Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Whats in it

Read Mary's blog on what is in her overloaded makeup bag. :p

Thought I could do the same too.
Just for fun!
Im not much of a makeup junkie, but I do feel it is important to at least look presentable at all time. 

Well, I have 2 different sets for work and for going out on weekends or occasions. We'll just take a look at what I bring in my bag daily for work.Here goes:

1) The bag I got free from buying the Burberry Body fragrance. I thought it is quite nice and handy for makeups. This is the bag I bring with me daily everywhere I go, in case I need to touch up. You never know if you need to meet up some important people at work or had a last minute surprise date with hubby. So MUST touch up! :) 

2) This is my first Brown coloured mascara. It has 2 steps to it. 1st is just a simple brush for simple lengthening of lashes. The 2nd step is a thicker brush for volumnising. This has got to be my favourite mascara so far. Because it is brown so it looks more natural and that the effect really does show.

I got it at my company's internal sale, which they organise occasionally. Bought it at $4 ONLY! I love internal sale! Such a steal! Im not sure where to get this elsewhere in SG. Anybody knows?

3) Im using Maybelline Clear Smooth Extra powder. It's texture is of course smooth and it feels light on the skin too. Perfect for daily wear. Easy to wash off also!

4) For some healthy glow, I got myself this small but handy blusher by Maybelline. I use it sparingly and occasionally if there's an important meeting with the management or meet up with friends or hubby after work. Otherwise, I just skip this part.. hee..

5) Now this, is my favourite eyeliner since school days. It is really dark, I love how it gives the mystical look to my peepers..cheyyy.. and it is inexpensive too! you can find this almost everywhere at Arab st. I use this occasionally too. For when I want to look extra mysterious or nak-step-Arab-looking! lol!

6) I have several lipsticks, Clinique, MAC etc..But for work, I stick to this Lip Ice Mentholatum. Its a lip Balm and it makes my lips look kissable healthy!

7) I do housework. Not to brag, but I do! *senyum nampak gigi sebaris* So my hands tend to feel rough all the time. Sometimes too rough. :( So i always have a hand lotion in my bag. Bought this at a shop at Kallang Leisure Park, cant remember the name though. But it's got a nice smell.

I have several other lotions that I keep within reach at home, next to my bed, on my office desk, in  the car's dashboard. That's how obsessed I am with hand lotion! heh!

So there, my daily makeup bag! :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Our Little Knight!

It was finally revealed!

Lil 'A decided to show Abah and Ummi that Lil 'A will be
our little Knight!

We were elated, Alhamdulillah!
My husband was happy, he wanted a boy, especially for a first child.
He constantly prayed for a son, (even before I got pregnant!) several times each day specifically asked Allah for a son.
He believed in his Dua so much so that, when I finally got pregnant, he said read or listen to Surah Yusuf.
When asked what if the baby is a girl, and that we should also recite surah Maryam in case its a girl,
his answer was simple, Believe. Have Faith.

And so, believe I did. As days goes by, the feeling that we will be getting a boy felt real, it felt true.
I even dreamt of playing with a little baby boy.

Allah IS Great! :')

I pray that Lil 'A will grow up as a strong believer in his Faith and in whatever he strive to succeed in. Amin! :)

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2012 will change OUR lives..forever

So...It's 2012 already huh?

Time really flies! Cliche, I know, but one cant deny..

2012 is definitely going to be one eventful year for me,
with many milestones to remember.

I know for sure, It will be a year where I will have to overcome my biggest fear ever,

I will be 5 months along next week,
and yes I have been whining about pain, nausea and everything that comes under the sun ever since I got pregnant.

I am grateful that I got the chance to experience what every married woman wants to experience. I fully understand the package that comes with pregnancy.

It's just that when I am feeling discomfort and pain, I want to say it out, which sometime sounds whiny..heehee..I hope that by saying or tweeting it out will help ease off the discomfort. Sharing is caring whaaat...:p

I still cant believe that I will be giving birth this year! ya Allah! betul ke nie..Mcm seram je..heh..

The moment, I get into labor, THATS when my life or shall I say OUR lives will change forever...2012 will be THE MOST MEMORABLE year of my life so far.

2012 started off with me being able to feel my baby's movements. It feels like a fluttering of something inside. When I tried to touch my tummy where Im feeling it, there's nothing. I guess this is the special moment where I am the ONLY person who can feel my child. :')

At times I felt a sudden tightness on certain part of my tummy, and it felt really hard when touched. Told my hubby and when we gently rubbed the hard part of the tummy, it moved away..and we instantly knew that its our baby! :') Hubby was of course in awe, that was his first time ever..:')

As of now, I will feel my baby move everyday, a few times a day and feel like he is communicating with me, telling me, "Ummi, Im here okay...talk to me pweeashe!" hihi..

I am hoping to feel more stronger kicks in future so that hubby can get to experience it too..:)