Thursday, July 17, 2008

What bugs me

It is really easy to get
agitated very early in the morning

people may think
that Singapore has one of the best transportation
system in the world,
I beg to differ...

Its among the best,
but not the bestest yet!

Waiting for a bus take minutes
to hours..
and when it comes,
We cant seem to get onto the bus
as it is jam-packed with poeple...

But what bugs me the most
are those selfish bugger that
just refuse to move to the back!!

People are struggling to squeeze into
the front door
but those at the back stand at one place like a mannequin
like nobody's business
when there is clearly
more room for them to move...

Sometimes I just feel like pulling their ears hard
and scream from the top of my lungs,

This morning the same thing happened,
and a lady simply didnt want to move...
even when the bus conductor directly told her to...
I counted, 4 FREAKIN TIMES the conductor asked her to move,
then she move..

What, is she deaf??


These are the people with brains..
The human being....


Im out!

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