Friday, June 13, 2008

Dry hands; go to the PC fair

my hands are drier than anything dry in this whole wide world!

Did i just drag, drag??

Takpe ah..

suka hati ah...


k, Im actually feeling extra excited today..

and I just cant calm down...

will be going to the PC fair at Suntec later today..

I looove PC fairs...
but I dont love the squeezing and squashing with other
IT-crazy people like me..

How I wish they can close for awhile,
just for me to walk around
look look, see see, touch touch
and then go...


fat hope lah...
anak raja mana aja gue nih....

Im going to bring hand lotion to work on Monday..

maryyyyyyyy...u tertinggal your hand lotion kat office lah beb!

ok im out,

will update on the PC fair..
Insya Allah...


p/s: Cant wait to meet you..:)

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