Monday, June 16, 2008

IT savvy-ish

My second entry in a day!
Im so free eh..

Its amazing that I am pretty much free in a publishing week!
Usually there's just so much to do but so little time..
But this week?
Probably tomorrow I'll be busier..

well, the purpose of this entry is just
to talk about the PC fair that I went..

I like PC/IT fairs for one thing,
that is the fact that I can feel all 'techy and IT savvy-ish'..
errk..ada ke word tu??

Anyway I went and as usual
the whole of Singapore was there (DRAG ALERT!)..

Dear and me were looking around for DSLRs,
just surveying...
However, the prices were not much of a difference
as compared to those sold outside...
I can probably get cheaper onces..

In the end,
Dear bought a 500GB HDD
for only SGD149/-

and me?
I bought nothing...
saje je nak menyemak2 kat Suntec tu..;)

Anybody know of any places
that sells DSLR for a good price??

im out.


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