Monday, June 16, 2008

No longer a LUGE virgin

Weekend was spent at SENTOSA!!

I've been thinking about Sentosa since early this year..

Dear brought me there.....
I was like a kiddo going to Sentosa for the first time,
as if there's Disneyland in there....;)


The last time I went to Sentosa
was when I was in primary 4..
That was so long ago...

Early morning I woke up feeling all excited,
and I enjoyed every single moment of it..
and I had F.U.N!
Thanks Dear...:)

Dear bought the package tickets
where we could go to the skyride+luge,
skytower, the merlion and images of Singapore..

The bestest was the skyride+luge!
I believe those who have been there and done that,
would agree with me..

ONCE is NEVER enough...

Now lets let the pictures spill it all...
or click HERE

Hmm..lets check the map..

Im there! Im finally there!

Hi all! this is my friend, Oscar..

Caaaayyyaaang Oscar!

My Luge helmet!

My First Luge experience

No longer a Luge Virgin..hihihi...

Iye? nak makan apa?

Budak nakal curik telur..

Beautiful blue sky; view from the SkyTower

* A Sentosa Adventure. DONE


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