Tuesday, November 27, 2007

am i confused?

Result is out.

Anybody else in my position would be more than glad with what i get..
But how come im not happy with it..

Its not like i failed or anything,
In fact i've got an excellent leap up from the previous semester's result..

But i was not having any emotions at the time i saw my results..


Im thankful to Allah for the result..
If not for him,
i might not be able to get what i've got..

And to dear,
thanx also,
for being my pillar of strength when im in need throughout the exam...


Cant wait to see you later after work...:)


I'm almost officially a graduate!

why almost?
Because I have not gotten my certificate..

I'm now officially a full time employee....

confirm dah grad pe...

is this really happening??

i wonder how's spec is doing with her job...


i wonder whether k.far has already settle down with a job...


k, got to get back to work..


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