Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dreams when you are old and wrinkly

COE results pushed to a later date.
Which means I will have a lot of free time..

More time for relaxation!

Over lunch,
my collegues were talking about
how when someone did not get something that they want
when they were a child,
They will get all hyped up and crazy over it when they are older
and have money..

and then one of them gave an example,
this is basically how he said it

Got this one guy ah,
He got 6 bikes!
wah liao!
all the fren ah, said why u want so many bikes for..
we all got one car, u got 6 bikes!
wah liao!

then the guy answered,
last time ah
I small, people got bicycle got bike,
I look only...
I ask my mother I want small bicycle
den kena cane u know..

now I old oredi,
I got money,
I want buy 6 bikes
my wish ah...
my money whaaaat..!
I like whaaat..!

I was listening and laughing
at the same wondering...

how true..
some people realise their childhood dreams,
at their old age...

Another one of my collegue said,

Dont be surprised
if you see an uncle,
botak head oredi,
face all wrinkly,
but drive Ferrari....

maybe when he was young
he could not afford it,
so when he's old,
he's got all the money he needed...
he finally realise his dreams...

I want a bungalow house,
with a mini river all around the house...

Maybe I'll realise it when I am old and wrinkly...?
Work hard and smart,
and get myself a pow wow paycheck to afford one?


You never know...

Just Sharing.


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