Monday, June 23, 2008

Immersed in the smell

Its been a long time since I last have my 'own time'..

I did just that the past weekend..
Laze around doing nothing,
chill out at the library
and immersed myself in books!

It couldnt be anymore relaxing than
a good hot coffee
on a rainy morning
inside a library....

The smell................ahh~~
the smell of the many books in the library
is addictive~~~~
My Goodness~~~

Without anybody around me,
I went into a different world..
A world where I got to become the audience
and watched different characters came to life;
each with his own zaniness..

As if 3 books arent enough to occupy me,
I borrowed 5 books this time...


Thanks to Shelfari I no longer
have to waste time browsing non-stop for books,
and use the precious time for reading instead...

Rest assure,
If i have a child one day,
I want to make sure he'll
be an avid reader...
as a hobby at least...

Something major is coming into my life soon...

before you start thinking too far(tapi doakan lah ek..;)),
Im going to have a new baby...

I shall not reveal it now..

I shall make you people wonder...
nyeh heh heh.....
*evil laugh*

That will have to wait until
FH gets his driving license....

In the mean time,
I shall get back to my reading.............

Current read: Extremely loud & Incredibly Close
By Jonathan Safran Foer.

Kak Seri, U have read this book, right?
This book is quite funny...
But a bit tricky to understand eh?

P/S: Hope you will enjoy cycling with the 'new' bicycle...Love you too! :)

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