeling right now..
the verdict for this semester, now at this point of time : i really really have to buck up for the finals...
im not satisfied with my carry marks...
its crazy...
i really thought this semester was going to be the one that im going to score...
but thats not gonna happen unless i put my heart and soul into the coming final examination...
so, no hari raya for me...

the exam fever is coming...
i can feel it...urgh!


p/s: going back to spore tonite...and why is it im not that excited...? hmm..

Sunday, October 15, 2006

these peeps will be 'gone'

Im saddened by the fact that next semester,
my brother's no longer around,
three of my buddies will be graduating too...
and latest news,
a close friend of mine is going to be a very busy person in her society...

Im happy for her,
but somehow sad...
i've always had her to talk to when im down and when neither my bro nor my buddies are there for me...
and the thought that all these important peeps will be 'gone' is making me go mad...

who am i going to talk to,
who am i going to confide into,
who am i going to go to for a shoulder to cry on,
who am i going to laugh with,

i dont know...

i mean, yes i do have lots of other friends..
but the few that i mentioned has been there throughout my tough and rocky journey here in IIU...

it wont be the same without them here next semester...

and to my dear friend (the one who'll be an important person in her society),
Im proud of you...
I know you can shoulder the challenges and responsibilities yet to come..
May you achieve success throughout your reign as the president...cewah!...:)

Friday, October 13, 2006

the day i felt like burying myself underneath the ground

just as i expected,
Things turned out a total disaster..
the pre-presentation was a chaos..

the guy in my group seriously made me hate him..
sorry to say, but he did not make enough effort to show he's worth the 40 marks..
i've decided to tell Dr. Saodah on Monday about what happened..
and how this guy was not of any help at all..

wait a minute!
he did do something instead of nothing,
yep, he irritates me to the max...
he makes me detest group work all the more..
that's what he contributed..

The presentation was an embarrasment..
I wish to withdraw the course than flunk...
This semester,
i learned something valuable..
i learned that matters of the heart is fragile...
how you could love and hate somebody within seconds..
how you could love someone you thought you wouldnt love at all..
how you feel when someone told you they love you..
how you feel when someone told you they've been thinking of you...
despite knowing that it is impossible to happen...

I learn to react to things calmly,
you know, without having to blow my top everytime people irritate me..
I learn to think time and again for the consequences of each of my every movements..
I learn that it is ok to widen my horizon..
I learn to accept what is fated for me..

luckily i have this secretdoor...
if not,
i might suffer from problems clotted in my heart and brain,
having to keep things to myself...

Its a few more days to Eid..
I wonder what its gonna be like this year...
i dont really look forward to eid that much this year...
arent i funny...
maybe it because of the exam thingy..
takots beb!

argh! im out..

Thursday, October 12, 2006

presentation and the hell effect of it

i've never in my entire life become scared as i am now, for a PRESENTATION...
(comm theory - with the nonsense group i blogged abt recently)

i dont want to go ahead with the presentation and die of shame..
i'd rather die jumping from KLCC's height..
This whole assignment is like living hell for me...

ok ok obviously i'm exaggerating..
BUT thats what im feeling right now..

ok, i'd better stop now,
before i really, literally go jump off a building....yikes!

erk, is it possible if skip the clock at 11.30 am??

ok, im out!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

home to lontong goreng

Its been quite sometime since i've not been home...
I've not had iftar with my family...
I did not even want to go back home until 22nd of this month...
this decision of mine caused worry to some peeps...

My brother, esp,
has been bugging me to go home...

It wasnt only until yesterday i decided to relent..
i'd actually decided to go home since early this week..
but thanx to my dad's remarks,
i cancelled..(merajuk lah konon)
i sooo did not want to go home at all...

it spoilt my mood for the WHOLE week..
thanx alot dad...

after much pacifying by my bro,
i relented again...
my mom said ok when i asked her to cook lontong goreng for me...
yep, cant wait to dig into the lontong goreng...

This week is assignments and presentations week...
despite having tons to be settled - still at hand,
i was dumbfounded when my lecturer gave us another presentation....
another presentation, now?
when its almost the end of the semester?
erk, hello...we still have tons to finish tau!

u guys still remember the research grp i blogged abt recently,
they irritate me soo that i couldnt even looked at them in the eye..
esp with the bro..

i've had my qualms about working with male counterparts,
had a few bad experiences,
but i always try to think positive,
and when they started to work nonsensically,
the bad impressions i had earlier prevails! -meaning, no more sorry sorry okey....

i guessed they realised that im already angry,
so just now they really took charge of the research paper...

tau takpe...
im a nice person,
but dont ever mess with my patience...
once i get angry,
erk, yikes!