Sunday, October 22, 2006

eid and xam do NOT go together

Its two more days to 'eid..
Im soo not anticipating it..
y, u ask?
im scared of xam..
kacau lah..
i dont even feel like stepping out of my house..

i think this'll get better only after the final's over..
i definitely cant wait..

since i was tired of reading my texts,
i cleaned the whole house..
all by myself..
now cantik oredi! :)
im a happy bunny..
with abit of help from fitri and bibik lah..(kes tak kuat nak angkat2 kerusi meja)
plus, i cooked for iftar!
i cooked spicy spaghetti Bolognese..fusion of Malay and Italy herbs and spices..
(ehem..mentang2 nak jadik Mrs KHAnnavaro ;))
cant wait to eat...its two minutes more to Azan..

i leave u with the new sandal my bro bought for Dini..comel giller..

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