Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fat King Cat and a Magnum Ice-Cream

I was still crave for ice cream!

Before reaching home last night,
I went to the mama shop nearby
to buy one Almond Magnum..

Stuffed it in my bag and
rushed back home...

As soon as I reached the void deck,
I saw this particular cat,
affectionately known as Mimi...

yes, all the stray cats at my void deck have a name... hihihi...

mengada right the way it's lying down...
Very the King....;)

So, these are briefly what happened

- rushed home,
- Took a bath,
- Prayed,
- Watched TV,
- Talk on the phone,
- Sleep.................

This morning,
on the way to work
I wanted to take out the office key
from my bag..

something else came out...


A MELTED Magnum ice-cream...!!

I totally forgot about it last night
and it was left in bag to melt....

sobs sobs....:(

So sad right................
kempunan lah sey....

Im out.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sasha's Bear and Mary's Eyes

I shrieked in surprise when
I saw this on my table today...

An original Sasha's Bear sporting a Red Ralli Art jacket..
How cute!

Thanks To Lionel...
Got sumore freebies,
dont shy-shy cat
just give me k...;)

want to know more about the sasha's bear?
Click HERE

these two pictures below
is for Mary's eyes only..;)

Now you know, right?

im out.


p/s: we met, but i still miss YOU....

Cinta Berputik Kembali

A song mua bro wrote..
Entitled: Cinta Berputik Kembali


Monday, July 28, 2008


The whole office was in
spring cleaning mode
last Friday...

must be because of the cleaning bug
I spreaded..hihi..
I got into the mode earlier last week
and cleared loads of junk near the door..

the office looks sooo spacious...
I almost felt like running around
back and forth the office..

The result of this spring cleaning:


We found these and many other stuff...
But these two were the most unexpected...

Now I have something to do
during my free time...;)

Guess who?? ;)

We left a HUGE mess near the lifts,
which was obviously from our office..

we're lucky if the cleaners
doesnt swear at all....;)

Now one more thing left,
The Vacuuming...

Wonder when it will be...

Im out.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Red, Chubby and all...

Mua dearest BiBu turned 1 year old..
We decided to celebrate...
Well its crazy,
but we love BiBu so much
that we thought BiBu deserved a celebration...:)

Who's BiBu??

BiBu is our baby..;)
Red, Chubby and all
we love her to bits..:)

FH bought a small cake
and I brought Azr along
for the celebration..
to complete the family picture.....;)

Let the pix do the talking yah....

The bdae girl and the cake..;)

We tried to sabo BiBu..
Its what people always do at birthdays anyway..;)
BiBu readily wants to be sabo-ed..
She cant run away, can she.... ;)

BiBu comot....

Me and Azr!

Happy Birthday BiBu!!!

Who knows,
We might celebrate Azr's Birthday
Next year...
anyway, we have the same birthday...:))

That's what we call
"mommy's boy"


Im out!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just Sharing

Just Sharing

Kau Jadikan Tandanya

Akukah Yang Bersalah

Dont want to go through today...

I want today to end as soon as possible..

I want today to quickly dissappear...

So that I dont have to go through today...

I wish I could sleep through today
and wake up when its already tomorrow...



Be strong khasanah...
Its only once and then it will be over..
No more of this agony...

Be a good girl ok my dear...

Im strong
Im strong
Im strong

I am a good girl..


Monday, July 21, 2008

Engkau yang Maha Memahami

Perasaan resah,
Hati gundah gulana,
Fikiran tak tenteram...

Di saat-saat begini,
Hanya padamu ya Allah,
Engkau Penenang jiwa
yg berkecamuk ini...

Hanya Engkau yang Maha Memahami
dan Maha Mengetahui....

Jauhilah aku dari
perkara yang tidak di ingini...
Lindungilah aku dari
bisikan syaitan yang tak henti-henti...


On a cheerful note,
It was BiBu's 1 year old birthday yesterday!

Happy birthday my beloved BiBu~
We'll be celebrating your birthday together with Azr!


Im out!


Thursday, July 17, 2008

What bugs me

It is really easy to get
agitated very early in the morning

people may think
that Singapore has one of the best transportation
system in the world,
I beg to differ...

Its among the best,
but not the bestest yet!

Waiting for a bus take minutes
to hours..
and when it comes,
We cant seem to get onto the bus
as it is jam-packed with poeple...

But what bugs me the most
are those selfish bugger that
just refuse to move to the back!!

People are struggling to squeeze into
the front door
but those at the back stand at one place like a mannequin
like nobody's business
when there is clearly
more room for them to move...

Sometimes I just feel like pulling their ears hard
and scream from the top of my lungs,

This morning the same thing happened,
and a lady simply didnt want to move...
even when the bus conductor directly told her to...
I counted, 4 FREAKIN TIMES the conductor asked her to move,
then she move..

What, is she deaf??


