Thursday, June 26, 2008

almost orgasmic endorphine..oops...

I like my blog, right now...

I mean,
its not that I dont like it last time...
it looks so perfect to my eyes right now
compared to most of my previous blog skins..

So I dont just like it,
but I LOVE it!


editing and tweaking it here and there
just gives me so much pleasure...
Almost orgasmic kind of pleasure..

Did I just said that...

I think my endorphine level's a tad too high right now..

for those reading my entries from my multiply,
maybe you wont understand...

My entries are automatically sent to multiply
everytime I update my blog..

So you did not actually get to see my blog...;)

If you're curious to see how
beautiful my blog looks like,

its here:

I said my blog is beautiful..
It is to my eyes..


I painstakingly did all the tweaking

so yeah,
it IS beautiful....


nak lagi??


nyeh heh heh heh....

Im out.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dreams when you are old and wrinkly

COE results pushed to a later date.
Which means I will have a lot of free time..

More time for relaxation!

Over lunch,
my collegues were talking about
how when someone did not get something that they want
when they were a child,
They will get all hyped up and crazy over it when they are older
and have money..

and then one of them gave an example,
this is basically how he said it

Got this one guy ah,
He got 6 bikes!
wah liao!
all the fren ah, said why u want so many bikes for..
we all got one car, u got 6 bikes!
wah liao!

then the guy answered,
last time ah
I small, people got bicycle got bike,
I look only...
I ask my mother I want small bicycle
den kena cane u know..

now I old oredi,
I got money,
I want buy 6 bikes
my wish ah...
my money whaaaat..!
I like whaaat..!

I was listening and laughing
at the same wondering...

how true..
some people realise their childhood dreams,
at their old age...

Another one of my collegue said,

Dont be surprised
if you see an uncle,
botak head oredi,
face all wrinkly,
but drive Ferrari....

maybe when he was young
he could not afford it,
so when he's old,
he's got all the money he needed...
he finally realise his dreams...

I want a bungalow house,
with a mini river all around the house...

Maybe I'll realise it when I am old and wrinkly...?
Work hard and smart,
and get myself a pow wow paycheck to afford one?


You never know...

Just Sharing.


Monday, June 23, 2008

Immersed in the smell

Its been a long time since I last have my 'own time'..

I did just that the past weekend..
Laze around doing nothing,
chill out at the library
and immersed myself in books!

It couldnt be anymore relaxing than
a good hot coffee
on a rainy morning
inside a library....

The smell................ahh~~
the smell of the many books in the library
is addictive~~~~
My Goodness~~~

Without anybody around me,
I went into a different world..
A world where I got to become the audience
and watched different characters came to life;
each with his own zaniness..

As if 3 books arent enough to occupy me,
I borrowed 5 books this time...


Thanks to Shelfari I no longer
have to waste time browsing non-stop for books,
and use the precious time for reading instead...

Rest assure,
If i have a child one day,
I want to make sure he'll
be an avid reader...
as a hobby at least...

Something major is coming into my life soon...

before you start thinking too far(tapi doakan lah ek..;)),
Im going to have a new baby...

I shall not reveal it now..

I shall make you people wonder...
nyeh heh heh.....
*evil laugh*

That will have to wait until
FH gets his driving license....

In the mean time,
I shall get back to my reading.............

Current read: Extremely loud & Incredibly Close
By Jonathan Safran Foer.

Kak Seri, U have read this book, right?
This book is quite funny...
But a bit tricky to understand eh?

P/S: Hope you will enjoy cycling with the 'new' bicycle...Love you too! :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Ape sey nak msg2...

Takde perasaan malu ke..;(



Monday, June 16, 2008

IT savvy-ish

My second entry in a day!
Im so free eh..

Its amazing that I am pretty much free in a publishing week!
Usually there's just so much to do but so little time..
But this week?
Probably tomorrow I'll be busier..

well, the purpose of this entry is just
to talk about the PC fair that I went..

I like PC/IT fairs for one thing,
that is the fact that I can feel all 'techy and IT savvy-ish'..
errk..ada ke word tu??

Anyway I went and as usual
the whole of Singapore was there (DRAG ALERT!)..

Dear and me were looking around for DSLRs,
just surveying...
However, the prices were not much of a difference
as compared to those sold outside...
I can probably get cheaper onces..

In the end,
Dear bought a 500GB HDD
for only SGD149/-

and me?
I bought nothing...
saje je nak menyemak2 kat Suntec tu..;)

Anybody know of any places
that sells DSLR for a good price??

im out.


No longer a LUGE virgin

Weekend was spent at SENTOSA!!

I've been thinking about Sentosa since early this year..

Dear brought me there.....
I was like a kiddo going to Sentosa for the first time,
as if there's Disneyland in there....;)


The last time I went to Sentosa
was when I was in primary 4..
That was so long ago...

Early morning I woke up feeling all excited,
and I enjoyed every single moment of it..
and I had F.U.N!
Thanks Dear...:)

Dear bought the package tickets
where we could go to the skyride+luge,
skytower, the merlion and images of Singapore..

