Saturday, July 26, 2008

Red, Chubby and all...

Mua dearest BiBu turned 1 year old..
We decided to celebrate...
Well its crazy,
but we love BiBu so much
that we thought BiBu deserved a celebration...:)

Who's BiBu??

BiBu is our baby..;)
Red, Chubby and all
we love her to bits..:)

FH bought a small cake
and I brought Azr along
for the celebration..
to complete the family picture.....;)

Let the pix do the talking yah....

The bdae girl and the cake..;)

We tried to sabo BiBu..
Its what people always do at birthdays anyway..;)
BiBu readily wants to be sabo-ed..
She cant run away, can she.... ;)

BiBu comot....

Me and Azr!

Happy Birthday BiBu!!!

Who knows,
We might celebrate Azr's Birthday
Next year...
anyway, we have the same birthday...:))

That's what we call
"mommy's boy"


Im out!

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