These are the people with brains..
The human being....


Im out!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Early and Creative!

Hey Ho!

I broke my own record,
reached the office at 7.30 am!!

actual time is 9 am..
so I am waaaay early...

giller lah......

all because I want my dad to send me
so save my money.....;)


so now,
here I am blogging away.....

Just want to share something I thought
is creative...

Its an invitation for a car launch..

Its a brilliant idea!
The box came inside out,
all brown and very light..
you know,
how a normal box would look like..

So I thought,
Why would someone send
an empty box...??

When my colleague
opened it,

It came with instruction on how to put the box together
so we can see the invitation....

When you look at the box,
its as if we are inside a car driving
to the venue of the invitation..

cool kaaan....:)

And this one,
Is a paper bag with a steering wheel...
I loike...~~

Creative aint it...? ;)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hadiah dari Kuwait

Hadiah Dari Kuwait..

Thank You Dear...
I Love it..!! :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

What happened when..........

This is what happened when
I have so much free time
at work....

I made use of my hidden talent....
I Drew...I am an artist! Not!


Our dream home....hihi.....*roll eyes*

I drew it using msn handwriting feature..

Thank you msn for making my day
and his day too...


Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I feel feverish
and I've got runny nose...


Nak sleep....:(

Monday, July 07, 2008

Giller pun tak rigorous macam nie

Did you read yesterday's article in Berita Minggu??

Its about this nenek who had to live with her name
for 82 years....
Not that that is a bad thing,
except that her name is BEER!!

I felt for her when I read about it
this morning...

What in the world was her father thinking?!?!
or maybe even the person who wrote her name for registration?!?!


Thank God she finally got her name changed
and she can have a peace of mind...

This reminds me of my "apa ada pada nama??" entry....

Oh Gosh!

My whole body is aching terribly....
All because of Saturday's gym session...
It was rigorous, everything about the session was RIGOROUS giller..
Giller pun tak rigorous mcm nie.....

I think I should stick to working out by myself at the gym
and not to follow my trainer's pace...


Sitting or walking pun like pregnant woman like that...
very terhegeh...

My biceps feel like it is going to fall off
anytime soon...
all thanks to the DUMBell..


Sendiri cari pasal,
sendiri tanggung lah babe...

But never mind...
All these is going to be worthwhile
when I get my free body massage...


im out.


Friday, July 04, 2008



Convocation will be on the 23-25 August!


there will be a Mortaboard (I still cant figure out how we're going to wear it)

and and and


our session is on Monday 25th Aug...


amek leave~~~


tetbe cam ter excited lah pulakk....

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I became a monster because..

I could not agree more
to the statement that Singaporeans are a selfish bunch of people,
generally speaking that is, and I am not excluding myself..

Being one of the many Singaporeans
taking public transport made me realise that
due to the '
rush-rush-rush' lifestyle here,
we simply cant be bothered with other people.

Simple manners like saying thank you, sorry
or maybe even a smile
became a chore.

So much for the social-civic (or whatever they call it) lessons
they taught in school.....

Being a proud Singaporean I tried to prove the above statement wrong.
I tried my best to maintain good manners
and be selfless.
But, most of the time my effort goes to waste.
I didnt see anybody appreciating or reciprocating it.
All I get was a shove, or an angry scowl or a rude 'i cant be bothered' attitude!

Very soon,
I gave up.....

I became one of them.
Its crazy, I know...

Almost all the time I erm..somehow shouted "EXCUSE ME!!"
at people's ears because I wanted to go up the escalator quickly and people
ignored the 'please stand on the left side of the escalator' sign..

And I also unconsciously scowl at people when they dont
moved to the back of the bus when its like sardines at the front door...

I shoved people when I needed to move quickly in between a path
where there's tons of people...

All these without the sweet smiles, the polite excuse me and gestures that
I used to practice..

Oh no!
I've become a monster~~~~

What happened last two days
made me an even more scarier monster..

I was about to board a bus that is jam-packed
with sardines people,
The bus driver shut the door
and it banged hard into me...
I stumbled almost falling
and not to mention,
its was painful...

what did the bus driver do??



Not a freakin' sorry or a nod!

It was really embarrasing
and I really felt like giving him a 'finger'
due his 'I-dont-care' facial expression.....!

But I didnt dare...
I was swearing and cursing him in my heart....

So what's so monster about that, you ask?

I wrote a complain email to SMRT
and secretly wished the driver would be


I told you I've become a monster....:(

I regretted wishing that,
and I hope he'll get a reprimand from his supervisor
and he'll learn his lesson....

Like it or not,
I still have to go through these nonsense..

If I dont want to be around these people,
I might as well get an airplane license,
right? ;)

P/S: 'Home-hunting' can be quite confusing, I hope it will all be worth it..:)

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


How long more do I have to wait?
Am I suppose to wait til I am dead broke?

I am a bit STILL frustrated.