The bestest was the skyride+luge!
I believe those who have been there and done that,
would agree with me..

ONCE is NEVER enough...

Now lets let the pictures spill it all...
or click HERE

Hmm..lets check the map..

Im there! Im finally there!

Hi all! this is my friend, Oscar..

Caaaayyyaaang Oscar!

My Luge helmet!

My First Luge experience

No longer a Luge Virgin..hihihi...

Iye? nak makan apa?

Budak nakal curik telur..

Beautiful blue sky; view from the SkyTower

* A Sentosa Adventure. DONE


Friday, June 13, 2008

Dry hands; go to the PC fair

my hands are drier than anything dry in this whole wide world!

Did i just drag, drag??

Takpe ah..

suka hati ah...


k, Im actually feeling extra excited today..

and I just cant calm down...

will be going to the PC fair at Suntec later today..

I looove PC fairs...
but I dont love the squeezing and squashing with other
IT-crazy people like me..

How I wish they can close for awhile,
just for me to walk around
look look, see see, touch touch
and then go...


fat hope lah...
anak raja mana aja gue nih....

Im going to bring hand lotion to work on Monday..

maryyyyyyyy...u tertinggal your hand lotion kat office lah beb!

ok im out,

will update on the PC fair..
Insya Allah...


p/s: Cant wait to meet you..:)

The lovable Panda

My day ended with a good laugh..

Watching Kung Fu Panda was worth the money..
Dear and me watched it last wednesday
at Shaw Prince..

The movie started with Po (the panda's name)
dreaming about kung fu..
He had kept this dream of his a secret from his dad..
Which, apparently was of a bird species..

Kawen campur gaknya mak bapak si panda ni..hihi..

They own a noodle stall
where his dad put high hopes
that Po would one day be like him
and mend the stall....
you know, be a good noodle guy...

All the funny part began
when Po had to become the Kung Fu master
to fight the villainous Tai lung..

Po embarked on a journey and learned Kung Fu..
Which in the end,
he mastered, in his own funny ways...:)

I would recommend you to watch this movie..
After a hard day at work,
this will be a great movie to end the day...

Dear and me were laughing so hard,
only tears didnt come rolling down...;)

My favourite quote from the movie:

"To make something special, you must believe it is special"

My personal rating: ****/*****

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Beloved Gaia

What do you do when Gaia decides to pour?

That's right!
You take out your umbrella.

I did just that,
I took out my gorgeous lacy purple girlish umbrella..
(penting nak drag jugak!)

But apparently,
Gaia still thinks that its cool to rain on me..

I got wet drenched from the hip down....

You got me this time, Gaia...

ada lori ada bus, ada hari boleh balas

Erk...boleh gitu??


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

SLR for sale

Im selling my baby..
My beloved SLR who has been my faithful companion
throughout my memorable photography journey..
Selling because planning to upgrade to DSLR...
Selling for SGD $200..condition 9 1/2 out of 10(I took real good care of it)..
no scratches or broken part...

Model: Minolta Dynax 3
Condition 9 1/2 out of 10
Other Description: AF zoom, 0.48m/1.6ft MACRO
Lens: 28mm-100mm

Will throw in a camera bag, the manual and the camera cleaning cloth.

Email me at

Please note: This is an SLR not a DSLR..

Sunday, June 08, 2008

The closest I get to see the sunrise

Saturday, very early in the morning
me and a group of friends went to Mersing
to catch the sunrise..

My journey began at 3 a.m. in the morning..
The last time I embark on a touring journey this early in the morning,
we took the highway..

this time they decided to go through trunk roads..
the moment we started the trunk road,
my heart was beating so fast
that I felt weak...hihi..

It was pitch black all the way~~~
yes, I could not see anything ahead, behind
and on the right and left of me...
Except a few metres ahead
due to the HID light dear bought...
Thank God you purchased it dear..:)

My mind was imagining lots of nonsensical and scary thoughts..
Once in a while I saw something flying above us...
I tried to keep thinking that its a bird or a bat or a moth...
I was tempted to see what is on my left and right side
but I couldnt bring myself to..
we did stop by a roadside though,
somewhere with light..
just for a quick stretch...

Albeit all that eerie thoughts and moments,
We finally reached our destination!
it was 6.30 a.m.

This was when the sun showed a teeny wee bit of it brightness...

Chao heated some coffee and milo for all of us...

Mess tin and all, feeling camping camping gitu..;)

It was too cloudy..
and we didnt get to see the sun rise...
too bad...:(

But with great company,
comes great fun...
we all sat and chat and rest
and took pictures...

Me and Joan...

Surprisingly we have the same watch..

These have got to be my fav pictures of the day..:)

hehe..Always wanted to take a picture like that..

and this one!
One of their crazy ideas...

Chao looks like he's enjoying the attention...

