Thursday, February 25, 2010

That Precious Little Darling

Visited bestie's crib today...
was so excited to see her newborn..

Nour Qasrina,
she's so precious..
those tiny little fingers melted my heart..
her adorable cheeks are just so kissable and munchable..

Bought her these little darlings..
am glad you liked it Su..=)

One day when Qasrina wears them,
take pictures and show me okay..=)

Here's one more for you people to boogle (read: baby+oogle) at..

Good night Darls! =)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I really do not know how to describe what Im feeling right now..

Its been a crazy roller coaster ride with this issue..
He's THE photographer from hell!

Dont know whats up with him,
Is it so hard to just give me my wedding photos?
We didnt even bother him with all the editing, just a simple, "take pictures, give us the raw files. Thats all"

And that took him almost 3 months and counting..
I am clueless to whether I will ever get my photos back..

He turned the table, and blame me for this problem..
When clearly, he's the problematic one!

Whats his problem?
We dont know..He didnt tell us anything and kept playing with time..

Today we found out that he's going fishing!
fishing! can you comprehend that??

No time to give our wedding photos, but can still have fun and go fishing?

He is, my BIGGEST regret in life..seriously!

Im giving time until tomorrow, and if its still the same
thats IT, we're going the legal way..

Money, we can get back..
but memories of my solemnisation is priceless..

Im not going to get my $600 back, but Im asking for more..
To compensate the trauma that im going through because of this bugger!

I'll see you in court. LIAR!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Back to My Roots


Gosh! I miss blogging from my Secretdoor!
New life new blog layout..hope you like it..=)

Been thinking of the new layout..and after much thought, this is it!

If you like it, do show some love at my tag board okay! ;)

so sorry to trouble you, but if you've linked me on your blogs with seventhepisode, do not delete it as that webbie is still active but for professional purposes..thats where the photography portfolios are..

for my blog, its here! at my dearest

till we meet again in the another entry,

Good night mua darlings!