Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I became a monster because..

I could not agree more
to the statement that Singaporeans are a selfish bunch of people,
generally speaking that is, and I am not excluding myself..

Being one of the many Singaporeans
taking public transport made me realise that
due to the '
rush-rush-rush' lifestyle here,
we simply cant be bothered with other people.

Simple manners like saying thank you, sorry
or maybe even a smile
became a chore.

So much for the social-civic (or whatever they call it) lessons
they taught in school.....

Being a proud Singaporean I tried to prove the above statement wrong.
I tried my best to maintain good manners
and be selfless.
But, most of the time my effort goes to waste.
I didnt see anybody appreciating or reciprocating it.
All I get was a shove, or an angry scowl or a rude 'i cant be bothered' attitude!

Very soon,
I gave up.....

I became one of them.
Its crazy, I know...

Almost all the time I erm..somehow shouted "EXCUSE ME!!"
at people's ears because I wanted to go up the escalator quickly and people
ignored the 'please stand on the left side of the escalator' sign..

And I also unconsciously scowl at people when they dont
moved to the back of the bus when its like sardines at the front door...

I shoved people when I needed to move quickly in between a path
where there's tons of people...

All these without the sweet smiles, the polite excuse me and gestures that
I used to practice..

Oh no!
I've become a monster~~~~

What happened last two days
made me an even more scarier monster..

I was about to board a bus that is jam-packed
with sardines people,
The bus driver shut the door
and it banged hard into me...
I stumbled almost falling
and not to mention,
its was painful...

what did the bus driver do??



Not a freakin' sorry or a nod!

It was really embarrasing
and I really felt like giving him a 'finger'
due his 'I-dont-care' facial expression.....!

But I didnt dare...
I was swearing and cursing him in my heart....

So what's so monster about that, you ask?

I wrote a complain email to SMRT
and secretly wished the driver would be


I told you I've become a monster....:(

I regretted wishing that,
and I hope he'll get a reprimand from his supervisor
and he'll learn his lesson....

Like it or not,
I still have to go through these nonsense..

If I dont want to be around these people,
I might as well get an airplane license,
right? ;)

P/S: 'Home-hunting' can be quite confusing, I hope it will all be worth it..:)

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