And then we had breakfast somewhere near
and the food was delicious SUCKlicious

We headed to our next destination,
Kota tinggi...
kononnya mereka ni gian nk mandi air terjun...

unfortunately it was raining when we got there...
so we rested for a while and waited...
and when the rain stopped,
those who were excited to get into the water jump in..
I watched...hihi...

These are a few of the pictures at Kota Tinggi..

And our final destination,
was dinner at our fav spot...
They all wanted to eat birdie burung puyuh..

and I saw this particular cat,
which reminded me of the puss in boot in the shrek...
big round eyes...

and thats all from me folks!


Thursday, June 05, 2008

Its gone....Sob sob...

Oh Nooooooooooooooooo....!

My Dulce De Leche is gone....!


Since its a seasonal drink,
They have changed it to some dark mocha crap frap.

What is is going to happen to meeee without Dulce De Leche...

I've given a suggestion-somewhat desperate-to starbucks
so that they consider bringing Dulce De Leche back...

You think im crazy?

Click HERE and you'll know there are lots of other crazy people like me...

Im crazy....
about dulce De Leche....

Im done.


Cita-cita saya adalah....

I've always been fascinated with the advertising industry...
Since young i would enjoy advertisements in between shows
while others despise them...
And I would smile at creative gigantic
print ads that I saw everywhere i go...

I thought, "whoa! how creative can people get"
I admire creative people working in the industry,
I secretly wondered if i would, one day when i grow up,
be able to be in the industry..

And then,
I went to IIUM for my degree..
I've always known all along that I wanted to major in Communication!
But somewhere along the road,
people start to say I would not be able to make it if I take Communication..
It wont be easy for me to get a job in the industry...
That I am just not fit for the industry...

I stopped dreaming,
I hated it that I have to start thinking of majoring in something else..

Until one day,
I still remembered,
I met with a senior in Communication,
and told her about the dilemma..
and she convinced me that I shouldnt be worried about what people think..
I should be majoring in what I am interested in...

I took her words,
and am proud to have her as a senior! :)
thank you Kak CT...:)

True enough,
now that I finally get to work in THE industry..
I am satisfied..
This will be a stepping stone for me,
maybe for Mediacorp....
Or.....Those Creative ads on Taxis and Buses and MRTs?
or or......a muslimah newscaster??
maybe an info-ed TV or radio host?
or maybe a chance to open up my own advertising agency????
Or....................apape lah yang sewaktu dgnnya...


Although its a small company,
I learnt a LOT....
I get an insight on the advertising stuff..
I look forward to going to work everyday...

work is though,
when you get to work in something that you really wanted or like,
you will just enjoy it...
Time passes by so fast that you dont realise its time to go home...:)


Thanks to Mary for recommending me this job!
I hope you will be succesful with your teaching,
its what you've always wanted...:)

Back to my job,
I am working in a publishing company..
for a car magazine..

I do and see many things,
some of which is pretty interesting...

I get to sit in test drive cars..
I get to look at models, for photoshoot probably..
(they are quite a beauty, not to mention the hunks! ;))
I get creative ideas on how to think out of the box!
(which i loike!)

So there,
a bit about my new job..

and oh!
did i mention I loooovvveee my working space?

It was a mess in the past, right mary?? ;)

But now its nice and clean....:)

I'll update about that soon....:)

wait up ya'll...


Monday, June 02, 2008

Funny going to work..

Its funny coming to work today,
Without having to wait for anybody at the bustop,
Without having anybody to walk to the office with,
Without having anybody to sit next to,
Without having anybody to laugh out loud with,
Without having anybody to eat with,
Without having anybody to bother 'adik Nas' with,
Without having anybody to watch tv series with,
Without having anybody to challenge 'who-reach-the-toilet-first-gets-to-use-it-first' with,
Without having anybody to gossip about what other people blog about,
Without having anybody to nag at about being neat and tidy,
Without having anybody to back me up when i did something wrong,
Without having anybody to say "yes, so crever.."
Without having anybody to go home with....

There's a million reason why it is funny going to work today..


Lets laugh together now....;)


Sunday, June 01, 2008

Time With Friends and a Condolence

Its been a fulfilling week.

Its been a long time since I last meet up with friends.
And the chance finally came,
and I met up with friends from School AND Uni.

I bumped into Zainab at causeway point
and she invited me to join her and my bestie Suhaila
for dinner at Seoul Garden.

I was a bit hesitant though,
Tight budget lah katakan...
But dah lama sgt lah tak jumpa...
So i decided to join.

it felt great to be able to catch up
with one another again..:)

Glad i decided to join them...:)

And just yesterday,
I met up with some of my IIUM babes!

Its actually to record a graduation video for Darwis..
Although it was a short meeting,
It felt good to see those familiar faces again!
Reminds me of the fun times back in Uni..

Hope to be able to meet u babes again, Insya Allah...:)

********* END NOTE*********

But amidst all the good times,
deep down inside I give my heartfelt condolences
to a fellow friend,
whose beloved mother passed away on Saturday morning..

Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat keatas rohnya..