Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Apa ada pada nama??

Apa ada pada nama?

aha...this could be a tricky question tau! ;)

Every parent in the world will be excited to name their newborn...
Of course its a big event...
The name they give is something that will stick to the child 'til' death do us part'...;)
The name will be the du'a of the parents and whoever that will call them by their name..

When the time comes to register your name,
your parents 'dengan segala kebanggaannya' write your name on a piece of paper,
then give it to the lady at the counter-for the registration and to make the name 'legally' yours..

While this wouldn't be too much of a hassle or trouble in our generation,
have you ever imagined how it was back then during our grandparent's and great great grandparent's time?? ;)

Many of our ancestors have had a devastating experience,
just registering their name!

most of them came with good names and go home registered as someone different!

lets see.....

Ghulam Sakinah became.....Ghulam Satinah..

Sarah became........Sarang...

Abu Hasan became...........Apo Sang!!


while some others actually got lucky to get the opposite...like,

Mahapari who became......Faridah....

Because at that time,
it was expensive to re-register or change your name again,
Most of them just leave it to fate....

how sad.....

You guys might not believe me,
this is true....


can you imagine if the system is as ineffective now as it was then??

our names would be horrible!

Mayang Sari would be Tayang Sari, Ahmad Khairun would be Ahmad Kurun, Syafiq would be Sapek and Khadijah would be Kotijah...

imagine people.....imagine~~~~

If you are thinking who those devastated people are,
they are my aunt, my nenek sedara, my father's friend and the lucky one is my granny....:)

since now is the 'Baby Booom' time for Assiium Seniors,
hati-hatilah bila register nama anak....
especially for their Identity Card, later...

that's all...


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