Monday, March 19, 2012

Wierd Pregnancy Habits

Already in my 3rd trimester.
Things are going at fast speed.
The reason why I want to quickly give birth is:

1) I get to finally see our Lil 'A
2) I get to be a SAHM, albeit temporarily..(kalau tak balik keje terus pun tkpe sebenarnya).

At this stage, I realise I have a few pregnancy quirks.
Wierd stuff that never happened before or maybe the urge was not as strong as now.

I'll name a few for memory's sake.

1) I like a particular 'musty', 'woody', 'gluey' kind of smell. I dont know what to specifically call this smell, so I named it 'Bau Kapok'. I have always liked these smells, BUT now, its uncontrollable. Some example of the things I will smell obsessively are, the aircon in our car, shoes boxes, our storeroom (heck, I almost want to sleep in the storeroom!), etc. Only I can tell whether a smell is that 'Bau kapok' or not and if it is, I will go crazy beyond words!

Each time we get into our car, I will feel super happy because I get to smell the aircon. I will go to the extent of putting my nose exactly at the aircon and start smelling as if I've just discovered the wonders that a nose can do. I will sniff ever so deeply and so much so that my husband will have to stop me. I am an addict, seriously!

I feel so relaxed with these smells. I told my husband, "I LOVE the smell so much that I might just decide to give birth in the car so that I can be relaxed. I might not need any other pain relieve. ;)

2) I've a new found love for the colour PURPLE! I look at anything purple and will go, "awww~~sucha pretty colour!" I think I have been wearing purple most of the time ever since I got pregnant. Since hubby and I wear matching colours most of the time we go out, he had to wear purple too..lucky he's got several of  them in his wardrobe! haha.

I've never felt this way towards purple before. I liked purple so much now, I even downloaded the popular Barney song, "I love you~~~~You love me~~~We're a happy famileeee~~~lalala lalala~~~" and made it my dedicated ringtone for hubby! nyehehehe..The colour will be our theme for 'Eid this year! This must be Lil 'A favourite colour..;)

3) Lil 'A ni berselera Italian! (beauty of pregnancy #1324113, you can blame it all on the baby ;p) I've been craving for Pasta. Its pasta here, pasta there. My hubby is not much of a pasta fan. He initially went with it. But after several times I kept asking for Pastamania, I can see the look of horror on hubby's face! LOL! Kesian dia, Love you sayang!

So at times, I cooked pasta myself. Pasta goreng lah, Spaghetti lah. Lucky also there's Spize at Bedok, so we went there and I can have my Pasta fix and him, whatever he wants other than Pasta of course! ;)

So kalau tanya saya nk makan apa, my answer will be "nak something Pasta-ish" =)

4) This last wierd habit is definitely a costly one, IF I lost my teeth! haha. I enjoy chewing ice cubes! I kept going to the kitchen, open the freezer door, take an ice cube and happily chew on it. The satisfaction I tell you, is MAJOR!! I just cannot help myself. Im supposed to restrain myself from taking too much cold stuff, for whatever health reason, but I really really just cant help it!

Each time we eat out, I'll bite on the Ice cubes we get whenever we ordered drinks. Bestnyaaaaa, nikmatnyaaaa Ya Allah! Im craving for it now, really badly, but Im at work, so Im gonna gobble on ice cubes once I get home! gaaah! quick lah 6 O'clock!

I must learn to control myself. I do not want to have to welcome Lil 'A into this world with no teeth! (o_0)

I do have some other cravings like sweet stuff, but I guess it is normal for pregnant women to want sweet stuff. The above are those really wierd stuff that Im into these days.

Aaaaah~~I can imagine the smell of the aircon from our car!


Monday, March 05, 2012

The Worrier

I am 97 days away from THE day.

I have constantly been worried over a lot of things..
There's a million and one things in my mind that thinking alone makes me want to cry..
I cry over the smallest of things...Super sensitive I tell you...

Lately I have been freaking out on giving birth..
As I have mentioned before, I am scared of pain..
And the reality of giving birth is that IT IS PAINFUL..

I really dont know how am I going to do it.
Talked to many people, read up a lot..and there's so many opinions and stories
that I feel overwhelmed.

I stumbled over some positive quotes and sayings
and it would make me feel better, but for a while and then I 'll start to panic again..
I am sorry for my husband having to hear me whine again and again about me being scared..

But I do have to give him credit for being patient with me..
I know I have been such a big baby ever since I got pregnant,
and he have been listening to me, coaxing me, hugged me when Im in need and wiping my tears away..

Yesterday, we were just sitting at the living room, relaxing..
Me as usual rambling about my worries..
And suddenly hubby said, "I strongly believe you can do it even without epidural. The Nurul I've known is such a patient person, and with the perseverance level that I know you have, I have faith you can go through it easily."

I choked with tears at this statement.
How can someone else have that much confidence in me, when I dont even think I have any..:'(

Before I go to sleep, he kissed my forehead and said "Believe in yourself, my dear"

Right there and then I know I want nobody else with me when Im going through the 'jihad' of labour but my husband.
He really is my pillar of strength.

I know for the rest of my 97 days, I will on and off have my moments of panic and worry and I'll start all over again whining and rambling about my fear...but with his constant motivation and belief in me, I know I will be able to go through it. Pain or not, it will be worthwhile, I'Allah.