Sunday, September 16, 2012

A New Life

Im back blogging..after almost 4 months of hiatus!

Motherhood is my new life now..
The past three months has been full of ups and downs, joys and tears, a lot of adjustments had to be done..
Which explains the lack of blogging!

2 days after my last blog entry I experienced contractions. That was the beginning of my sleepless nights up until now.
Contractions was really painful, for me. As mentioned before I have low pain threshold. After 3 days of contractions at home I went to the hospital and was admitted.

So that was it!
We were going to meet lil A for the first time really soon..
I was in tears because of the pain. I was shivering really bad that i felt the bed shook beneath me. Hubby was in tears seeing me in that kind of pain. I didnt want the epidural, but relented and requested for it at 6 cm dilated. One more cm late, the doctor wouldnt have allowed for the epidural to be administered. phew!

When time came for pushing, It felt exactly like constipation! haha!
I didnt think it was as bad as contractions!
Seven minutes of pushing and Syed Ali Alkaff was born!
That cry, the sound was music to my ears...:')

Instantly we became parents! Alhamdulillah.

Fast forward 3 months later, Ali is now a healthy and happy lil boy.
We love him so much! :)

Life with a baby is definitely challenging. No one day is the same. Everyday is a new day with Ali's development to watch out for.

If im asked what I miss most from my life before, my answer will be
1) SLEEP! hehe..But when Ali smiles at me, I feel it is all worthwhile...
2) US. hubby and me. Just US. I think we've become parents and need to find the lovers in us again..heh..

If im asked if I want to have another child, my answer would be, Yes! haha..but for now im just not sure when. It can be really really soon or it can wait a few years later..;)  Maternity leave every year pun ok gak each year keje 9 bulan je..nyehehehe *ketawa keluar tanduk*

My maternity leave is about to end. One more week of tai-tai-ing..(wish I dont have to go back to work)
Am going to miss Ali so much..sob sob..

But I will be blogging again..If time permits at work..=)

Gotta go attend to my lil guy now, tata!