Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Early and Creative!

Hey Ho!

I broke my own record,
reached the office at 7.30 am!!

actual time is 9 am..
so I am waaaay early...

giller lah......

all because I want my dad to send me
so save my money.....;)


so now,
here I am blogging away.....

Just want to share something I thought
is creative...

Its an invitation for a car launch..

Its a brilliant idea!
The box came inside out,
all brown and very light..
you know,
how a normal box would look like..

So I thought,
Why would someone send
an empty box...??

When my colleague
opened it,

It came with instruction on how to put the box together
so we can see the invitation....

When you look at the box,
its as if we are inside a car driving
to the venue of the invitation..

cool kaaan....:)

And this one,
Is a paper bag with a steering wheel...
I loike...~~

Creative aint it...? ;)

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