Friday, June 13, 2008

The lovable Panda

My day ended with a good laugh..

Watching Kung Fu Panda was worth the money..
Dear and me watched it last wednesday
at Shaw Prince..

The movie started with Po (the panda's name)
dreaming about kung fu..
He had kept this dream of his a secret from his dad..
Which, apparently was of a bird species..

Kawen campur gaknya mak bapak si panda ni..hihi..

They own a noodle stall
where his dad put high hopes
that Po would one day be like him
and mend the stall....
you know, be a good noodle guy...

All the funny part began
when Po had to become the Kung Fu master
to fight the villainous Tai lung..

Po embarked on a journey and learned Kung Fu..
Which in the end,
he mastered, in his own funny ways...:)

I would recommend you to watch this movie..
After a hard day at work,
this will be a great movie to end the day...

Dear and me were laughing so hard,
only tears didnt come rolling down...;)

My favourite quote from the movie:

"To make something special, you must believe it is special"

My personal rating: ****/*****

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