Thursday, June 05, 2008

Cita-cita saya adalah....

I've always been fascinated with the advertising industry...
Since young i would enjoy advertisements in between shows
while others despise them...
And I would smile at creative gigantic
print ads that I saw everywhere i go...

I thought, "whoa! how creative can people get"
I admire creative people working in the industry,
I secretly wondered if i would, one day when i grow up,
be able to be in the industry..

And then,
I went to IIUM for my degree..
I've always known all along that I wanted to major in Communication!
But somewhere along the road,
people start to say I would not be able to make it if I take Communication..
It wont be easy for me to get a job in the industry...
That I am just not fit for the industry...

I stopped dreaming,
I hated it that I have to start thinking of majoring in something else..

Until one day,
I still remembered,
I met with a senior in Communication,
and told her about the dilemma..
and she convinced me that I shouldnt be worried about what people think..
I should be majoring in what I am interested in...

I took her words,
and am proud to have her as a senior! :)
thank you Kak CT...:)

True enough,
now that I finally get to work in THE industry..
I am satisfied..
This will be a stepping stone for me,
maybe for Mediacorp....
Or.....Those Creative ads on Taxis and Buses and MRTs?
or or......a muslimah newscaster??
maybe an info-ed TV or radio host?
or maybe a chance to open up my own advertising agency????
Or....................apape lah yang sewaktu dgnnya...


Although its a small company,
I learnt a LOT....
I get an insight on the advertising stuff..
I look forward to going to work everyday...

work is though,
when you get to work in something that you really wanted or like,
you will just enjoy it...
Time passes by so fast that you dont realise its time to go home...:)


Thanks to Mary for recommending me this job!
I hope you will be succesful with your teaching,
its what you've always wanted...:)

Back to my job,
I am working in a publishing company..
for a car magazine..

I do and see many things,
some of which is pretty interesting...

I get to sit in test drive cars..
I get to look at models, for photoshoot probably..
(they are quite a beauty, not to mention the hunks! ;))
I get creative ideas on how to think out of the box!
(which i loike!)

So there,
a bit about my new job..

and oh!
did i mention I loooovvveee my working space?

It was a mess in the past, right mary?? ;)

But now its nice and clean....:)

I'll update about that soon....:)

wait up ya'll...


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